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  1. Glenn, that would be great if you get a few more for me! I was hoping to do the same today, get out and drive around, we have some in the area that I need to go see, but at -25 this morning, I think I'll stay put! Thanks in advance, I appreciate all the help from all the members here!!

  2. well right now, I only have you down with a hydro mfd, I have a few gear drives with mfd. I know there is more than 1, but I don't have the info on the hydro's with mfd, I'll try dig some info up on that, with the help from forum members here!!

  3. 1066 hydro mfd ser# 25821 has three point pto 14.9X24 on front 23.1 x 34 on rear a ugly 4 post rops and wheatland rear fenders

    Thanks for the number, so far on the list this one is consecutive to 25820, located in WI, and owned by a forum members brother! And 26204 located in IL, and is currently for sale. Thanks again!!


  4. Hey thanks for the number, but I need you to verify that number!! I think you have the first 1066 serial number in production for 1975, that being the first 1066 down the line in 75!! If you could get me some bigger pics, and more of it, that too would be awsome! Also does it have a 3 point hitch??

    Well so far on the list, the closest numbers to yours is 46781 located in Indiana, and as of 10/2/09 it was for sale, and 47183, located in Colorado and is for sale. Thanks again, for the number, and please verify that number for me!! Thanks!!


  5. Welcome aboard IH1066TURBO! You will enjoy it here on Red Power, lots of knowledgable folks!! I see that you have a 1066, could I get the serial number and a description of it, also who owns it and its location for the registry? Thanks in advance!

    I too like the 1066, I own 2 myself, thats the reason I started the 1066 registry, was it to early? yeah, maybe, but you have to start somewhere!!

    Well again, welcome to your new home away from home!!


  6. I am keeping track of the IH 1066's, post the #'s or pm me.

    The required info I am looking for is

    - last 5 digits of the serial number

    - first and last name of owner, or dealer, or salvage yard located

    - city and state located

    - a description of the tractor, cab or fenders, 3pt, hyd, pto, or bare back, engine hours, and if its a HYDRO, or a HI Clear, please specify, and if it has the long axles please specify that too. If its on a dealers lot, I would like the asking price also!

    I also do not give out personal info, I don't ask for phone numbers, or emails, I to think if someone down the road is looking for a certain serial number, I can get them the name, and location, and they can do the rest!!

    Thanks to all who have helped me get to where I am now, and Thanks to anyone that brings a new number my way!!

  7. Kevin, and Kirk

    That would be great to get 2 more serial numbers!! I am in no hurry, I know there are a lot of them to go yet, so when you get them, just let me know! Also if you know of others in your areas, dealers, salvage yards, or where ever, and you can get the info from them, that would be a great help too!! Thanks again guys!


  8. What was the serial number for the last "Farmall 1066" (red & white tractor)?

    It would be interesting to see how close your Registry would go to finding the lowest and highest serial numbered 1066!

    Regards from Michael H

    Well Michael, the first 1066 serial number 7101 has been located, but I can not divulge any info, for the sake of a possible sale of the tractor to a forum member here!! The last 1066 serial number is 62048, and the closest number I have to that is 62034, located in Arkansas. Now what do you mean by red and white tractor, the last number before the Black Stripe?

    I'll just give you what I have for what I think you are asking. The last serial number for the non Black Stripe is, 55424, the very first Black Stripe 10 in production was 55425. This tractor was produced as a 1975 model, with the serial tag still on the bell housing. The 76 Black Stripes had the tag down on the right side of the rear end housing like an 86 series. Serial number 56672 is the first 1066 in production for 1976, so technically the first Black Stripe! The closest numbers I have to this tractor are 56628, a very late 75 Black Stripe, and 57236, and the last info I heard about this tractor was, as of 8/6/09 it was for sale in Pennsylvania!

    I hope this answered your questions, if you have anymore feel free to post, or pm me!! Thanks! Blaine

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  9. BaileysRedIH, and SWI-Redpower, thanks for the serial numbers!! So far on the list, Baileys 10 is close to 59771 located in Nebraska, and SWI- Redpower, your 10 is close to 30868, located in Ohio, and is for sale. Thanks again for the numbers!


  10. Oh my Ronnie, that 1066 should have been at red power!!!!! I just got home, was a good show, I would have loved to see that 10 you own! Your serial number falls between, 59771, located in NE, and 60572, my dad is the 2nd owner of this one, located in MN. Thanks again for your number!

  11. If its not to late for most of you that will be attending Red Power, bring your numbers, I will be there all day on Friday, and will be at Easy Bob's at 5 on Fri. night for the meeting! If that is still the place and time? Can't wait, leaving this afternoon, in the morning I am predicting a Red sunrise!! See you all there!


  12. Thanks to everyone that has given me their serial numbers, I am off to a good start, and I know there is along way to go, but thank you, and keep those numbers coming. Like I said, if your at the salvage yards, and find 1066 carcases, get the numbers, they will go in as R.I.P. Again, thanks for helping me off to a good start!!


  13. Well guy's, it might be a lot of work, but I have always liked the 10's and I think its a thing we can all look back on someday!! I am going to give it my best shot, I will try do the blackstripes seperate, and I will do the best I can to get every # sent to me, by pm's or just regular posts. I will give everyone a thank you if I have received your info, if you don't get a thanks watch for it, or pm me. With driving truck and working around the farm, some nights I don't have time to check in. All your help is appreciated. So send those #'s please. Thank you all!!


  14. I have loved the 1066's, since I was a young boy, now I have 2 myself, and my dad has 2, so I was wondering if anyone has started a registry of this model? If not I am looking forward to starting this one, like everyone else, I would like serial#, name of owner, town, and state located. I will even keep track of the retired (salvaged) 1066's. Thanks everyone!!


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