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  1. That’s a nice looking 1066!! Thank you for sharing the picture!!
  2. Thank you! I’ll get that added!
  3. Thank you!! I’ll get that added to the registry!! That has to be very close to the last, if not last 1066?!
  4. Nice to hear from you again Robbie!! Keep getting the cow chow hauled!
  5. This should resolve the toilet paper issue, once and for all!!
  6. If I get over there, I’ll look you up! Maybe come Saturday and walk around anyway?!
  7. I bet those will be some high dollar tractors when the hammer stops!
  8. I see that!! I would like to go, but, we might be combining corn by then?! Our corn died in early August. Do you guys stay at the show grounds all weekend with a camper, or do you commute back and forth?
  9. Thanks Nate! Yes it’s first run was White Pine! That show was a goal I had 30 days ago, I wanted it there. It fought us the whole way, but we did it!!
  10. @augercreek, and @EJQ, Very nice talking with the both of you gentlemen as well!! I’ve always wondered if there were fellow red power members that attended that show?! @EJQ how did the day finish up in the blacksmith shop? Beautiful day for a tractor show and blacksmith work!!
  11. Looks like a nice planter! If you plant soybeans with it, you’ll want the 3 bushel boxes!!
  12. My guess is, it’s going to run hot?! And possibly be a fuel hog? My dad has a 13mm on his 1566 he pulls with, that’s a lot of fuel to try farm with!
  13. My dad had a 3406E cat engine overhauled 8-9 years ago, every time you walk past it, can smell antifreeze, but no leak anywhere, and never have had to add coolant?! Have you tried to pressurize the system manually? Sometimes that works, other times that seals the leak, I’ve seen that as well?! My 2011 F-150, was leaving an antifreeze puddle, couldn’t find it for ever, finally talked to Ford dealer, the block heater center was the culprit.
  14. 1:45 am, and just getting in the house from finishing up the 706!! Other than a quick bath with the pressure washer, I think it’s ready for the threshing show this weekend! I moved it to a different shed where the weights were, looks pretty good under the few fluorescent lights I have!
  15. @ihrondiesel, and @TB5288 sorry for both of your losses!!! I’ll keep you both in my prayers!! My wife and I couldn’t conceive, and I’m not sure if it any easier than losing children?! We could have adopted, but we didn’t get to that plain at the same time, so we are kid less, and in these times we are in, we are ok with that.
  16. Looks like LED lights in the fenders, must still use it at night? Definitely a nice looking tractor!!
  17. That’s going to bring good money!
  18. I suppose I could round some of that up as well!🤣
  19. Pizza comes after the work, for that very reason!! 😬🤣
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