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  1. 9 hours ago, Duntongw said:

    I noticed in the manual that they show a number of different styles of wheels. I saw one that seemed to look like these. When you say drilled out 9 bolt, do you think that these wheels are from a different tractor? The wheel on the left (when it is rotated properly) of the parts diagram is what I feel is the correct one with the clamp on the back side.


    Wheel 1.jpg

    That is interesting, I’ve never seen a setup like this before, but you are correct, that looks like it’s a factory setup.  Interesting! 

  2. 3 minutes ago, New Englander said:

    I doubt it would help on a grain fueled combine but after my neighbor's 1486 went up in smoke I bolted a fire extinguisher on much of my equipment.

    It would seem so that a deluge system would be worth it considering the number of combine fires there are.

    I’ve seen combines with 3 extinguishers on them, and still lose the machine, biggest problem is, the fire normally starts behind you where you can’t see it or smell it until it’s too late.

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  3. You’ll want to make sure you have the spray jets in the block for cooling with the addition of the turbo.  I’ve never been into a naturally aspirated engine from a hydro tractor, but I would assume it will need the extra cooling jets, or all of them installed.

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  4. 7 hours ago, INTERNATIONAL 1466 said:

    Never noticed that on our 1456. It is interesting for sure.

    It seems as though it may only be an 826 thing, so that really makes it interesting.  


    8 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    That's an interesting question!

    We may never get an answer as to what these numbers represent, but it would be another piece of history unlocked if we can find out!

  5. E7C06E44-BA62-4811-8905-80816EE25CD8.thumb.jpeg.1b1bdc57a5d5ad84ae38e0882af51b74.jpeg


    Working on an 826 GD, and I found this #2 on the underside of the main hood, written with a black marker.  A friend of mine has, if I remember correctly #17, or #19 on the underside of his 826 GD hood, what do these numbers indicate? Did all the Gold Demos have a number on the underside of the hood?  This particular 826 is serial number 14041, so it’s nearing the end of the 70 model year run of production.  @Bermuda_Ken

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  6. 14 hours ago, brahamfireman said:

    Did you get any hail this afternoon?  I was at Almelund show watching radar, looked bad from your area to about Grasston.

    I've Got 1 corn field north of 70 that got shredded but it's late enough now it won't hurt it. Beans 1 mile east have holes in top leaves but no pods on ground. Just north of Braham saw a shredded field of beans.


    .85 total last night and today.

    Got some pea to marble size at the farm, but north and east of us got more by the sounds of it.  My dad and brother are out scouting their fields that might have got damaged.  I heard there was a funnel spotted somewhere around Braham, and confirmed by another source by Rush City, and heard there was some ominous green sky that way too.  Got about .6 at the farm for rain

  7. 10 hours ago, DT Fan said:

    I really loathe wet-muddy conditions!

    I’m afraid that’s what will happen in my area, go from dry all summer, to all our moisture in October and November when we have to try harvest our mess

  8. Do not put in solar!!!! My brother in law is working with a company to figure out how to handle these solar panels after the 10 year lease is up, and right now he is telling me, the clean up, or renewal of the panels becomes your problem after the contract expires.  Back to big wonder government, we are here to help, help take your land away, and make it worthless! It’s just another way to take away crop land.

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  9. Forgive me father for I have sinned, ban me from the site if you must! I actually wouldn’t mind a 4320, and a 6030 for my collection.  Just have to put those in a different shed if I do ever purchase those 2

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  10. Looks like a decent turn out! Is it cooler this year? Boy I’ll never forget how hot it was last year!! 
    I really like that 806!! And the 2150 Oliver isn’t to shabby either!! 
    Thank you for the serial number!! 

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  11. On 8/4/2023 at 11:23 AM, 7and8and1456 said:

    Sorry to hear that you have been so dry.  How badly is the corn hurt?

    Pretty good season rainfall wise here so far, actually wet now and corn looks very good.  My 92 day silage corn variety , which I usually plant late April for some early silage harvest, was very late planted this year in mid-June.  Then had manure spreading workload and rain delaying the rest of silage corn (115 day) planting until last two days in June (normally done first of June)  92 day is tassel and silk now,  some 115 day planted same mid-June days will be tassel in week or so, rest of 115 will be three weeks or so.  Pictures below.

    PS.   My wife will be in Mora at her brother's place at Knife Lake last two weeks in August. I'll not make the trip this year. If I could have, I'd stop in and see you again.




    Hey Weldon! 
    I’m not sure how bad the corn is hurt yet, but it’s not going to be pretty when it took 30 days to get a field to fully tassel, that tells me we’ll have corn in the dent stage, and dough stage at the same time.

    Your corn looks great!! Water is key! All your corn goes to silage, or do you take some for grain?

    Too bad you weren’t coming up with her, we are finally slowing down with the trucks.  And I could have shown you our latest addition to the shed up close!! 


  12. 9 hours ago, Rusty_Farmer said:

    sorry I forgot to look to day. Assuming 806 and 706 are the same, have 806 in shop, 1256 out back. Inquiring  mind would like to know too.

    I’m starting to think the only difference is the center pin.  I’m wondering if one of the 2 part numbers is a pressed in pin, and the other is a pin with bushing style? But I’d like to know if where the cylinder attaches is any different between the two also?! I’m guessing not though?

  13. 9 hours ago, nate said:


    Still withering away south of you guys.   I’m sure the faucet will turn on as soon as we get the chopper ready…

    That’s what I’m wondering too, no rain for a good crop, and then the rain starts and we’ll get to mud out what little we have, and make a mess out of everything! 


    9 hours ago, brahamfireman said:

    Yea 15 is prolly closer. Kids and I were at the pool in mora Thursday, got chased out from lightning,  turned to hail and wind quick. We made the turn onto 70 and it just stopped, Crazy.

    Got chased out Friday too from lightning so we went to the fair, rained for 15 minutes.

    Currently at the pool again for swimming lessons. 

    Mora has be getting hammered the last 2 weeks! I bet in town they have had 4-5 inches! My brother farms some ground out by Quamba, that’s been getting flooded out all summer, and at home we are burning up, go figure?! 

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  14. 1 hour ago, brahamfireman said:

    And 25 miles SE of you we got .8. Heck the neighbor 2 miles north got over 3. Crazy spotty 

    Not even sure if you are 15 miles south east of me? Definitely been spotty! 1 mile north of us got 2 inches 2 weeks ago, that would have probably helped the corn tremendously!

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