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  1. I’d say tach issues, or it’s rolled over
  2. Could it be the valve on top of the transmission to the left side of the starter?
  3. Happy birthday to all 19 members!!!!!
  4. 8010 with 40’ draper, and 12-30 chopping corn head, pretty much 3.5 with both, and our yields can be 50-55 bushel beans, and on good years, 210-230 bushel corn
  5. No pictures of the tractor pulling it?!?! Must be the 15 BS?
  6. They don’t make these anymore, I’m so ticked about this!!! I have a few of the long tail long sleeves, and I need more, but can’t get them!😡
  7. Easiest way to tell, is if the cast dash is black.
  8. Only the 826 used the German diesel, the 1026 was the 407 turbocharged engine like the 12-1456
  9. This is a picture off a google search, but it looks similar to the one in the picture you are referring to
  10. Just seeing this now, sorry for your loss!!
  11. The custom was just a decal, just like the wheatland, just a decal
  12. Looks good!! Looks like there’s a lot of good paint, just needs to be cleaned up!!
  13. If it’s your property, tell him to pound sand!!
  14. I hate snakes, so your not the only wimp here!!
  15. We have beans left, and all on low ground. Been running the combine from 10-11 in the morning, until around 9-10 at night every night for 5 days now! By 9 the plants are getting wet, but with the draper we can run a little while through that. As of this morning 100 acres to go!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  16. Overhaul it, a reman, or overhaul will be the same cheap parts and poor quality gaskets.
  17. I haven’t seen it personally, but I’ve seen pictures of a 9 or 1086 with a narrow front, and cab. Was it factory? I don’t know?
  18. That’s a good idea! Now I wish I had put a tank heater on the 282 I just got running!🤦🏼‍♂️
  19. Just get ahold of triple r tractors, maybe he has an 88 that is ready for your use!!
  20. Our 2366 always lifted one side higher than the other
  21. I’d make sure the gauge is reading accurately on the 54!! Our 5488 runs warmer than that pulling the 30’ grain drill.
  22. How big of bin, and how big of a fan? We have a 15,500 bushel bin, but only a small 16 inch fan, doesn’t move a lot of air, and doesn’t have to, it’s our wet bin to feed our dryer. To air dry, you need to move a large volume of air, I’ve been told.
  23. Don’t worry about the block heater, plumb in a tank heater, 30-45 minutes and it’s ready to start
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