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  1. If I remember correctly, it’s for clearance, I don’t think you can get a wrench or socket on a 6 point bolt head there with the step in place. Needs the 12 point to get a socket on it, to tighten. Are you saying the inner step bracket, the hole is to big, the head of the 12 point bolt fits through the hole?
  2. #4 is the drive shaft seals, and #95 are your banjo bolt seals, but see if your dealer offers the metal banjo bolt seals, I’ve had better luck with those
  3. If by missing, you mean TA delete, was it a factory TA delete tractor? Maybe it never had a TA?
  4. Get some ivermectin, the horse paste if need be, and that’s no joke!! The amount of ailments that it can cure will shock you!
  5. They also added a million more acres of corn in the report last Friday, so they won’t pick up on the floods or drought until probably the August report. But now I’m hearing that the flooded acres will be considered abandoned acres, and some think we’ll see a 191 average. If that happens, here comes $2 corn! The government doesn’t want farmers, they want factory processed food!
  6. Looks a little warm in Nebraska!! 🥵
  7. I haven’t been to Tomah in probably 10 years, but be prepared, it’s either hotter than hades, or it’s raining! But they do their damndest to get the pulls off no matter the weather!! The semis are definitely fun to watch!!
  8. Tomah Wisconsin in late June every year, Thursday-Sunday, Dairyland National Tractor Pull
  9. It’s good to see the water is starting to recede!! Unfortunately there’s going to be a lot of repairs to make!
  10. I’m not sure, @Long Farms knows where they are.
  11. This one at Spencer makes 3 from what I’ve heard. 2 are restored out in New York, and now this one came from Kansas.
  12. Holy cow!! Talk about bad luck in the tire department!!!
  13. The amount of water my dad and I saw standing in fields, farm yards, and running through the ditches from Mankato MN to Windom MN, and then from Windom to Spencer on our way down Friday morning was incredible. We left Spencer around 3 Friday afternoon and the clouds coming in from the west looked ugly, there was more standing water on the return trip home in places, than the way down. Got home and looked at the radar on my weather app, and I knew from Sioux Falls to Austin, and Spencer to the twin cities was going to have a rough night and day yesterday, but I didn’t think it could get as bad as it turned out to be!! Prayers for all in these communities that are affected by this much water!!
  14. I think we could compete with that!!! 😬🤣
  15. Sorry to hear about the van! Glad things worked out to get the medication to you by other means! Hopefully overall your day was good!
  16. I was thinking the same exact thing! Someone there would surely help I would think!
  17. That good dirt doesn’t produce rocks, does it? I thought only our crap dirt up here did? 🤷🏻‍♂️😬🤣
  18. I was hoping to stay until picture time, but we left at 4 this morning to make the show. It was plenty warm down there, my part of MN has yet to break 80 for more than 1 day here or there, and then 4 hours back home. So we boogied out at around 2:30. Would have been great to meet more forum members! Hopefully things work out better for Huron and I can participate with some red tractors there!
  19. What?!?! I thought we were lucky if we were picking rocks?! 😬🤣
  20. Saddened to hear this, I was actually just thinking about where he’s been lately. RIP Rick, from a fellow Minnesotan!!
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