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  1. The Milwaukee 2767 high torque imp6is awesome by my favorite is the 1/2" drive M12 Stubby impact, 250 ft/lbs that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs next to nothing.
  2. I've made a couple of these to sell, need to make another for dad. For spears Agri-supply is a good source or google Pro-link spears and find one of their dealers.
  3. I would suggest reading the book "breakthrough to Your Miracle" by Jason Noble, he is the real life pastor that was portrayed in the movie. Miracles like that are not uncommon in his church and there was another young boy in the hospital at that time wasn't supposed to live but walked out a few days after being prayed for.
  4. I don't know of any 7x50s around here but there are several 40s and they seem to be at the limit of how much power can be put to the ground with 18.4x42 or 20.8x38 tires doing g fall field work. When the MX Magnums moved the engine forward and offered front duals it did wonders for getting power to the ground.
  5. They say Iowa is a big target for human trafficking because if I-80 and I-35 bringing so much traffic through the safe. I'm sure there's a false sense of security in small towns that doesn't help. I'm shocked by the number of young kids (under 10) that I see walking several blocks to school by themselves and usually with headphones on so they wouldn't hear anybody sneaking up on them.
  6. I'd really like to have a 32' Diamond C with the hydraulic dovetail, hydraulic jacks and 12k axles on 17.5" tires, problem is a trailer spec'ed out like that cost about 3x what our current 30' trailer cost.
  7. After using several torpedo heaters over the years and having constant problems we bought a Val 6 three years ago and haven't done anything but put fuel in it, expensive but worth the price.
  8. I believe after the merger the corporate store in Tama stayed open and they had to close.
  9. Kenneth Kuster is still the service manager at the JJ Nitching dealership in Mt Pleasant, I like hearing his stories about growing up in the dealership.
  10. When we had a Brent 472 behind our 1086 we slid the tractor drawbar in, had to shorten the PTO shaft but it worked good.
  11. For under $30 you can buy a camera and monitor on Amazon.
  12. Which Milwaukee blower have you used, the first M18 blower wasn't impressive but the gen2 blower is comparable to a decent gas blower.
  13. Most electronic hour meters don't count unless there is oil pressure detected.
  14. I know a couple of dairy guys who go down south and buy a 10k hour 2wd 7130 for $12k and use them for mixer tractors. The one guy said his mixer tractor gets a 250 hr oil change every 21 days during the winter, he has ran a couple past 30k hours before engine overhauls and his record for a Magnum transmission is 54k before rebuilding. He has a spare tractor or two and a backup mixer, redundancy is cheaper than the depreciation of something newer and potentially more reliable.
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