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  1. This 1256 I’m working on is starting to become a thorn in my side, had to roll the front end away to replace the front crank seal already, that makes me feel good about overhaul parts! Anyway, got it back together today, and now I noticed the steering cylinder is 1/2 inch to high to hook back to the steering arm, a helper hooked that up when it was going back together, so I didn’t see that until today. The original front axle for the tractor was junk, so I got a complete front axle from a 706, and put a lot of money into fixing this one! So my question is, what is the difference in steering arms from a 706, to a 1256? The part number of the 706 arm is 379946R21, and the one for the 1256 is 399973R91. What is the difference between the 2? I don’t have the 399973R91 arm to compare against the 46R21 arm.
  2. Sorry to hear about all that you and your family have endured!! Prayers coming your way from MN!! 🙏🏻
  3. I doubt I’ll be able to make it, but it’s definitely on the list of things to do, some day!
  4. Hopefully everything is ok with Danny?! I’m surprised he’s selling off his collection?
  5. Do they have a bigger one for pig? Bacon is pretty good from an air fryer
  6. The way that looked to me, they had it apart, and someone forgot to put all the bolts back in, or didn’t tighten them? As soon as the front came up it buckled right under, and I didn’t see sparks or smoke out the side from a broken block. Plus you can see he pulled the fuel shut off, it was still running somehow?!
  7. It’ll stay this way, unless I can find a DV550 and all the parts to put it back as a 68. I’m guess it’ll be a 66 for quite awhile!
  8. It’s technically a 1568, but with the 436 conversion, it’s a 1566. It’s the tractor I traded the trucking bill for last fall.
  9. My dads 1566, owned it since 1986. Was the main tillage tractor until around 1999-2000
  10. And looks like it has that many, or more left in it!
  11. And that’s just the joint filler, no backer rods?
  12. They actually did both on this floor, the zips are a lot nicer!
  13. Snap a pic of a joint in your floor so I can see what the end results look like, especially after a few years!
  14. That is probably a close estimate?! The screwdriver I used to clean the dirt out was about the size of a dental pick, and 6” concrete, it was in each cut about 2-2 1/2 inches. I’ll have to look into the backer rods!
  15. No he didn’t, it’s was technically covered by the building. I honestly think they let the concrete get to dry before they power troweled it, but I’m not concrete expert?!
  16. I’m not sure what he’s going to put over the concrete? Maybe sealant is the wrong terminology? But I have to pressure wash it at least twice the way it sounds before he puts whatever he has on the concrete. The smooth surface is coming off in places, and this sealant, or whatever is supposed to fill in the rough areas? I used a screwdriver and dug out the expansion joints and vacuumed them out, they will get pressure washed out too, I just want to fill them so they are done being dirt, and salt collectors.
  17. A little disappointed in the finish on the concrete in the shop that was built in 2017. The guy that poured the concrete is going to come put down some sealer that is supposed to get it fixed back up, we’ll see I guess?! My main concern is the expansion joints, they get packed with dirt, and leave water behind when we squeegee the floor, so I want to fill them with something. What is a good product to fill them with, and would you fill them after the sealant, or before?
  18. Wow!! Well now I now what was falling out of the sky back in September of 1998! I was told baseball to softball size hail, now I can see exactly what baseball size hail stones look like!! 😳😵‍💫
  19. Your area has been getting its share of rain and storms lately. That’s definitely a cool picture with the lightning bolt!
  20. Happy birthday Todd!!! 🎉🎂
  21. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are no joke! I went down with heat stroke back in 2001. Was standing on the front tire of a tractor when I passed out, that was a long way down to a concrete floor!! Since then, I can’t handle the heat as well anymore! Best way to hydrate your body, this will sound weird, but in the morning put a few crystals of Celtic sea salt on your tongue for 10-15 seconds then drink a glass of water. Actually you can do the 4-5 crystals of Celtic sea salt on your tongue a few times throughout the day, just drink water after to keep hydrating. It’s supposed to open your cells up and allow better hydration for the body. I’ve been doing more of this, and actually feel better on the days when I can stick with it!
  22. Thank you!! I need a moment to get caught up with the registry again!!
  23. Farmall1066


    That’s why I’ll never run an elog!
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