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  1. Reds electric in St.Cloud might have parts?
  2. I don’t need to be in it, to see it, I should have said, within a mile of a tornado is close enough.
  3. That has to be a rare setup on a 66? Did it wear a picker in its early years?
  4. Sounds like the cab load solenoid is going bad?!
  5. I kinda remember you talking about this after that storm! Scary situation to be in! I’d love to see a tornado up close, but I don’t want it to be near my place, your place, or anyone’s place!!!
  6. Thank you!!! I’ll get them added!
  7. Are you talking the radiator support panel? If so, no, the louvres disappeared in 74 I believe.
  8. I’m in east central MN, and I’m not exactly sure where the fires are? Oregon, and Montana, some in Canada I think?
  9. Serial numbers guys!! Serial numbers!!! I need to get these rare tractors documented!!!!🤣👍🏻
  10. I posted these yesterday in a different post, but this picture is of our shop 1/10 of a mile off the highway And this picture is right behind the shop on the highway looking north, 1 mile up is a main highway that you could normally see, not yesterday!! Maybe 1/2 mile at best visibility!!
  11. When I came by the farm in the big rig at 11 am, this is our shop, 1/10 of a mile off the highway. And this is looking north, from our driveway, 1 mile a head is a cross road, it’s not visible today, I’d say 1/2 visibility, and smells like I’m burning down a forest!!!!
  12. Ours is gone, or wore off also, looks like baler belt would almost work?!
  13. We have storms going over my area as I type this, so far, nothing to settle the dust yet!
  14. I was just to his place last Wednesday, I think I saw a white IH cab there?!
  15. Depends if she likes electric fences in the bedroom?!?!?????????
  16. Disappointed!!! Cool tractor, but not what I thought!!?
  17. I want those Deep Treads!!!!!!????
  18. Good looking rig, with a great lookin load!!!
  19. Cooling it should be easy, if it’s that tight! I have a mini split in our 60x96x18, and I can get it down to 65* if I want, and our building is bat insulation in the walls.
  20. 10 of them for $600, that seems reasonable, but I’ve been told by many, the 100 pounders aren’t highly sought after anymore, the 70 pound weights are what people want?!
  21. Don’t worry about how to pay for! It just happens naturally, and you’ll be thinking to yourself the first cold windy, winter day, why didn’t I do this 15 years ago! You’ll enjoy it! It looks very nice, congratulations!!!!!
  22. Some of that stuff will be tough to locate, but try Knights Tractor in Ellsworth Wisconsin.
  23. That’s also what I thought, and $8k is a mid grade fuel system at best
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