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  1. The Firestone’s will probably get stubble damage from the cut hay, and I’m not being funny!! These tires are probably 5-6 years old, and only 5-600 hours, not much of a Firestone fan anymore, and I hate saying that!!
  2. That’s anything, these red tractors we are fixing might be the last love they receive!
  3. He does look like a strong young man that knows how to handle square bales!!
  4. Sounds like 600 mile long by 60 mile wide swath
  5. Sounds like a derecho went through Iowa and Illinois this afternoon?!
  6. That is absolutely wonderful that Zach is home!!! Continued prayers for Zach, Emily, and kids as he continues forward with rehabilitation!! So happy for Emily that she is done driving to Louisville as well!!!
  7. Something definitely needs to change! You drive truck, you see your fair share of stupidity on the roads too I’m sure!!
  8. I agree 100% It needs to start with driver’s education! You know what it’s like driving truck in the twin cities! It’s an absolute $hit show, especially when you have a student driver car cut you off to take an exit ramp, that just taught the student in the car how to drive like a fu*king moron!!
  9. I use orthotic full foot inserts in my boots from a company called Foot Levelers, and after having them for the last 6-7 years, I can’t wear anything without them now!!
  10. There’s no way that 5020 sold for $10750?! I know it’s not a 6030, but $10k just seems to cheap?
  11. I see what you did there!!! 😁 It has been Amished, and Olivered!!
  12. 4/10 doesn’t go far when we are as dry as we are!!
  13. Did you get anything overnight Saturday night or early Sunday morning? Woke up to 1.5 in the gauge this morning, definitely will help for a few days
  14. Well as far as weather goes, we were supposed to get an inch of rain today, so far it’s been sunny and warm, got .5 last night that was unexpected, and our total through the weekend is/was supposed to be 1-2 inches. I think it will be more like .5-1 inch, and that’s far from enough to help, we need 3-5 inches to get the top foot back to wet that can withstand more than 1 day of heat and sun!
  15. I am not very thrilled with this “new” normal, but the more I find out, things have been far from normal for years!!
  16. You’re not kidding there!!!
  17. What’s wrong with our leadership???? Are you meaning to tell me this isn’t normal? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  18. How far from Spencer Iowa are you? I’m going to attend next year regardless of what is going on!! 4.5 hours from home, I have to get there!!
  19. That IH tool display is absolutely amazing!!!
  20. Oh the 100 years of Farmall wasn’t just a display, it was almost a step through time?! That would have been interest to see and hear all of that! Thanks for sharing pieces of the show for us that couldn’t attend! Hope to see you in Iowa next year!!
  21. What was going on in the stadium?? The blue pickup with the electrall in the bed, Isanti is only 25 miles from me, and I had no idea that was in my area?!
  22. I was in on the 1456 GD for awhile, should have kept going, I thought it was reasonable compared to others I’ve seen sell!!
  23. From the pictures here, it looked like a very well put together show! Really bummed I couldn’t get there!
  24. Grand Island would have been 8.5 for me if I could have made it, so I hope you can make Iowa next year! I will be dropping everything I’m doing, and going to next years show, I’m only 4 hours from Spencer!
  25. Fun fun!!! But it’s definitely going to make for a better ride, and better day!
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