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  1. Go to peacefulcreek.com and get your manuals, much better quality!! If you can’t find them there, email them, and he’ll print them for you!!
  2. I bought myself $1500 worth of used parts for the 1256W. My wife and I decided not to gift each other, but I bought her a Mantis tiller for our anniversary, so she took some pictures, that I took from harvest and had put on a throw blanket.
  3. Thank you, I’ll get that added!
  4. Lookin good!! 1460 looks comfy under cover!!
  5. This 14 had a rough life before my brother and I bought it! Bought it back in 1999, for $2200, and it came with a money back guarantee!! It was in the back row at a local dealer, fresh overhaul, but the owner forgot to put antifreeze in it when it got cold. Split the block, and it had some other issues. It was rough, no fenders, bald rear tires, junk fronts, some damaged sheet metal, and junk seat and suspension. Brother took it to college, put in a new block, 466 crank, clutch, TA, and my dad bought us the 20.8 Firestone’s for Christmas, if I remember correctly, $1600 for the pair?! This 14 also had a rough life. My dad bought it not far from home in 2001 or 02? Rear end was roached out, ran decent, and had perfect sheet metal, bought it to build our first puller. This picture was from back in 2009 or 10? Unfortunately it went through a fire at a friends place while it was getting some work done to it. It then became a pro stock puller, but I don’t have any pictures .
  6. I’ve never had issues with my Husqvarna, but it comes out of a warmer building, and I start it before I leave the yard to make sure. It has a decompression valve, but I’ve never used it
  7. 👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤣🤣 Brrrr!!!!
  8. Please shut the door!!! Looks like it will be in Minnesota by the end of next week!!🥶🥶
  9. Merry Christmas Jeff!!! From the 1066 loving weirdo in MN😬😬🎄
  10. Not many will see the base, I think it looks good! Merry Christmas!!!
  11. Thank you! That’s a great looking 10!!! I’ll get it added, Merry Christmas!
  12. Sounds to me like your air dryer filter needs to be changed. There are a few things that can freeze, but I would start with an air dryer service.
  13. Wow!! You have number 1 1066!! Any more pictures of the tractor you could share?
  14. It’s been a crazy fall and start to winter, but I finally got your 1066 on the registry. I actually had you serial number listed, I got the number back in 2012, it was at a dealership in Nebraska. So far the nearest I have to this one are, 16538 located in MN, and 16618 located in NE. Thank you again, and have a Merry Christmas!
  15. It will smoke as it’s burning out any of the liquified soot, cause it is fuel
  16. If it burns off, I’m wondering if it’s fuel slobber, known as wet stacking? It will look like oil because of the exhaust soot mixed with fuel pushing up the stack. Have you done any fuel pump work, or injector work? It might be time for the nozzles to be tested and repaired. My 856 wet stacks if it’s not working, we have a 766 that does it too.
  17. Thank you! I can’t locate anything on a parts search.
  18. Finally getting back after the 1256W, got the crank back in, and looking at the rear engine mounting plate, is there an oring, or anything that seals the back of the camshaft? I have the gasket for the plate, but can’t remember if there is an oring there? I looked at Messicks online parts catalog, and didn’t see anything.
  19. There should be tubes sticking out of the cast radiator support, right next to the top tank of the radiator. Unless someone changed something on the cooler, and rerouted the lines?!
  20. I was told the 3LD’s are in short supply?! I ordered one for my 1256 wheatland, and was told he can’t get anymore?! So I’ll send the original one out for a rebuild and keep it!
  21. If they are the hydraulic oil cooler lines, they route up under the fuel tank, and over the air cleaner housing. Under the fuel tank heat shield there should be a double hose clamp, looks like a w, and there will be a spot on top of the air cleaner housing to tuck the hoses under
  22. That’s just terrible!!! I hate when they misrepresent what you are ordering!!😬🤣
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