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  1. Tore the brakes off the 1256 wheatland today, both inner friction discs came off the pistons from oil, what is a good adhesive to use, to adhere the new friction discs?
  2. Nice pictures! And even better looking dirt!!
  3. This is not what I wanted to see the internals look like. I just about parted it out, maybe still should, but I’m moving forward with it, and overhauling it!!
  4. I agree 100%!! If they are going to limit trucks to 60-63, cars should be 65-68!! Fair is fair!! No reason a car should have a speedometer with 160 mph on it, or a 1/2 ton pickup with 120 on the speedometer!! I will not comply with this stupid mandate!!
  5. Luckily no damage from the wind, but the storm that caused the damage to the south and west, still had enough wind to wake me up at 11:00 last night! I thought we were in a hurricane! I’ve never heard wind like that in all the storms over the years I thought were bad!! After 36 hours of rain, we are somewhere around 6-7 inches of rain!! Sounds like MN is predicting to be down 3 million acres of corn this year! This is my front yard this morning! One of our fields! Neighboring field! The only 38 acre field we have planted, that may need replanting?!
  6. I’m in the beginning stage of overhauling the 1256 wheatland I just purchased last summer! I can’t believe what a mess this engine is, for being a “good” running engine!! This is the engine that the crankshaft had 1 rod with a .010, and .020 bearing shell in number 2 rod! Well today I came to the decision for full overhaul! Nothing is going right, and I just keep going deeper, so overhaul it, and move on! My question is, how good are these pumps? Can I rebuild it myself, or get a reman? Seems that reman pumps lately are topics of poor workmanship, and being junk. Looking for some advice! Thank you! And here are some pictures! It would have never ran again without major failures! I pulled the head because somehow mice carried seed corn into the water jackets of the head, probably a sandwich bag full? And after stripping the block, and prepping for the machine shop, this came out of the block! Rust, and more seed corn! All but the gasket material came out of the block!!!!! 3 of the 6 pistons had slop in the sleeves, #3 piston tried to exit the sleeve, was no carbon on the upper right side of the sleeve, just wear marks, here’s #3 piston lifters were all pitted, and check out #1 intake lifter!! 😳 cam is shot, as well!! She’ll run like a dream when done! I hope!
  7. I’d love to have an M&W oil pan, but not for these prices!! 😳😳😳 Sad thing is, we had a very rough 1456 years ago, it had an M&W pan, but we weren’t smart enough to keep that pan when the tractor sold, just figured another one would show up. 😢
  8. Wow!! There are some dang nice old Peterbilts out in California!!! @Tonyinca and @DirtBoyz07, thank you for the pictures!! That looks like an amazing show, and show worth coming to California for!!!
  9. I used A&I with no issues on the first rebuild, the second rebuild I got the bad part, and then my parts guy went to Ag Parts, and finished the second rebuild. I’ll have to try Hy Cap on the next one.
  10. They think it’s a 1 fits all world! Well that’s not the case! 3 years ago I was going through the shifting rebuild process on a 1066, 1 main piece was wrong, splines were welded incorrectly, or the roll pin hole was drilled wrong?! Which ever of the 2 was wrong, it didn’t work, period!! Took the parts back to the dealer, parts guy saw the issue, got me another part coming, sent the one I had back, 2 days later, same thing wrong with the next new one. He called the supplier, they knew they had a problem, but until that run of bad parts were sold, they didn’t know when I would see the correct part?? Mmmm, why not pull all the bad parts, and scrap them, and make them right, your not going to sell parts that don’t work!! So ended up going through another aftermarket company! Their parts were right, and better!
  11. X2 Impacts are nice tools, but usually you need to break them loose with a breaker bar first.
  12. It’s supposed to rain and storm overnight, so if it’s not a muddy mess, it may become that tomorrow??
  13. IH part numbers are, seal is 377788R91, cup is ST856, cone is ST761A
  14. Nothing aftermarket really matches original! But your right with this one, it looks like it’s machined to small of a taper, or to short.
  15. I’d like to see pictures of these setups!
  16. I’ll try grab a picture today, of the one we made for the 5488. It’s a pinch type, around the support bar by the windshield
  17. The 100 pound weights were anything from $198-$225 per weight!!!! And the 70 pound weights were $110?!?! That’s totally backwards compared to the upper Midwest!
  18. He is Risen Indeed!!
  19. I haven’t followed this build to closely, but WOW!!! That truck is absolutely beautiful!!! I can see why you are hesitant on using it too much!! You have an amazing eye for detail Tony!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  20. Must be from Australia? Pictures upside down! 🤣🤣 Nice looking setup!!
  21. Weights and bracket were a steal in my book!! The bracket alone in my area is $200, that puts the weights at $36 a piece!!
  22. I just use a drill pump, pulling oil out of the oil pan, feeding it into an oil galley. Did that with a tractor that sat for a few years, and the 706W after the engine was put back together. You’ll know it’s working on a 66-88 by flicking the oil filters as you are using the drill pump, you’ll go from an empty tinny sound to the full, thump sound. I can take a picture of my setup if you want a reference.
  23. Everyone thinks it’s 600 ci, and has water injection. Nope, just an SRC 436 reman with a 13mm pump, with a pressure feed pump, and a balanced 3LM turbo. It took us years to figure out that it needs 1000-1200 pounds hanging on the front to pull good!
  24. Good time to check it all over, and fix what needs fixing!! Going to paint it while everything is getting refreshed?
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