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  1. If this gets us banned and shut down, there are bigger problems!! So far this is being civil, and no one is bashing anyone, this is legitimate happenings making history, and it’s time people start sharing the truth, not twisted lies!!! Go Canadian Truckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on!!
  2. Just drive a truck for a few miles, you find out real quick people’s views on us!!! Pull a hopper and it’s a double hated view, cause it’s a truck hauling farm commodity!!
  3. Apparently the Canadian government doesn’t realize that the truck brings them everything??
  4. Ok, I’ll look Wednesday or Thursday, it’s supposed to get up to 20
  5. I might have those lines?! When it warms up this week, I’ll try find them if your interested?
  6. I don’t have a radiator to work with, I need a radiator to start with😬
  7. This is not meant to be a want ad! But I need help locating a radiator for a 1456. Any thing from good used, to needs re cord. Just want original, not this have to make work aftermarket stuff. Thank you!!
  8. Which lines are you looking for? The feed and drain lines off the turbo?
  9. Any carbon monoxide worries??? I’ve never been around lp knipco type heaters
  10. It’s this guy!!!!!!!
  11. Dicamba should be banned, not enlist!!! If enlist gets banned in my area, we will be done growing beans! It amazes me how many neighbors around us brag about how their farm doesn’t have water hemp, until July when the water hemp is 3 feet taller than their beans, then they don’t talk about it! And we are down wind of one of those guys, so we are screwed if enlist goes away!!
  12. Man with a dog faced back pack😬🤣 Did anyone notice the white dogs in the trees??????
  13. The impact will be good for the bolts holding the duals to the hubs, but I’d use a 3/4 breaker bar and pipe on the hub hardware, make sure they are tight to the axle.
  14. Oh good, something I’ll get to watch for now!! 😩
  15. Not to hijack the post, but us forum members should have, stop in anytime parties!! Of course they would have to be more of a scheduled event, but show your place, and toys, fire up the grill, have a few adult beverages, and lots of IH bs!!! I’d travel to Iowa to meet some of you’s guys! I’d travel a few states if time allowed!!
  16. Damn that’s a good looking 1456!! 👍🏻👍🏻
  17. What 1456 did you have painted? I didn’t realize you had one with new paint! All those pictures look great!!
  18. At least they had threads cut in them!! Twice now, I’ve had Wix filters with no threads in them!! 1 for the 7.3 power stroke, and 1 on the wife’s car.
  19. I agree!!! We also have an 8010, and I usually bring part numbers in to get the correct parts, the 8010 books are difficult to navigate!
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