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  1. Depends on a few variables, crop height, moisture of the beans at harvest, field conditions, brand of head, just to name a few. Side by side comparison would be interesting to see results. We had a air reel on our platform head, I don’t know if it actually helped or not. Our first draper head was worn out, and seemed to do good, but left a lot of shelled beans a head of the center feed belt, so how many were drug out from the draper belts going around?! The newer head we updated to seems to do the same. There’s a pocket right behind the cutter bar, ahead of the center belt that just collects beans. I think it’s a safety catch for those wonderful rocks.
  2. How many coats of wax are on that?! Needed 😎 to see it!!
  3. The best part of that whole story, the word terrorizing, really people?!
  4. Happy belated birthday Mark, and @IHC5488!! Mark, I think the shirt means she wants to move you into the garage. 🤷🏻‍♂️😬
  5. I should try frost seeding the garden this year! We don’t have any frost in the ground where it’s not been disturbed. The 3 ft snow pack should keep the ground from freezing, then when it thaws the snow, and spring hits I’m done! Kinda like no tilling in a way too!! 😬
  6. I’ll admit it, I tried the drinking thing for a while, I quit cause I was tired of feeling like crap for a whole day after. But food is my weakness, and I’m really good at boredom eating!!
  7. I have to say, it definitely looks good gray and white. I’m surprised by that! Maybe it’s the red weights that help pop a little color onto it?!
  8. Is he running a bottoming tap in all the holes in the block? My first thought is, dirty head bolt holes not being cleaned, and giving him a false torque when going back together. I always run a tap, fill all with brake clean, blow them all out, and fill again for a final rinse. Before I place my head gasket on for final assembly, blow them out to make sure nothing is in the holes. Is he lubricating the bolts, or is he torquing a dry bolts that might be binding, causing a false torque? Just my thinking?!
  9. Nothing wrong with that!!! 🤣🤣👍🏻
  10. Looks like a whiteout!
  11. Farmall1066


    Please close the door and keep it out there!!! That system is going to move over MN as well, it already started today, 2 inches, and now tonight 15-20 mph winds blowing it around! Wednesday night 45 mph winds 🤦🏼‍♂️
  12. I agree!!! I always thought the 1066 was that perfect fit tractor! Made a good chore tractor, and yet big enough to do field work!
  13. Awesome set of pictures!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
  14. Thanks for the serial number Ace!!! Looks like a straight ole 1066!!
  15. Farmall1066


    In my area, the predictions are all over the place. I see anything from 2-6 inches, to 12-15 inches. Can we save the moisture until July?! I don’t want to plow anymore snow!! My driveway is finally back to dirt!!
  16. It’s great to hear he making such good strides! Continued prayers for Zach, Emily, and their family from MN!! 🙏🏻
  17. When you take the pup for a 3 mile walk in the woods!! 🤣
  18. I did a search, and I came across some old posts of others needing a diagram for a 1026, everyone said use the 1256 diagram, if you have one.
  19. Well there are a lot of built parts in those tubs! Needle bearing differentials, shaft supports, wider gears, lot of custom parts in a puller
  20. Lighter components, and most builders literally start from the ground up, or rear end forward. Salvage yards are full of 706 parts
  21. Depends on the depth of tractor pulling you are seeing. If it still looks fairly stock, probably 100% 1066, anything that is built specifically for pulling, engines shrouded, fuel tanks up front, aluminum wheels, and roll cages, more than likely 706 rear ends, just 1066 appearance
  22. Bought this one out of Tennessee, but it originated from a vegetable farm in southern Florida, I have a lot time an money into it, and it could use some more time and money! This one came to me as a cab fire victim, originated from somewhere in the middle of nowhere North Dakota. This one doesn’t look like a 1700 actual hour tractor, but it is! My dad is the 3rd owner, and the 2nd owner never put it in a shed. Here is a picture I took of the air filter, that I changed out back in 2021
  23. The 3rd picture!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
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