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  1. This line from Emily’s update, she seems like one tough cookie, with all she has been through to this point, I don’t agree with her saying that. She has had different struggles compared to Zach, but she’s been the rock holding everything together while Zach is fighting this to get better. I think Emily could whoop most of us!! Continued prayers for both Zach and Emily from MN!!!
  2. A lot of thunder and lightning on Saturday evening when I was in the shop, 1/2 inch of rain, no hail or wind. Warm yesterday, and now this morning, I know the highway is there somewhere! At the rate we are going, we aren’t going to get to plant a crop!! Just about dries up to get started, then it rains again.
  3. Email jeffsbigdawg@gmail.com I just sent him a pair of 856, and 1256 Farmall emblems, and a 1256 wheatland emblem for revitalization, and hopefully he’ll have a 1256 wheatland emblem I can buy! Plus I’ll be buying a pair of his new 1456 emblems, and all the clips that hold the emblems onto the tractor.
  4. There is a guy here in the states that sells emblems, he might be able to help you find an 856 emblem
  5. That’s a real nice looking 856!! Standard, or wheatland, in my book are pretty much the same.
  6. Welcome to the forum! That sounds like it could be a standard or wheatland! We enjoy pictures here too!😬👍🏻
  7. I tried closing the door up in MN, but it blew back open, so someone further north than me will have to try closing their door!! 😬
  8. I’d rather protect my APH, and take PP. I’m thinking MN, WI, and ND could see a bunch of PP this year
  9. So far everything I have had apart, there are no chunks broke out of anything, but I’ve been finding chunks of other things stuck in certain valves and passages. I’ll try polishing the valve and see where I get when I get back to it.
  10. Working on putting a spring kit, and resealing the mcv in a 1256, the flow control valve came out of its bore pretty tough, and it’s a little scuffed up, it’s the valve that follows spring number 9 by my thumb. Now it says on Messicks website that the valve is not serviceable, have to buy the body assembly, has anyone had to replace the mcv body over that valve? It’s number 28 circled in red on the diagram. The tractor isn’t going to be a main workhorse, if it gets a 100 hours on it in the next 20 years, I’ll be surprised. Can the valve go back in without issues, or if it’s a little scuffed up, replace the mcv body? I forgot to grab a picture of the valve. And note to self, don’t let an mcv tip of a bench and land on your foot!! I think I broke a toe! 😳😫😤🤬
  11. I think it’s still parked in that same spot, the rear end went out, and it wouldn’t start, so they just left it there! 😬
  12. That 1456 turned out very nice!!! Must have helped a little coming out of MN?!😬👍🏻
  13. McMaster Carr is who I’ve been using for quite some time now! It’s rare I can’t not find what I need through McMaster Carr!
  14. Already started!! I know of a few 100 plus acre solar farms east of me! My cousin and her family actually moved when they heard about the plans of the big one going in by them, they got out before it started being built!
  15. $2 corn and $6 beans will slow a lot down! The way MN is going to get taxed to death in the near future, all it will take is low commodity prices, high land rentals rates, expensive equipment, and game over for many!! My property taxes just about doubled for 2024, and my place is nothing to brag about!! $3077 for 2023, and not far from $5800 for 2024.
  16. Shoot, to bad that didn’t work out, would have been an even better trip getting to meet another forum member! Waiting for dryer and warmer, or moisture? In MN we are waiting for spring! Snowing and 42* right now!🤢
  17. Yes, the back spacing is different. I’m not sure, but possibly the same as a 2wd magnum?
  18. I finally decided to make the trip out to Ohio for the quick hitch I bought. Never been through the northern part of Indiana, some pretty nice looking farms, and dirt along hwy 30. I didn’t even realize that I went right past a forum members farm! I saw the name on the barn, thought maybe, and verified it when I got to a hotel last night! Went right by Smoker Farms! Wish I would have taken some time to go back for a possible visit. I had to drop down to Crawfordsville IN after I left Willshire, great weather for traveling, nice scenery, 18 hours of drive time yesterday! I’m really surprised there was not a lot for field work going on in Indiana, or the short distance I was in Ohio.
  19. Would like to see more of the 1206!
  20. Prayers coming your way!!🙏🏻🙏🏻
  21. It’s finally coming along, another reason I hope to get it running before field work, cause right now we aren’t hauling much, and it’s to wet and cold to start on much for getting equipment ready. So have had a few full days to work on it! Just keep finding things that need attention, or replaced! Here’s after today! Sending him receipts has crossed my mind, but I’m not going to come down to his level! I don’t have an account on facebook, but I used my wife’s account to browse, on an IH page he got completely shredded by 70-80 people or more!! That put a smile on my face!
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