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  1. Contact your dealer, there is a way to relieve the pressure, you just have to find out the process.
  2. We have rocks, and have never snapped shovels between the bolts. That’s odd that they are breaking between the bolts? Possibly over tightening?
  3. Well that’s what needs to happen, we need the average Joe’s to start making noise too!! That may be how it’s done?
  4. I think instead of US truckers going to DC, we just throw the keys on the counter for a week or two! Look what happened in DC on 1-6-21! I honestly think the best way us Americans draw the line in the sand, actually park, and let shelves go completely empty!
  5. Farmall1066


    Sorry to hear DT!!! Condolences to you and his family!!!
  6. Sorry to hear about about your house!! But you are both ok, and that’s the most important part!! Nice to hear from you again Robbie!!!
  7. I will do that!! It will be awhile before I tear into it, the 1256W needs done yet, and then my 856 is next in line, and that needs a lot!!!!
  8. Definitely new shorts needed once on shore!!!
  9. I know a 1456 is a little more highly sought after, but also harder to find correct parts for!! I just picked up a 1456, with straight hood, 3 pt, dual hyd/pto, needs a radiator, (tough to find) sitting on a narrow front, so I need a wide front( tough to find), and the kicker, engine locked up!!! Why, I don’t know yet?? I paid $4500. Probably to much? I don’t know? But it’s saved from the scrap heap anyway!!! Now an 856 is a great tractor, and I’m sure sought after as well, so if you have straight hoods, ok rubber, I would assume 3pt, dual hyd/pto? If the engine is free, I’m guessing $4-$5000? If stuck, going to guess $3-$4000? Problem with these 407’s, good crankshafts are hard to come by, and blocks! So I hope the engine free, and you can come to an agreement on the 856!!!
  10. Ah man!!! 😩 Tony!! I’ve been stuck in the house the last 2 weeks with a nasty head cold, or covid? And now that makes want to go outside, but there’s nothing outside my door other than snow and cold!!
  11. Glad to see you got everything!!
  12. Only time this happens to me, is when I wait to take a leak for to long!!
  13. I looked high, and low, the set I had must have gotten used?! So @acem, if you can help him, great!!!
  14. If this gets us banned and shut down, there are bigger problems!! So far this is being civil, and no one is bashing anyone, this is legitimate happenings making history, and it’s time people start sharing the truth, not twisted lies!!! Go Canadian Truckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on!!
  15. Just drive a truck for a few miles, you find out real quick people’s views on us!!! Pull a hopper and it’s a double hated view, cause it’s a truck hauling farm commodity!!
  16. Apparently the Canadian government doesn’t realize that the truck brings them everything??
  17. Ok, I’ll look Wednesday or Thursday, it’s supposed to get up to 20
  18. I might have those lines?! When it warms up this week, I’ll try find them if your interested?
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