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  1. I know there was a topic on this on the IH Group on Facebook a while back, and I know someone had a link to a place, but I can't find the post. Here is a place though that might have something. I'm wondering if this was the place they had posted https://www.antiqueappliances.com/
  2. I lost a sale one time, on a Super MTA engine kit from Reliance. Said they didn't have all the pieces to get a kit together. My customer ended up going through Steiner, and they sent him a Reliance kit. Really soured me on using them again. We did use a Reliance kit from Hy-Capacity a while back for our 7150 and it worked ok. I'm all for using MaxxForce through Hy-Capacity or any other jobber, if the quality is good.
  3. We ended up switching out to the long arms on our Magnum 335 for the tire rubbing reason.
  4. The ratio portion of my 900 book, I can't take an easy picture of to post. Looking on the CNH Dealer Portal, there's 26 options for ops manuals (consisting of Plate, Cyclo, and Monitor books). There were (2) different P/N#'s for both Trailing and Mounted planters, but here's a couple numbers for you: 1096421R1 should be for the 800 trailing, 1096513R1 should be for the 800 mounted, and 1096602R5 should be for the 800 press wheel driven row unit. It appeared that they should be $40-50 plus freight and available at your local CNH dealer. Good luck! I grew up around these planters whe
  5. I've told him that if the torque tube doesn't leak, get the new crank arms and run. He does realize that he won't have draft control if he converts.
  6. Had a customer call me today, he was eyeballing his 5488 vs his neighbors Magnum. He is looking to eliminate the torque tube and crank arm on his 5488 and mount up the set-up off of a Magnum. I know the lower links are the same, but as far as where the links mount I have no clue if that will mount up or not. Has anyone tried this? Does the rear end castings accommodate this?
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