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  1. Absolutely, wouldn't own a ztr without them.
  2. I see less turf damage with R1s (Carlisle Tru Power) than I did with turf tires cause the tires don't spin anymore. I also added 55lbs of beet juice to each tire along with a 26lb wheel weight.
  3. I can't imagine the reliability of a combine that's sat that long will be very good, belts will be dry rotted and if it's been in a humid climate chains will probably be stiff and bearings could be questionable. If your going to have to replace parts might as well buy a 2388 for the same money and have a nice machine when your done.
  4. Trapazoid in the grill and since you have two lights in each fender I'd do one trapazoid and one flood in each fender, floods on the back. Trapazoid lights shine out further than floods, floods have a really wide pattern but less distance. I'd strongly suggest using LED lights.
  5. I just did the transmission on our 5488, the rebuild kit from Mike Links is $2,500, had another $750 for a used 5/6 synchronizer and maybe another $500 for all new synchronizer friction disks and other miscellaneous parts.
  6. If you mount your couplers behind the front axle you don't need long hoses for attaching the loader.
  7. Anytime we run a tillage tool on the 3pt we turn the draft control off.
  8. With it lowered can you crack the fitting on the inner lift cylinders and get the planter to lower further by letting some oil out? Also I think there is a limit switch that shuts the oil off to the cylinder once it senses that it's lowered, that is a paddle looking deal either on the front or back of the master cylinder.
  9. Titan "has been getting better" for 30 years and still has problems. Our Steiger 385 has Titans with 70% tread but we've replaced two already due to sidewall failures and a third is starting to show cracks.
  10. It's really hard to beat a minivan for hauling kids around, I really like driving our '11 Sienna.
  11. I've never seen 5 spoke 38" wheels, only 34" to put 18.4x34 tires on the 560 and 656.
  12. I'd strongly suggest radial tires for mud work, the flexing of the tire helps to clean mud out. Search for a 480/80R38, that's the "new" metric size for an 18.4x38 and you should have no problem finding that size in any brand. We've had a lot of Firestones in the past but dad has Michelins all the way around his 5140 mfd with a loader and those Michelins push through axle deep mud like its nothing.
  13. Here is how I do it, a non-insulated butt connector, stick two wires in one side and one in the other, strip off twice as much insulation off that end and fold the wires over to make it fit in the connector tighter. Crimp the fitting with a pair of good ratcheting crimper and cover with heat shrink tubing.
  14. I saw one where they mounted the lift on an X frame with a skid steer mount, the lift sat high enough that with the boom down it sat above the skid steers cab.
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