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  1. That’s a good looking 1466!! Your buddy must be all smiles?!
  2. I have done 2 exhaust manifolds now, from cracking under the turbo, 7250, and 9230, both needed multiple bolts drilled out of the head, and holes tapped. Broke a lot of bolts getting the manifolds off. And I went to a Caterpillar store, I believe you can get exhaust gaskets for a 3176 cat engine, way better gasket that the tin foil gasket CaseIH uses. Have to open the port hole up a little bit, but seals 100 times better!
  3. I tried last weekend when we started harvesting corn a month and a half earlier than normal, and poof!!! But there’s a topic about freshly mown hay that stuck around for a week or better?! Go figure? Harvest is harvest, weather hay or grain in my book?!?! So yes, 🤐 is your best bet!!!!
  4. Wow! That’s pretty cool, I never knew those existed!
  5. Simple as that? That’s good to hear! But why with just the grain cart?
  6. Last fall we bought a new Brent V1000 grain cart, and using it with our 7250. Every now and again when we would try raise the auger into position, it would blow 1 if not both hoses out of the remote. Sometimes it would give the back of the tractor a hyd oil bath when they blew out too! Well tonight went to raise the auger, and the top hose popped out, jumped out, plugged it back in, hit the lever popped out again?! This continued for 8-10 times, and just a light touch to the lever it would pop out. Finally got the hose to stay in, but then as the auger raised oil spewed all over the ground from the remote drain the whole time the auger raised? There’s enough pressure that it blows the hose of the remote drain as well? I haven’t the slightest idea if it’s the tractor, or the grain cart? It only does this with the grain cart?! Any info, or ideas are appreciated! Going to be a long harvest if this continues!
  7. As far as I know, they made the Farmall, Farmall custom, and International, or wheatland/standard. I don’t know if there were any custom 856 standards?
  8. Since the post is gone, the yield after drying was 110 bpa, 2 years ago it went 230!
  9. Sure is funny how this post continues! But the post I put up on Sunday showing that we started combining corn, with all red equipment got poofed?! I guess harvesting corn in September must have put a bee in someone’s bonnet?!?! I don’t understand anymore what is ok here, and what is not?!?!
  10. Once this field is done we’ll have an idea of where we are at. Monitor in the combine is all over, we are hoping for 130 bpa, 2 years ago this field did 205 bpa.
  11. Today, 9-12-21, east central MN. Never in my family’s history farming have we combine corn this early!! All the people that think the drought wasn’t bad, here’s the proof we were drought stricken, and bad!!
  12. That’s a nice looking 1066!! Thank you for sharing the picture!!
  13. Thank you! I’ll get that added!
  14. Thank you!! I’ll get that added to the registry!! That has to be very close to the last, if not last 1066?!
  15. Nice to hear from you again Robbie!! Keep getting the cow chow hauled!
  16. This should resolve the toilet paper issue, once and for all!!
  17. If I get over there, I’ll look you up! Maybe come Saturday and walk around anyway?!
  18. I bet those will be some high dollar tractors when the hammer stops!
  19. I see that!! I would like to go, but, we might be combining corn by then?! Our corn died in early August. Do you guys stay at the show grounds all weekend with a camper, or do you commute back and forth?
  20. Thanks Nate! Yes it’s first run was White Pine! That show was a goal I had 30 days ago, I wanted it there. It fought us the whole way, but we did it!!
  21. @augercreek, and @EJQ, Very nice talking with the both of you gentlemen as well!! I’ve always wondered if there were fellow red power members that attended that show?! @EJQ how did the day finish up in the blacksmith shop? Beautiful day for a tractor show and blacksmith work!!
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