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  1. There is a guy building replacements that have hydraulic lock pins and then after they lock the lower angle bar lowers to wedge it in tight. I don't know if the guy has them on the market yet or not but I saw a prototype on Facebook and it looked pretty slick.
  2. I adapted an older 6' Bush Hog 306 mower to skid steer. I'd like to find a 7' 3pt flail mower to convert, I think a flail mower being closer coupled to the machine would be a lot easier to control the cutting height on.
  3. Have a young friend (19) who was at Mayo a few weeks ago for a cancer checkup and they found a tumor on his spinal cord of which there are only 3 surgeons in the U.S. who will operate on, one of which happened to be there for another operation which he postponed and within 20 hours of the diagnosis our friend was in surgery.
  4. Look at Zimmerman beds, made by a Mennonite company here in Southern Iowa, they have steel and aluminum beds and they seem to be holding up better than the big name beds.
  5. Paid $.37 for 3", menards has 4" for $.54.
  6. He does a really good job of presenting facts without bias.
  7. We ran a NH 718 for years, when it died we used a neighbors Deere 3960 for a few years before buying an IH 830. I preferred the 830 over the Deere but there is a ton of aftermarket parts for Deere and NH that aren't available for the IH choppers.
  8. I heard the latest offer has some profit sharing in it but I don't know if that's true or wishful thinking.
  9. They used a hydraulic pto, probably more for a post hole digger type application than most farm equipment. I've seriously considered a backhoe or skip loader but even with MFD they are helpless in mud and lack the ground clearance needed for feeding hay.
  10. I'd love to have a MX120 or 135 to replace our 5140 but they are absurdly expensive right now. Hopefully it turns out to be the right decision but we just bought a loader to put on our MX 240, mostly for hauling and feeding hay. We've got a couple of skid steers for most jobs but a MFD tractor just works better for some things.
  11. That's what I was thinking, we ran a 22.5' 820 on our 1460 one year and it was a load.
  12. After 3" of rain I'm finally not breaking shanks or shear bolts.
  13. You might be feeding the same amount of soybeans up the feederhouse as an auger head but the draper is feeding the beans up the feederhouse is a consistent mat and the auger head is feeding wads of beans up the feederhouse. This is our 9th season with a Macdin and upkeep has been minimal.
  14. I watched that the other day and thought it was very interesting. Most of The History Guy's videos are good and he's doing a podcast now too.
  15. If you can get by trenching 36" deep you can probably buy a pretty decent ride on trencher for $8-10k and sell it for the same money when your done.
  16. We bought a Vermeer V-5800 last fall, have installed close to 3,000' of field tilecwoth it so far and have probably put 100 hours on it doing backhoe work. Nice thing about a ride on vs a skid steer trencher is once you get a ride on started you can get off and let it run on it's own. In our soils I'm usually around 200' per hour digging an 8" wide 48" deep trench, for waterline it could be narrowed to 4" and travel speed would be much faster.
  17. Try to find some Nokian Rockproofs, they are built with the same rubber compound that they use in their mining truck tires. I was struggling to get 12k out of Hankook ATMs, their mud tires wouldn't last that long and my first set of Rockproofs went 29k. Our tire dealer sells a ton of Rockproofs and said they will easily last twice as long as any other tire on travel.
  18. Tractorhouse app is working now.
  19. I hear a lot of farmers complain about automation killing jobs in other industries as they buy a $300,000 combine.
  20. That's for regular doctors visits, emergency room visits are $100.
  21. On the last Deere contract they got fully paid Healthcare, only had a $20 copay per visit. I know a guy who retired about 20 years ago and he said his pension paid more than the guy who replaced him made.
  22. Just did one with treated lumber from the lumber yard, it was mostly 2x10s.
  23. Should be a bolt in swap and I'm pretty sure the fan bolts will come out ok. The metal fan on our '05 2377 came apart and took out the radiator, I'm pretty sure Case had a program to replace the metal fans with plastic at one time.
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