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  1. No kidding! I can’t believe how the corn is hanging on! But this next week with upper 80’s coming, it won’t last much longer without a good drink!
  2. There’s a lot of truth in that!!!
  3. Is that a 6030 with cab in the background?
  4. More than likely that battery got a short in it. Had that happen with my truck one day, could hear the battery sizzling when I shut it off to load beans, and when I got home that battery was really hot!
  5. Soy bio is a little acidic, and can deteriorate orings and seals, so I’ve heard. We ran it years ago, things seemed to have more power, and less smoke out the pipes, and it smelled really good! Whatever the local co-op has now is what we run, I believe it’s B-10? We don’t seem to have issues, but every now and then I have to run a biocide treatment cause I’m going through fuel filters on the truck. 1 small bottle of treatment I run through the storage barrel at home and things are good again.
  6. Gave the new to us 826 its first bath! Was a dirty little bugger!! Probably hadn’t seen a pressure washer in decades! It will need the hoods pulled and another washing yet! Next on the docket, get the band duals off, narrow it up, full service, and probably put new wiring harnesses on. It has the cloth coated wiring, and it’s starting to bare in places.
  7. Really?! I wonder when they parted out the wheatland?
  8. What yard were you at to find a wheatland front?
  9. Oh, that I’m not sure about, once I get the wheatland running again, and front end finished up, I’ll report back!
  10. Row crop is the wet bolster, the wheatland is the cylinder under the right frame rail.
  11. The 1256 I own with my brother, bought it the spring of 1998 My 1256 wheatland, the day I got it running after the engine overhaul, waiting on the injectors to be rebuilt, and then it should be like new!!
  12. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was out there, definitely was the best vacation I’ve been on in years!! I’d really like to get back out there again, and soon, definitely peaceful out there!
  13. Looking like a 1206 with a 1256 bell housing, to bad the 1206 tag is gone!
  14. We had too much fun to worry about fuel cost back then, we probably wouldn’t worry now either?! Lots of fun, and late nights, early mornings!!
  15. Sorry to hear Rick, will keep you and your family in my prayers!! Cancer is a day at a time deal! When my mom battled it, that’s how it seemed, just take today, and get through it, and deal with tomorrow when it gets here! Sorry to hear about the shed and equipment! Hopefully insurance will lift that burden. The crops, well that’s completely out of our control, unless you have irrigation, which I don’t have. So we either get some water soon to get us a few more days, or it’s soon to be over, and collect insurance on the crop. We know we only get 2 options here!
  16. Howard Lake has a very good pull, we pulled there quite a bit years ago! @nate and I have stories galore about those days/nights years ago!!
  17. He is not wrong! The rush from all that horsepower at your hand, the sound, the feel, the ride, it’s an incredible rush!!!
  18. Great to see you back on here Zach!!!
  19. Can try these 2 places, maybe get lucky, or another lead?!
  20. Where are you located? Any salvage yards in your area?
  21. Wish I had better news on the 1256, finally got it running after the engine overhaul, and I left the shop this afternoon with it in this sad state! 🤬 But it did run!
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