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  1. It’s all a joke! We had a storm come through back on Memorial Day evening, not sure if it was straight line winds, or tornado?! We had some buildings damaged, broken rafters, tin peel up, wall of a shed disappear, and a house pushed off the foundation a little, and a 4x8 sheet of 5/8” plywood go through a wall of the house. Insurance adjuster came out, looked everything over, said yep, house is totaled, and a few buildings are going to hit the cost of repair, they’ll be paid out in full, so pretty much totaled. When it was all said and done, they figured all the depreciation off from the year the buildings were built, and here’s how much we’ll pay. So even though the adjuster said, buildings had enough damage to be paid out in full, it didn’t happen. We even asked about the inflated prices of lumber, and tin, and the cost to build a new building, shouldn’t our buildings be worth more because of inflation? Nope, doesn’t work that way. My one shed needs roughly $48,000 spent on the roof. I got paid $15,000. Guess I don’t get a roof, cause I can’t come up with $33,000 out of pocket just like that! Shortly after everything was said and done, we got letters from our insurance companies talking about the inflated prices, and to speak with your agent about replacement cost increases. But didn’t want to hear about when the storm came through! Typical insurance!! We need our monthly premium, and you should cover xyz, and now you need a claim paid out, oh we don’t cover that, and we can only cover part of that, and that wasn’t insured properly, so we’ll only give you 1/3 of what you deserve! Insurance is a joke!!!!!
  2. We did this to a 1466 years ago. We just changed out the crankshaft during the overhaul to make it a 466. Used the same pump, and I believe the same nozzles that fed the 436
  3. Try posting in the construction chat, you might get answers quicker.
  4. If it only putts around for 15 minutes, it’s getting nowhere near operating temp. Card board over the front of the radiator, and don’t let it idle under 1000 rpms may help a little?! Warmer weather, and getting it to operating temp, and working it, it will clear up! We have an 856, 766, and a 1066 that will do this same thing if not working!
  5. Sorry to hear about Colby!! I was just where you are, with our dog Willow, before Christmas. It is definitely hard to let go of a companion!!
  6. They have access to all the information through the local farm service agency. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t need our information, I have yet to see any good come from past information they have received from me!
  7. 856, 1066, 5488, either of those 3, I can contribute to the post!!
  8. Looks like it’s localized to cylinder 6, maybe a weak injector? Which is showing up in the cold, causing wet stacking.
  9. Great to hear the breathing trial lasted 12 hours!! Continued prayers from MN!!! 🙏🏻
  10. 1568! Oh wait, I was never good with tests! What was the question again? 😬 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Looked at 6 of them today. To cold for anything with them.
  12. Perfect!! I’m tired of the stupid groundhog telling us what’s going to happen! 👍🏻🤣
  13. This might get long, but here’s what I did, and things I should have done different! My dad and I build a 60x96x18 shop, and a 12x30 lean too, which is office, and bathroom/mechanical room, back in 2017. I went with one 16x16 door, one 32x16 door, and on the side wall a 14x16. In floor heat, tankless lp boiler, a floor drain in the center. 10 windows in the shop, 3 in the office, 4 rows of 4, LED lights, and spaced perfectly, so I can add more if I need more light, they are a 3’x3’ lights. 1 service door to the shop, 1 door to the office, see the 4th picture. It is insulated very well, and I can not recall the R value numbers at this time, I think R 25 in the walls, with vapor barrier, and R 49 in ceiling, also with vapor barrier. Don’t hold me to those numbers being exact. You can ask me any questions you want, I know I missed some details! Now these are things I should have done different. The floor drain being in the center, doesn’t work so well with 3 trucks and trailers parked in it, the center truck is directly over the floor drain. So when greasing, the truck has to be moved forward and back to get away from the drain. Should have put 2 smaller drains in, between the trucks, or put the drain along the back wall, and away from the main area of the floor. I’m satisfied with the in floor heat, but I should have also put in the overhead tube heater for recovery, still could I guess?! I also have a large mini split in the shop for A/C, it’s fine, but I should have put in central air, and that could have also been used as a recovery heat source with a furnace. Should have priced it 20 tall versus 18, should have priced it 72 wide versus 60, just to see the cost difference. My brother went from 18 tall, to 20 tall on his shop for only $3000 more, and that’s on a 80x112! I definitely should have went 16 wide on the lean to portion, and 40 long versus 30! Should not have done the awning portion, 1 pole lifts in the winter, and broke apart the sheet rock in my office, and it’s a snow trap in the winter, and corn leaf catch in the fall. I did not put the in floor tubes in sand, and then do concrete, to have the extra heat storage capacity with the sand. I should have insulted the perimeter 48 inches down, not 16 inches like was recommended by the concrete guy. Should have put another service door by the sidewall door, but I was looking out for break in access points! I definitely should have done a septic system, not a holding tank! There are other things if I think long enough, but the last thing I can think of, the lean to roof line against the shop wall, should have been up higher, and then opened up inside the shop, to use the space above the office as storage, just to have less stuff along the walls. If you want more pictures, current pictures, let me know, and like I said above, any other questions, let me know, I’ll help where, or how I can! But like everyone says, and it’s the truth, once you build it, and your in it, you’ll wish it was bigger!!!! My last thought, you said you weren’t doing in floor heat because you won’t be in it everyday. The temp is set at 55* in our shop, and I’m not in it everyday either. I would definitely do in floor, set it at 48-50* and have the tube heater for the quick comfort factor when you are in the building, that way your floor doesn’t crack from no heat, and the floor will have a little warmth for when you do have to work close to the floor!
  14. I do have it listed, I’ll have to try remember to look it up when I get home this afternoon!
  15. Is that the 15 with the big steps? Are they fuel tank steps?
  16. I have 15002 on the registry, with a note to watch for it, for you. So I have you on the list for contact if I come across 15002!
  17. Nice load of IH’s!! Sure wish I could find some 1456’s in that condition today for $6000!!
  18. Look up The Ridge leveler, by Pepin
  19. The second picture of the 1456, and the 1206 FWA! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  20. He sent me videos of a 706 he got running yesterday. So he’s doing just fine, and still saving red tractors in the south!
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