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  1. I appreciate that!!! Waylon called it a set back axle when he told he about it, maybe there is a different term used by the Oliver clan?!
  2. Thank you for posting the 1066 serial number! That’s an awfully straight, clean 1066 for $9500! Diff lock, good rubber, fenders, decent original paint, unless something is wrong with it that was made known, or people could see, that tractor was fairly cheap compared to anything else out there!! Like I told Waylon, I don’t need another, but I would have bid once to see if it came to MN if I was there!!
  3. Bought Jovie a dog bed since she likes the cats bed, but doesn’t fit, she’s been in her bed every chance she gets, apparently it’s comfortable?! 🤣 even Gizmo approves!
  4. I’ve used fastenal before, but it comes down to the auction company helping or not.
  5. I thought about that too! More parts?! You make it sound like I have an addiction?! 😬🤣
  6. Has anyone used Uship before? If so how was your experience? That’s a possibility, but I’m not sure I’ll make it to Grand Island this summer?🥺 That’s a possibility!
  7. I should have mentioned in the earlier post, if anyone that is willing to help, if they are going to red power across I80, I could meet them somewhere around the Des Moines area?! Just a thought, or if they have travels anywhere up around Minnesota, again could meet somewhere.
  8. As the topic title says, are any of you fine folks near Willshire OH? I bought a quick hitch on a consignment sale, and they said they would help with shipping, but so far no help on their end. If anyone is in that area and heading north west to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North, or South Dakota, I would gladly fund your trip to a meeting destination! Thank you for any help or information!
  9. Farmall1066


    Prayers coming your way from MN!🙏🏻🙏🏻
  10. Good luck! I’ve been trying to get pictures for 3 weeks, and when I asked, he shot a price of $1250
  11. That’s what I have, maybe we should switch?! 😬🤣
  12. They are helpful, but I got the kit for my 1256 from them, already have main bearing issues!!
  13. Finally got the block, head, and crankshaft back for the 1256 wheatland, started putting it back together and already encountered the first issue with garbage overhaul parts! The thrust bearing is either made wrong, or for a different engine? It just drops right in the cap, and block, and can wiggle it side to side. So waiting for a bearing set! And believe it or not, this was not a reliance kit, and the last few reliance bearing kits I’ve used were actually decent. So as of right now, I trust reliance more than this other kit! I’m pretty sure the cracks are not supposed to be part of a new bearing?
  14. Did you put the heavy duty front square axle under it, or did you buy it that way? It’s a good looking 54!!
  15. Are you getting the rod bolts right through CNH, or other sources?
  16. Now I’ve seen one earlier than my dads!
  17. Oh no, I’m in collection mode yet!! Bring on all you can find!!! 👍🏻
  18. Would you put new rod bolts in a 407 that’s getting overhauled? Head bolts I had to because of pitting and corrosion, but I’ve never replaced rod bolts before, just wondering if that’s something I should be doing?!
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