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  1. You have a high crop 1066?! Have you posted pictures of it here? Maybe I missed it?
  2. When I put new coupler barrels in our 7250, I left the original orings and Teflon seals in the cast bodies, I’ve had no issues yet
  3. Farmall1066


    Great to see you back!!!
  4. Definitely crazy that we are 2023! I remember in the late 90’s hearing about flying cars in the 2000’s. 2022 things still seem a bit like the late 90’s. Maybe 23 will be something different?! To everyone here, I hope 23 is a good year for us all!!!
  5. Sorry to hear how rough 22 was for you! As I type this we are 30 minutes until 23, I’ll do my best to stay up, and help you ring in a better year to come!!
  6. I know the frame rails are different, and I think I know where a set of those are. I’m mainly wondering, how much is different on the engine itself, front and rear covers, injection pump, what are the differences?!
  7. I found a DV 550 out of a truck, I’m assuming they will not bolt directly into a tractor? What are the differences from truck to tractor?
  8. It’s great to hear that they are seeing some improvement, and on to the next phase with Zach! Continued prayers for the Leinenbach family!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  9. Happy birthday!! 🎂🎉
  10. Thank you! I’ll get that added!! A serial number picture is a very rare sight for a Craigslist ad!!
  11. I don’t even need a profession on my cup! Just needs to start out, I am who I am!! 😬🤣
  12. My point exactly! It’s not poaching if it’s for survival!
  13. Merry Christmas too you and your family Jeff!! Glad to see you were finally able to get to town!
  14. 03 F7 was the fastest sled on the market right out of the crate!!
  15. Merry Christmas too everyone on the forums!!
  16. In my book, it’s not illegal if it’s for eating, and didn’t take it for a trophy!!
  17. That sure was a nice Christmas gift for your wife, and sister in law!! I was actually expecting to see poles in the ground, or walls up on your shop when I read the topic title! You have a Merry Christmas as well, and if you have to be out in this weather, stay safe!!
  18. That definitely a true statement!! Yes sometimes things go wrong with animals, they go down, have problems where it looks like they are being mistreated, but if people saw from beginning to end, they would probably see we are trying to help them the best way we can/could!
  19. Definitely a day I’m glad not to be out and about, but there are still a lot of people out and about today!! We live on a state hwy, and there’s been traffic going by all day!!
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