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  1. I call BS!! Around my area farmers are considering, cutting beans for feed, because we are so dry, no hay, and there won’t be a bean crop either. My guess is 40-60 bushel an acre corn, and 8-10 bushel beans. We are dry!!!! By 2-3 in the afternoon the beans and corn are white! A neighbors beans are dying and he planted corn late, he doesn’t even have cobs on his plants!
  2. It was fun!! Usually needed boots in the pits! Once everyone was there, the $hit got pretty deep! It’s taken him a long time to get that tractor dialed in!!
  3. Remember how big those pulls were back then?! 10-15 or more in a class, and it was rare to be done, and going home by 11, midnight! They said it was, and they seem like really good guys, so I did believe it was, now I know it is!!!👍🏻
  4. Last I talked with the 6030 boys, that 6030 pictured was their planting tractor, but I can’t verify that?! Possibly a little leg pullin going on?!
  5. Ok, I’m on my way!!!!!! Well wait, there’s no directions?! 🙁
  6. Congratulations on 10 years!!!!!
  7. I can’t wait to see the 15 finished!! Looks awesome at this point!!
  8. Back on track after today!! Looking like something again!!
  9. Yes, he’s a busy man!!! I usually text him my needs, let him get back to me, ask price, and either decline, or add to my pile, and when the pile is pickup box worthy, go pick up parts!!! Your very welcome, hope he can help you out!
  10. Knights tractor in Ellsworth Wisconsin usually has really nice sheet metal!! I just got a few items from him a week ago, very nice stuff!
  11. Oh Lorenzo, it’s WenFriMonSunsturday, duh!!
  12. I would have walked out with the drinks in hand, what’s he going to do, call the police? It’s under $5, they wouldn’t care!
  13. Dang, I’m not far from Burnett, I wish I would have known about this sooner, I would have went!!!
  14. I should be in the gym, but the shed was my gym yesterday!🤣 Aluminum 😉 The secret is out!!
  15. I knew TF was still casting weights. 1050 a piece, that would be some expensive shipping costs to MN!!!!
  16. A few years back we had insecticide put on our beans by helicopter, they had the same setup. They can knock out acres when they can land right next to the field, load and go again!!
  17. They are lighter!!😬😬 No not pneumatic, but that would be cool!!😬🤣
  18. Today I decided I wanted a 12 hole bracket, and 12 weights on the 1456, so I dug up 2 more weights, pulled off the 10, switched brackets, and threw 12 weights back on, and put the lock bolts in. Looks a lot more beefy if you ask me?! Then decided, the 1066 narrow front needed 12 as well, but I have a secret with this one!!😬🤐🤐
  19. Looks like it could use a little TLC on the upper grill, otherwise looks like a decent tractor!
  20. Your right! And the guy that I use does awesome work, and it’s going to be a sad day when I can’t get a radiator out of him anymore! It’s crossed my mind to buy a few extra radiators from salvage tractors, and have him re core them, for some inventory for my tractors.
  21. Put a D282 in it, would that change your mind?? 😬
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