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  1. White mold is hard to know when it infects the plant, and how to combat it! You usually don’t know you have it, until you see plants start turning brown when the rest of the field is still green.  Damp weather, rather it be fog or rain plays a big part in it as well.  A neighbor here sprays a chemical called Contans on their fields on the post trip, and after they harvest, they say they are having good results with it.  It’s supposed to kill off the spores

  2. 3 hours ago, 1566Hog said:

    I’d be willing to pay $4-5 a piece for them.

    I bet you’d be looking at $15-$20 a piece if they were made correct, and well made! I keep forgetting to get the part number off the ones I’ve been using, they are the 2 tab, but bigger all around, last bag I bought last year, $10 a piece! When I break them trying to get them in place, I might use some choice wording!! 

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  3. 34 minutes ago, 1566Hog said:

    Came across an old topic from 2019 discussing this. Has anyone found a place to get the correct 4 sided cage nuts for the hood bolts?  All I’ve seen as a replacement is the 2 sided nuts. Should be like a 5/16” cage nut. 

    I’ll have to try remember to find the part number, but I found a cage nut that is pretty tough to get in the hole, actually have to use a dremel tool and grind it open a touch more, and still fight getting the cage nut in.  So far they seem to hold up better that the regular cage nuts we get! 

  4. 3 hours ago, stevehed said:

    fuel line joints have what i believe are thick rubber  o-rings

    Are you on the fuel injection pump line connections? Those are not orings, they are I believe neoprene? But you can also get a metal type seal, I’ve been having better luck with the metal.

    As far as a seat, search K&M manufacturing, or tractorseats.com 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, bitty said:

    This is the best kit available. Jesse had to order enough kits for the company to keep making them. He had to order "250 holes worth" or 250 piston sleeve assemblies to keep production going. Was a sizeable investment for a kid in his mid twenties but he understands the need for good parts for the best tractors ever made . Kits were reasonably priced when we got them 

    Do you know if he has 361/407 kits as well, or just the wet sleeve 400’s?

  6. 16 minutes ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    A report that I saw stated that all current fires are deliberately set by eco-terrorists in order to push the glowbull warming narrative. 

    Doesn’t surprise me 1 bit!! 

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  7. 6 hours ago, nate said:

    Ouch,   That’s a good enough excuse.  Better than I had to stay home and watch the crops grow!

    🤣🤣 I thought you’d understand my circumstances!! Not how I wanted this year to go, but here I am!! 💸💸

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  8. 7 hours ago, ihrondiesel said:

    Buy a truck, they said!   Make lots of money, they said!  

    Im planning on being there on Friday with a couple of my boys.  It’s about an hour and a half drive for me. 

    Exactly!!! Well I’ve gotten really lucky with it the last 5-6 years! It’s had a lot of blowby, and all over the place with oil consumption, but the last 2 oil changes it got before the overhaul, it was burning and leaking 8 gallons in 10,000 miles, and it didn’t take much to get to a 1000 on the pyro, it was time!

    If I come down for a day, it’s 4 hours 1 way! But I really want to be there! 

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  9. 7 hours ago, nate said:

    There will always be work to do and money to make Blaine.  Take some time to enjoy things.  I’ve seen too many people bust their tail waiting for retirement to do things.  Then pass before retirement or are not physically able when they retire.   

    I hear what you are saying, but just not going to happen this year! The KW took $60k from me last month, and June is our busiest month when it comes to hauling.  So I can maybe breakaway for a day, come walk the show and get back home, but I’m not going to have the funds to haul a load down and be out of the truck for 3-4 days right now.  I’m bummed, and the step deck will need another $3-$5000 in work put into it as well, I’m just tapped out! You know what they say about the 2 T’s taking your money!! I swear the truck can see my bank account and monitors it closely!!🤣

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  10. I was hoping to actually participate with #20 1456, my 1066 NF, and 1 other that I wasn’t sure which, but things happened that caused me to pull the reigns back!! I’m hoping I can get there for 1 day now, but unfortunately that’s not looking good at this point in time either! 😩

  11. My wife and I just missed the best of them in ECMN.  We caught them as they were fading, but still got to see some of the pink color, I’ve never seen pink or purple in person, only the greens, so I was happy to see what I saw!! 

  12. 20 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

    I could not get my eyes to open. I could look at who was talking to me and nod but I'll be darned if I could get my eyelids to raise. 

    I have days like that, and I don’t go to the bar, or drink! Monday was a day like that in the truck, was 9 hours of ****, but I got through it!!

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  13. 9 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    See, I don’t understand this, i was taught as a small child driving the tractor to not hit anything, and I pretty much have avoided doing so since. If i go out driving somewhere and hit something, that means I have failed. Why are we celebrating screwing up? 

    Unfortunately, welcome to 2024! Just imagine how bad things will be, and what they will want us to celebrate in another few years!! 

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  14. I don’t think it matters much anymore what you buy, just measure everything! I used a Riley’s kit on a 1256, not a bad looking kit, but right off the bat I was having to figure out what set of rings worked in which cylinder to get the correct ring gap.  Got that done things were going well until the main bearings, the thrust bearing was loose in the saddle of the block, and cap.  Ordered a different set from them, same thing, went through Reliance, nice set of bearings that fit.   We are at the point, it doesn’t matter the name, measure everything!!

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  15. 1 hour ago, DT Fan said:

    The reason it didn't happen sooner was I didn't have a deed to the property until about a year and a half ago! Sister benefited greatly from the fruits of my labor the way it is/was. Not knowing exactly how the estate would shake out kept me at bay.

    I'm kind of in may as well do it now before I die mode now.

    Lester buildings. who I talked to last year, told me at the time they could be on site in ten weeks. Would have been July of last summer. Tooooo much on my plate then to make that happen. They were about $40,000 higher than the builder I'm using too. This time-frame is working for me.

    Well congratulations!!! You will definitely enjoy it!!! I may have to stop in sometime for a shop, and shed tour!! 

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  16. With all the swapping of engine parts on a 466, why not just overhaul the engine in the 966? Can add a turbo at that time and make it a 1066.  Plus those truck engines maybe in no better shape internally? Might do the swap work to get 25 hours out of it and it does the same thing as his first engine?!

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