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  1. Cliff Neubauer

    Tire rant

    What we deal with is we get a snow and the streets in town turn to ice for a week, our front wheel drive mini-van with snow tires gets around on those streets almost like they are dry pavement while my crew cab 4wd diesel truck slides through intersections and half the time has to use 4wd to take off from a stop sign without spinning and fishtailing.
  2. Cliff Neubauer

    Tire rant

    If you want good snow tires look at Nokian, they are made in Finland where they are required by law to run snow tires 6 months out of the year and they have the only winter tire testing facility open year around. I have a set of Nokian Hakkapiillta 8 studded tires on the front of our Sienna van and they are very impressive.
  3. Cliff Neubauer

    Tilt steering wheel on 66 series

    We used to have a 966 with tilt wheel and hydraulic seat, was a '72 model with a white deluxe cab, factory no AC, one hydraulic remote and fast hitch. I always thought it was an odd way for a tractor to be equipped.
  4. Cliff Neubauer

    Another pole building question.......

    Concrete piers like these guys do or on a footing wall if it's going to be a heated building.
  5. Cliff Neubauer

    Goose Neck repair

    I think square tubing is 40% stronger than round tube of the same size and thickness, there is more material and the corners are further from the center making it stronger.
  6. Cliff Neubauer

    Bulk oil setups

    Your Case IH dealer can order a 275 or 300 gallon "box" of oil, it's the size of a tote but is a really thick cardboard box with a giant plastic bag full of oil inside. We are on our second one of Hy-Tran, seem to last about 3 years for us. I built a stand for our's that holds it up high enough to get a 5 gallon bucket under the spout and there is room above it for two 100 gallon tanks for engine oils. I don't have a good picture but you can see it in the background here.
  7. Cliff Neubauer

    Removing battery from Case 1816B

    On our 1816 I moved the battery back to the cross tube above the engine and jumped up to a group 24 battery and heavier cables. Started much better and I think the group 24 battery was cheaper than the battery it was supposed to have.
  8. Cliff Neubauer

    Why didn't they use an electric fan on the 50 series?

    I honestly think the FAF was a great concept but like the 2+2 IH didn't do enough testing before putting it into production. If the 88s had used a hydraulic drive fan (which can easily swing away from the radiator for cleaning) and a tilting hood for better cleaning access the FAF would have been awesome.
  9. Cliff Neubauer

    Is there a better starting engine?

    In my experience a 3.9, 5.9 or 8.3 Cummins will start even better and any of the newer common rail engines will but for their time period the 400 series were as good as it got.
  10. Cliff Neubauer

    getting plow truck ready

    With a 4" snowfall where we run a full route it takes me a solid 13 hours to run my route and my boss is usually at least a couple hours longer. If we get very many more clients we will probably have to change my truck from a straight blade to a V plow to cut a couple hours off my route and then I can take over some of his sites.
  11. Cliff Neubauer

    Hydraulic sliding pallet forks

    I wish our pallet forks were hydraulic adjust, in the spring it seems like we go from moving seed on pallets to pro boxes to chemical totes and they all require different fork spacing. My one complaint with proboxes is the require a narrow fork spacing that isn't very stable.
  12. Cliff Neubauer

    Mini ex repair

    Two pieces of 1/2" plate is a lot easier to work with than one piece of 1".
  13. Cliff Neubauer

    PTO hydraulic pumps

    I ran one on a 1066 for two years using a PTO pump off an 800 planter with an 806 oil cooler in the return line.
  14. Cliff Neubauer

    Poop pusher

    There are several places that sell them for around $100.
  15. Cliff Neubauer

    2350 loader custom fit 5xxx maxxum?

    It shouldn't be too bad to do, I did the opposite taking a 510 loader off a Maxxum and putting it on a 1066. The Maxxum will be narrower than the 66 series hood but I think it's also a little shorter.