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  1. Merry Christmas from ECMN!! 51* and rain today, feels like April 15th, not December 24th! But it’s better than -25 and snow!!
  2. Our 1486 was that way as well!! Going to direct was easy, coming into TA you almost had to hang from it!
  3. Just another narrative to tell people that diesel vehicles are bad, and electric needs to come in faster!! Also I keep hearing rumblings about California now doesn’t like DEF because it’s killing the trees! I’m pretty sure the population out there kills more trees to make way for their mansions in the mountains, than truck exhaust does, but that doesn’t fit the narrative! More wind generators, more electric vehicles, and more solar panel’s!!!! Hurry we are running out of oxygen!!! Yet electric, wind, and solar are no cleaner or better for anything! My bil is working with Vermeer on running the wind generator blades through tub grinders, the ground product is hopefully to be used as fiber mesh in concrete, but they can’t grind all of the blades because of the huge stainless hubs. So what do you do with all the fiberglass left on the hub? They are going to experiment with grinding the solar panels as well, and just see what the end product looks like, and see if there is anything they can do with it at that point. Be interesting to talk to him at Christmas!!! They’ll have to pry my diesel equipment from my cold dead hands!!
  4. The a$$hole I work for isn’t giving me anything!! No gift, no bonus, nothing! And I had to wash his truck, trailer, and shop floor! Talk about being taken advantage of!!! Being self employed is fun!!😬🤣
  5. Please do!! I can’t wait for these pictures!!!
  6. Thing’s definitely did change a short time back, and we definitely miss hearing from you! Pete especially!!
  7. I’m wondering if he has some issues with the walkers?
  8. My dad talks about when he was young, blood bread. Collected the blood of an animal when butchering, and used the blood for making the blood bread.
  9. I have a chainsaw scar below my right knee, that’s tattoo enough for me
  10. I believe K&M has a fender kit. I just looked, I can’t find anything on the K&M website, but look up reliable aftermarket, they show fender kits for CIH
  11. Looks like a fun time! I like they have a few tractors with implements decorated too! There’s a few places near me that do large scale Christmas lighting. Sam’s Christmas Village in Somerset WI, and Bentlyville in Duluth MN. Sometime I need to check them both out!
  12. Ah nuts! I was expecting something different in this post!
  13. My 856 still has the C1 block with 10,413 hours on it, never been opened up. Some must have been good?!
  14. Sorry to hear about this! Prayers for his family and friends!
  15. Carol doesn’t know what she’s talking about!! 😬🤣 We need another Tony restoration project thread to follow again!!
  16. I agree 100% Deer and turkeys need a 365 season for awhile here! I’m at the point I’m ready to just start shooting and leaving them lay!
  17. If you are successful at it! Like I said, as of late, I’ve not been very successful with the paper side, and I’m not looking to make millions, I’m just trying to find a little extra with my bushels I grow. I don’t want to farm and drive truck to support the farm for the rest of my life, the truck takes to much time away from home/farm!
  18. I do that too, and I think year in year out I can make more with a poor crop, or poor price?!
  19. Here’s an original decal to see the original orange peel can almost see the bumps of the orange peel.
  20. Most years having grain bins pay off, in my area it paid to put the beans in the bin for a few weeks, made a dollar a bushel over anything offered pre harvest. Corn, was better to move in early October, but not many have corn ready then, still getting beans off too. Now that harvest is about done, basis levels are strengthening, that tells me there’s demand for corn somewhere. If I see $4.95-$5, I’ll be sending corn. If I don’t, well then I’ll figure it out this coming spring and summer.
  21. I’ll look around, I might have an original NOS decal somewhere, I’ll look at that and compare.
  22. The orange peel has gray squiggly lines, but look better than aftermarket
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