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  1. Would like to get to Rollag some day, but not this year again! It’s Labor Day weekend, and I have a lot of labor to celebrate!! 
    Worked on the shop floor yesterday for 8 hours, wash the truck and trailer this morning before the heat sets in, finish resealing a pipe on the septic tank at the shop today, and then hopefully get a tractor finished and out of the other shop.  The list grows longer every day!!

    9 hours ago, Rusty_Farmer said:

    . Is it me or is time speeding up?

    Time is flying way to fast!! I can’t believe we are 4 months from a new year again! Actually sad how fast time is going by!


    10 hours ago, oldtanker said:

    I'm going with my wife. Hope everyone has a great time!



    Enjoy the show Rick!! Stay hydrated!! 

  2. Amazing how fast things can go from good to bad! A small local concrete company just lost an employee this week.  They were going to move an old wash plant, and instead of bringing in a boom truck to pull the hopper off, they thought they could get it with the loader.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but as the hopper was being lifted off, something went wrong, there’s been talk of a pin falling out, or being pulled out of some piece that shouldn’t have been pulled, or fallen out, but as the pin came out some part shifted and crushed a 45 year old.  Sad deal! 

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  3. 7 hours ago, ChrisMo said:

    When you say rotate the mount bracket are you removing 2 of the 3 bracket to transmission mounting bolts and rotating it on the third bolt? Also, is there a torque spec for the pressure plate to flywheel bolts? It took some digging in the manual to find the flywheel to crankshaft spec of 123 ft-lbs but I can't find any spec for the pressure plate bolts. The I&T manual just says to reverse removal steps. 

    If they are 3/8 grade 5 bolts, 35 ft lbs is the go to torque spec I use

  4. The NH 166 inverter is ok, but it doesn’t like big thick windrows, I made a few haystacks with ours over the years when we were still putting up hay.  The chute doesn’t extend far enough past the belt in my opinion, allowing hay to bunch up trying to make the corner.  Maybe they have made things better since we had ours? 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Steve C. said:

    A guy down here used to pull a good running 1466 in the farm stock class.  Just before he quit pulling, he put an intercooler in place of the fuel tank.  Makes me think that might be what this guy did.

    My first thought was inter cooler as well, but with the hoses going to the rear of the tractor, I’m not sure what those hoses do?

  6. 42 minutes ago, KWRB said:

    It's definitely coming out of the bottom of the air dryer.

    After the purge of air, does it continue leaking out of the purge valve? If so then I’d say the purge valve is bad right out of the box, or not installed correctly.  

  7. It just seems like a governor problem even though you said you already replaced it, try another one.  I’ve had a bad one out of the box once.  
    Every time I’ve ever had air governor issues, it’s like you are saying, system builds up pressure, purges, drops to the cut in pressure, rapid air pressure increase, hits the high cutout, and purge, and repeat the process.  All happening in a short period of time. 

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  8. 33 minutes ago, Fredgg said:

    Previous comments mention the TA. I don't know exactly what I am looking for, but I have over looked it if any lever or knob for a TA function is present.

    You have a TA delete tractor, so you don’t have to worry about a TA.  You have just a straight 8 speed.  
    If only 3 gallons of hydraulic oil are all you got out of that system, he was not using it, that maybe the reason it was parked? My dad just bought an 826 and it only had 10 gallons in it, and it had cavitation, hard jerky steering and TA wouldn’t stay locked in direct drive, so 3 gallons, it wouldn’t function.

  9. 8 hours ago, SD6788 said:

    So I have had 8-10 demonstrators and all of them had numbers written on them in the exact same spot.  Mr. Updike told me he believed it was line build numbers as they were being built at the plant.  

    Line build numbers, so would that indicate how many were built per day, or per week possibly? 

  10. 40 minutes ago, Cool1566 said:

    Is that 1066 original or an older repaint? Sharp tractor none the less. 

    I vote for original paint, the marks are still in the hoods from the cab, and to me it just seems to good to be a repaint.

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  11. On 8/5/2023 at 9:24 PM, Rusty_Farmer said:

    Ck'd the 756,806,both 856's,1206,1256. and extra parts.   Base cly mount block is the same, steering arms are the same shape , bends , except part # location and newer arms have a replaceable bushing in the arm. Hope this helps

    Well thank you for checking on the steering arms! I guess now we know the only difference is pressed in pin, or pin and bushing style.

  12. 14 hours ago, brahamfireman said:

    I was sitting in line for the parade and the owner of that tractor jumped up and started talking to me. Said he was on here years ago, not much any more, but he did ask if I started this thread, so he must still be around.

    Be nice if he would come back on and tell us about his tractor!! The amount of IH options on this 10 were pretty amazing! Pipe on the frame rail for wheel tool, narrow front, 12 70 lb weights, IH quick hitch, IH fender mount radio, the 2 post with canopy, the wheel weights, 9 bolt hubs, and 540 pto protection pipe, I’m still drooling at the pictures I got of it! Was happy to add his to my registry!!

  13. That block is stamped early like my 856!
    I can’t think of why that cover is stamped other than could that cover be from maybe removing a Coleman front axle, and that was the cover supplied?? I don’t know?

  14. 4 minutes ago, Jeff-C-IL said:

    If so, its likely this tractor is what they call a "TA Delete"

    The mcv is a delete mcv, if you zoom in, there’s no linkage for TA components, it’s a TA delete tractor.

  15. The other morning I was looking at something in the back shed, and apparently Jovie is figuring out the side by side is not bad to ride in.  I was wasn’t even by it, but she thought that’s what we were there for! C94D2C18-EE04-48CC-A77C-067F111E8030.thumb.jpeg.4ed6c9c7cdf25d33f92edc71b08d9d97.jpeg

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  16. 7 hours ago, nate said:

    It lost the pulling front end!   Still looks good since the last time I saw it down the track. 

    Yes it did! I got tired of the narrow front, so I put the wide front back on, put the 3 point back on, and next is to get the rear cast wheels back on it. 
    Should fix a few oil leaks, and put new wiring harnesses on it at some point too.  It hasn’t done much since my sister quit pulling.  

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