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  1. If we had anything worth a dang in my area for a truck wash, I’d probably use it! I’m kinda getting tired of 3-4 hours a week getting wet feet, washing my truck and trailer! But keeping it clean definitely takes the tough scrubbing work away. The brush just glides over the surface if kept up with, might have to try hiring the nephews?! 🤔
  2. Getting the bugs worked out is all. Seems like once a year we have to replace a seal or 2 on the male hydraulic nipples on the single point hook up, just part of the game I guess?!
  3. It probably was, but I didn’t need it that bad!
  4. Just watched an 856 sell in my area yesterday, 8500 1 owner hours, TA, near new rear rubber, 3pt, dual hyd/pto, seat was shot, cab, 9 bolt duals, very nice original paint, I was in at $8750, it sold for $13,000
  5. You should have no problem getting familiar with your combine then. There are a lot of settings in that monitor that you wouldn’t think though! With fall approaching in my area of MN, beans turning, it’s time to get familiar with the monitor in the 8010 again!
  6. We went from a 2366 to an 8010, but had good dealer support to start the first day of harvest with. The machine is basically the same, but easier to use, the monitor is a little more intense, but with dealer support and YouTube videos it’s not bad getting used to it.
  7. Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow morning?!
  8. They really aren’t that bad, I was nervous when we got our 8010, but it’s just another combine. I agree with jass1660, get familiar with the monitor, and if you don’t have good dealer support, anything you need you should be able to find on YouTube. I’ve gotten out of a few binds thanks to the tube!!
  9. Yes they make bigger tarp building’s, they will of course cost more the bigger you get, but you could always drive the tractor in, and leave the mower out.
  10. Boards if you have a helper or 2, bottle jack and a big pry bar if you’re by yourself with hub duals, band duals, I’m no help
  11. Would like to get to Rollag some day, but not this year again! It’s Labor Day weekend, and I have a lot of labor to celebrate!! Worked on the shop floor yesterday for 8 hours, wash the truck and trailer this morning before the heat sets in, finish resealing a pipe on the septic tank at the shop today, and then hopefully get a tractor finished and out of the other shop. The list grows longer every day!! Time is flying way to fast!! I can’t believe we are 4 months from a new year again! Actually sad how fast time is going by! Enjoy the show Rick!! Stay hydrated!!
  12. Amazing how fast things can go from good to bad! A small local concrete company just lost an employee this week. They were going to move an old wash plant, and instead of bringing in a boom truck to pull the hopper off, they thought they could get it with the loader. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but as the hopper was being lifted off, something went wrong, there’s been talk of a pin falling out, or being pulled out of some piece that shouldn’t have been pulled, or fallen out, but as the pin came out some part shifted and crushed a 45 year old. Sad deal!
  13. If they are 3/8 grade 5 bolts, 35 ft lbs is the go to torque spec I use
  14. Sorry to hear about your derailment in OKC! Happy to hear things are going better for you, now, and you have 2 chauffeurs to get you home safely! Prayers for a speedy recovery from MN!🙏🏻
  15. The NH 166 inverter is ok, but it doesn’t like big thick windrows, I made a few haystacks with ours over the years when we were still putting up hay. The chute doesn’t extend far enough past the belt in my opinion, allowing hay to bunch up trying to make the corner. Maybe they have made things better since we had ours?
  16. I can’t believe how many times it rolled even as it was coming to a stop!!!
  17. My first thought was inter cooler as well, but with the hoses going to the rear of the tractor, I’m not sure what those hoses do?
  18. After the purge of air, does it continue leaking out of the purge valve? If so then I’d say the purge valve is bad right out of the box, or not installed correctly.
  19. I’m going to guess 58362? Good looking 1066, thank you for the number!
  20. It just seems like a governor problem even though you said you already replaced it, try another one. I’ve had a bad one out of the box once. Every time I’ve ever had air governor issues, it’s like you are saying, system builds up pressure, purges, drops to the cut in pressure, rapid air pressure increase, hits the high cutout, and purge, and repeat the process. All happening in a short period of time.
  21. You have a TA delete tractor, so you don’t have to worry about a TA. You have just a straight 8 speed. If only 3 gallons of hydraulic oil are all you got out of that system, he was not using it, that maybe the reason it was parked? My dad just bought an 826 and it only had 10 gallons in it, and it had cavitation, hard jerky steering and TA wouldn’t stay locked in direct drive, so 3 gallons, it wouldn’t function.
  22. I wonder if it’s in your air compressor? Unloader valves maybe?
  23. It’s refreshing to hear that she wants to go into the trades, and has worked to get what she wants! Good job parents and grandparents!!
  24. Line build numbers, so would that indicate how many were built per day, or per week possibly?
  25. I vote for original paint, the marks are still in the hoods from the cab, and to me it just seems to good to be a repaint.
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