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  1. It’s great to hear he making such good strides! Continued prayers for Zach, Emily, and their family from MN!! 🙏🏻
  2. When you take the pup for a 3 mile walk in the woods!! 🤣
  3. I did a search, and I came across some old posts of others needing a diagram for a 1026, everyone said use the 1256 diagram, if you have one.
  4. Well there are a lot of built parts in those tubs! Needle bearing differentials, shaft supports, wider gears, lot of custom parts in a puller
  5. Lighter components, and most builders literally start from the ground up, or rear end forward. Salvage yards are full of 706 parts
  6. Depends on the depth of tractor pulling you are seeing. If it still looks fairly stock, probably 100% 1066, anything that is built specifically for pulling, engines shrouded, fuel tanks up front, aluminum wheels, and roll cages, more than likely 706 rear ends, just 1066 appearance
  7. Bought this one out of Tennessee, but it originated from a vegetable farm in southern Florida, I have a lot time an money into it, and it could use some more time and money! This one came to me as a cab fire victim, originated from somewhere in the middle of nowhere North Dakota. This one doesn’t look like a 1700 actual hour tractor, but it is! My dad is the 3rd owner, and the 2nd owner never put it in a shed. Here is a picture I took of the air filter, that I changed out back in 2021
  8. The 3rd picture!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
  9. Why do the year’s go by so quickly now? It just seems like a week ago I turned 41, and here I am, 42!
  10. Anyone know anything about the train derailment in Ohio? Spilled vinyl chloride, anyone know what vinyl chloride is? I’ve never heard of it? I guess it happened this past Monday, and I just heard about it yesterday.
  11. Wow!!!!! That definitely looks like a place to visit!!!
  12. Yes, single light versus dual!! 👍🏻 I hope you can locate it, and bring it home someday!!
  13. Unfortunately, the loader may be long gone from it? But what I see, and I’d watch for this, more than the loader, it has 66 series fenders on it. I hope you can find it!! The 856 I grew up on, was sold on our restructuring auction in 1999. I knew the location it went too, but after he sold it, I lost track of it. Started hauling grain for a guy that had it, and after a few years, he was done with it, mainly cause low range issues. So I got it back April of 2020! Here is a before bath, and after bath picture. I need to get some better pictures of it!
  14. Being a puppy, and playing hard, is tough!! Tired doggie!! 😆
  15. I know where this is! I actually almost bought it, but turned the current owner on to it, and he was happy as h*ll when he got it delivered! I told him, if the day ever comes, that he needs to get rid of it, let me know!!
  16. It’ll be interesting to see what she grows into for a dog! So far she seems to be a quiet, fairly well mannered pup! Jovie definitely landed well! She went from a 100% out door, kennel pup, to sleeping in the house, and 200 acres to run on!
  17. I was going to post this in the topic, I hope we meet again, but decided that was a topic on the loss of our great dog Willow, and it started as a tribute to her, and I couldn’t do it to her. So after roughly 50 days without a dog, we had an opportunity arise, I was uncertain, but my wife was all in! So, we welcomed Jovie into our home on Sunday the 5th! She is an 11 month old, German Shepard/Australian Shepard, that came from a young girl, who just had a baby, and couldn’t afford to keep her.
  18. It’s all a joke! We had a storm come through back on Memorial Day evening, not sure if it was straight line winds, or tornado?! We had some buildings damaged, broken rafters, tin peel up, wall of a shed disappear, and a house pushed off the foundation a little, and a 4x8 sheet of 5/8” plywood go through a wall of the house. Insurance adjuster came out, looked everything over, said yep, house is totaled, and a few buildings are going to hit the cost of repair, they’ll be paid out in full, so pretty much totaled. When it was all said and done, they figured all the depreciation off from the year the buildings were built, and here’s how much we’ll pay. So even though the adjuster said, buildings had enough damage to be paid out in full, it didn’t happen. We even asked about the inflated prices of lumber, and tin, and the cost to build a new building, shouldn’t our buildings be worth more because of inflation? Nope, doesn’t work that way. My one shed needs roughly $48,000 spent on the roof. I got paid $15,000. Guess I don’t get a roof, cause I can’t come up with $33,000 out of pocket just like that! Shortly after everything was said and done, we got letters from our insurance companies talking about the inflated prices, and to speak with your agent about replacement cost increases. But didn’t want to hear about when the storm came through! Typical insurance!! We need our monthly premium, and you should cover xyz, and now you need a claim paid out, oh we don’t cover that, and we can only cover part of that, and that wasn’t insured properly, so we’ll only give you 1/3 of what you deserve! Insurance is a joke!!!!!
  19. We did this to a 1466 years ago. We just changed out the crankshaft during the overhaul to make it a 466. Used the same pump, and I believe the same nozzles that fed the 436
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