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  1. Yes please!! I’m sick of that rodent!
  2. You have that much up there?! Holy cow! We only have, at best 2 ft by Mora!
  3. Those card are a neat bit of IH history! Nice photo too!
  4. You westerners can’t keep it!! I’m done with snow!!
  5. Nice looking pickup!! I’m looking at updating, upgrading to a newer pickup, but I’m on the fence about a gas burner or staying with diesel. I’m not sure how the DEF crap will work when the truck will sit for periods of time?!
  6. I’ve only seen one other card like this, before. Actually you may have been the one to post the other card?! I also didn’t realize that the engine serial numbers had UO ahead of the number?!
  7. I just saw some of the projects he’s working on the other day while texting. I’m sure he’ll post pictures here when he has more of the projects completed.
  8. Ok, I’ll look into it! What do you think the other number represents?
  9. That is great to hear!! Continued prayers for Zach and Emily!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  10. Which number am I to watch for? 15002, or 15400?
  11. Those are 3 good sleds!! I agree on efi sleds! A lot less maintenance!
  12. Definitely helps the grass, but doesn’t help get the row crops in, in a timely manner! And I hate plowing it, cause the frost is usually gone, so then I get to landscape twice! 😬
  13. I’m sure you are correct! Seems like we usually get blasted in March or April.
  14. That is the problem with them, expensive!!
  15. The 03 F7 was the fastest, out of the crate sled in 03! The chain case was still helping that! When they went to the Diamond drive in 04, a lot of people noticed right away, they were slower. Not much slower, but enough to notice! I was working at a Cat dealership by late 03, early 04, and that was a complaint for many 04 F7 owners! Their new 04 was being beat by their friends 03.
  16. I agree!! I’m done with the white stuff for the winter!!
  17. You’ll have to get some heated LED’s! Yes that is a thing!
  18. As far as I know, if you are dissatisfied, let him know, and he’ll reprint them. I have a few from him, and am completely satisfied!!
  19. You have that trouble too?? 🤣🤣👍🏻
  20. I agree! I’ve bought a few from them
  21. The rear platform? It looks like it may have had a cab on it, so possibly didn’t have one?!
  22. I saw that last night, I’m interested to see what else is on the auction!
  23. The Ageless 1256 is from my area in MN. Real good guys, the tractor was built for his dad, and now is a memorial for his dad after he passed away.
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