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  1. Start of the 2022 harvest season
  2. I think we have some corn that is close to 20-25% but overall, we aren’t there yet either
  3. What are you seeing for moisture on the corn? You stay safe as well!
  4. You definitely don’t want to slug that full of green stems!!!
  5. Green stems will make any combine grunt!!
  6. Thank you Sledge!! But now I need to know what the 56’s are in the background!!
  7. Unfortunately, it sounds like after next week, we might have weekly storm patterns moving through for 2-3 weeks. We don’t need that now!
  8. Thank you! Normally my phone doesn’t take good night pictures, but somehow it worked last night?! But it’s funny how it was a lot darker when I took the picture, it somehow looks brighter in the picture?! Thanks Jeff!! If you find yourself bored, you can take the tanker off the Pete, and come pull hopper?!😬 I suppose you are correct?!🤦🏼‍♂️ I can add it there, or is it to late?! 😬🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Yes, there are many farms, not so much in my area, but many farms a majority of their crop hits an elevator in the fall. Maybe they store it at the elevator, but if that’s the case, even their storage is no longer available. Bins are a very expensive thing to put up, but in our case, we have about 180,000 bushels of storage on our farm. Mainly because we are busy hauling everyone else’s grain in the fall, we don’t have time for our own. So we need the bins! Plus on years where it’s dry and barge traffic isn’t full to capacity, or the river is high and they can’t load barges, we get to stay home and harvest our own.
  10. Thank you!! I sure hope we can get a good few weeks of beans under our belt before the weather decides to make any changes!!
  11. That’s not good! Especially right at fall harvest!! I’ve never understood the river depths, so when it falls to 5.5 feet, is that 5.5 feet of draft for barges? It can’t be only 5.5 feet deep, is it??
  12. I guess fall is officially upon us here in my part of MN. Worked all day getting the combine ready, and at 6:00 this evening, the dust began to roll! Probably could have got a truck load out today, but we updated the combines air filter setup, to a pre cleaner style. That took a little longer than I thought it would have. But we’ll be ready to go after it tomorrow!!
  13. Thank you!! I’ll get these added as soon as I’m back in the office!!
  14. Thank you DT!! I’ll check the registry and see, there’s a possibility I have this one? If not it will definitely be added! @billonthefarm that’s a great looking 1066!!
  15. Put a tank on it for a water truck, put a bed on it for bales, put a fifth wheel plate on it for hauling more bales on a step deck, drive it to church. I can try keep giving you reasons to buy it!! 😬😬😬
  16. Looks like fun was had by all, including any spectators!! Nice pictures!!
  17. Sounds great!! Whenever you get a chance!👍🏻
  18. I really don’t know?? I always wondered why it didn’t have Turbo decals on the hood! Well being a 68 might make sense?? I don’t know? 4850 hours on the tach, but I know, tachs don’t always tell the full story, and maybe it doesn’t work. I don’t know? It looks to legit to be a piece together?
  19. I read about this on a different site. Sounds like JD employees chain the combines down, the truck drivers can’t chain them on the Deere lot. So someone said the good drivers leave the Deere lot, and either add more chains, or completely redo the chains. The poor drivers, or lazy drivers just pull out and leave. So this was probably a lazy driver??
  20. I’m not dying to get it, I’d just like to get it off this farm before it’s wrecked, or they start stripping parts off it! Honestly I don’t know what I would do with it, other than at least park it under cover, and fix what little it has for issues, which doesn’t appear to be much
  21. You just about hit the nail on the head!!!!
  22. You would think so, but not this guy, seriously, nothing leaves! It’s crazy!!
  23. I don’t think so? But you never know?!
  24. The reason the topic is labeled the way it is, is because, nothing, and I mean nothing leaves this place!!! I’ve been hauling out of this place for 13 years, and even the new pickups that come, and get destroyed don’t leave! Kind of my thoughts!! I agree 100% I do not see trying to put it back to a V8, but you never know?! Now here’s where it gets real interesting!!!! My dad has a 1568, came from down in Oklahoma, this 1566/68 is only 9 serial numbers from my dads, and was sold new 35 miles from me!
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