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  1. I’m not gasser guy, I’ve never been around them, so don’t know much about spark ignition. Find a D312, or D360 and put in it.
  2. Wow!! Sad deal!! Was it wheat in the elevators?
  3. I’ve been busy as all get out this fall, I haven’t got it added yet, but the owner is a member here I believe, but I need to get it added!
  4. Happy birthday Tony!! Did your wife buy you a 1466 BS for your birthday? Or is that going to be under the Christmas tree??
  5. I do most of my own, but have a gal from a company that got me started do a few things. A neighbor uses Express Truck Tax, I’ve used them a time or 2 as well, pretty straightforward website!!
  6. The older gleaners were not a very heavy combine, well most combines aren’t very heavy, just bulky. Glad you found what you wanted, and to hear it’s history is a big plus!! Good luck with your new toy!!!👍🏻👍🏻
  7. The fuel return on the bottom of the tank could possibly be plugged, I just dealt with this on a 706, same issues your 460 has.
  8. Gives you an idea! These just sold today, and not a lot of honesty about hours, just says tach shows. I bet the tachs have rolled over.
  9. I bid on a few items, but wasn’t going to chase anything.
  10. Our first grain cart came from Iowa behind a 2.5 ton IH service truck. Driver said he ran around 50 mph
  11. Drill pump, and some hose and fittings into an oil galley port
  12. I’d say tach issues, or it’s rolled over
  13. Could it be the valve on top of the transmission to the left side of the starter?
  14. Happy birthday to all 19 members!!!!!
  15. 8010 with 40’ draper, and 12-30 chopping corn head, pretty much 3.5 with both, and our yields can be 50-55 bushel beans, and on good years, 210-230 bushel corn
  16. No pictures of the tractor pulling it?!?! Must be the 15 BS?
  17. They don’t make these anymore, I’m so ticked about this!!! I have a few of the long tail long sleeves, and I need more, but can’t get them!😡
  18. Easiest way to tell, is if the cast dash is black.
  19. Only the 826 used the German diesel, the 1026 was the 407 turbocharged engine like the 12-1456
  20. This is a picture off a google search, but it looks similar to the one in the picture you are referring to
  21. Just seeing this now, sorry for your loss!!
  22. The custom was just a decal, just like the wheatland, just a decal
  23. Looks good!! Looks like there’s a lot of good paint, just needs to be cleaned up!!
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