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  1. My brother is tracking the 5488’s, I’ll let him know! Or personal message IH1466 your information. He stepped away from tracking the 1466’s and 5488’s for a while, but I kept sending him numbers I was finding, and now he’s working at it again. I get burnt out on the 1066 registry at times as well, and busy season on the farm, and trucking takes your mind elsewhere! Thanks to everyone who helps though, we do appreciate it!
  2. That’s a nice looking 1026!
  3. Maybe we are looking at it all wrong? Maybe it’s like the terminator, it’s being reborn out of the flames?!
  4. Did you get it closed in fully before the crap rolled through again today?? Looking good so far!! 👍🏻
  5. Post away, we like pictures here!! And welcome to a great group of people!
  6. Beat me to it!🤣👍🏻
  7. We rented a 3488 years ago to plant one spring, that was a sweetheart of a tractor!
  8. You’re probably right about that! I’d say most wheatland tractors would be transplants into MN! The 826 is not mine, but it is a forum members tractor! After all the snow this winter, and more to come, I’d like a 1026 with front mount blower on it! I’m out of room to put anymore!!
  9. I’m not sure? My dad brought this home 20-25 years ago from somewhere in North Dakota, set just like you see it, 18.4-34’s and 11L-15’s. He bought 2 1466’s, and the guy said he had this 706 sitting in the grove he wanted gone, $500 put it on the trailer. It sat in a shed here for 22 years before it was resurrected! I think those fat little 11L-15’s are why I like it so much.
  10. This little fart cost me some coin! This is my wife’s tractor, many times I tried to find an 856 wheatland and get rid of the 706 before I tore into it, but every time I walked past it, it just had that look to it, I couldn’t part with it!
  11. I’ll have to try him, I don’t need one at the moment, I got one from Riley’s, so hopefully that treats me well! 🤞🏻
  12. Can he get, or does he have 407 kits for the 12-1456’s?
  13. I agree, if that’s all I could get, well, I’d use his, but they don’t look right to me either.
  14. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one on this boat!! That’s exactly how it works for me!
  15. @NCIH1466, where are you located? Riley Tractor Parts has overhaul kits for your 14, but you need to go through a dealer, they are just the wholesaler. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Riley’s kits!
  16. Could have just snapped the original front axle, and that’s what was put back on from the salvage yard?! Either way, it’s a clean, straight looking 1026 that will get cared for well at your place!!
  17. Just one of those nights, can’t get comfortable anywhere, flip, flop, toss, and turn, then finally!! That black under Jovie, is the cats bed! 🤣
  18. Wife left a pillow on the couch, someone thinks it’s hers now!
  19. I believe the large lights by the fuel tank indicates fender delete. I could be wrong, but pretty sure that is from a reliable source to the south! Darn nice looking 1026! Where did your dad find that?
  20. I’ve been using the universal stuff in my 2011 F150 per the Ford dealership saying they are using it without issues. Guess I’ll find out!
  21. Not sure who got it worse? Stupid turkeys!!!
  22. Where are these used? Smaller Farmalls, or bigger tractors?
  23. Can you remember what supplier you got the cam from? Mine came from Riley Tractor
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