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  1. Trying to get the engine in the 1256 wheatland put back together, but I’m on my 3rd set of main bearings that the thrust bearing is formed to big (lose in the block and cap) So I found the bearings that we put in it before the overhaul, and they fit tight! Those bearings were never ran, just rolled over putting things together until we found major issues and had to pull it down for overhaul. The new/used bearings had some dirt and debris on them from staying in the block while it waited for the machine shop trip, and moved around the shop. After spraying them with brake cleaner, I can’t feel anything on them with very light rubbing. So my question is, would you use them so you can get an engine back together, or keep buying bearings until you find a set that fits correctly? This is my first overhaul in years, and already stuck with 3 rounds of bad bearings, I don’t know how you guys that overhaul many engines in a year keep your sanity?!
  2. I definitely don’t like the new layout, but I think it’s still a step above CNH website
  3. He has risen indeed!
  4. Happy Easter to everyone here on the forum! He is risen indeed!!!
  5. I would sure help where I could if I was closer as well!!
  6. I bet you couldn’t wait to get it, it was definitely a nice 1256! That definitely seems like a good deal on the 560!
  7. I saw you pulling out with that tractor when I was pulling in to get what I bought, that 1256 looked really nice the little I got to see it!!!
  8. Was this the sale on the north east side of Rochester last year in September?
  9. I don’t think they will be that cheap?! One of the 1456’s wasn’t pictured, and I had a feeling I knew the reason why, and I was correct, it was a gold demo! So at least that one will bring good money!
  10. You must be sick of snow by now?!😬
  11. Flashers, beacons, smv, it doesn’t matter, look how people drive nowadays, in a hurry to go nowhere!! Plus how many people move over for the cop, tow truck, or even broke down vehicle on the side of the road with warning lights on, hardly any! No courtesy whatsoever any more!! I’ve said it for years, these cars need cell interruption devices in them the second the car goes above 30 mph!! The government puts more restrictions and laws on the big trucks, and the car/truck accidents still happen, it’s cause the restrictions are on the wrong side!! People do not pay attention anymore behind the wheel!! Too much touch screen, yes it’s technically hands free from a phone, but now their concentration is at the middle of the dash, still not on the road!!
  12. I need to get down there one of these days!!
  13. Thank you!!! What yard were you at, Colfax?
  14. I’m tired of winter!!! My yard is as just about dried up, and we got a few inches Friday night. So back to a wet yard!😩 Sounds like more Tuesday-Wednesday night for us too!
  15. I appreciate that!!! Waylon called it a set back axle when he told he about it, maybe there is a different term used by the Oliver clan?!
  16. Thank you for posting the 1066 serial number! That’s an awfully straight, clean 1066 for $9500! Diff lock, good rubber, fenders, decent original paint, unless something is wrong with it that was made known, or people could see, that tractor was fairly cheap compared to anything else out there!! Like I told Waylon, I don’t need another, but I would have bid once to see if it came to MN if I was there!!
  17. She’s beyond spoiled!!!
  18. Bought Jovie a dog bed since she likes the cats bed, but doesn’t fit, she’s been in her bed every chance she gets, apparently it’s comfortable?! 🤣 even Gizmo approves!
  19. I’ve used fastenal before, but it comes down to the auction company helping or not.
  20. I thought about that too! More parts?! You make it sound like I have an addiction?! 😬🤣
  21. I’m north of the twin cities
  22. Has anyone used Uship before? If so how was your experience? That’s a possibility, but I’m not sure I’ll make it to Grand Island this summer?🥺 That’s a possibility!
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