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  1. Try to find some Nokian Rockproofs, they are built with the same rubber compound that they use in their mining truck tires. I was struggling to get 12k out of Hankook ATMs, their mud tires wouldn't last that long and my first set of Rockproofs went 29k. Our tire dealer sells a ton of Rockproofs and said they will easily last twice as long as any other tire on travel.
  2. Tractorhouse app is working now.
  3. I hear a lot of farmers complain about automation killing jobs in other industries as they buy a $300,000 combine.
  4. That's for regular doctors visits, emergency room visits are $100.
  5. On the last Deere contract they got fully paid Healthcare, only had a $20 copay per visit. I know a guy who retired about 20 years ago and he said his pension paid more than the guy who replaced him made.
  6. Just did one with treated lumber from the lumber yard, it was mostly 2x10s.
  7. Should be a bolt in swap and I'm pretty sure the fan bolts will come out ok. The metal fan on our '05 2377 came apart and took out the radiator, I'm pretty sure Case had a program to replace the metal fans with plastic at one time.
  8. I tightened the nut (went about a quarter turn) and it didn't change anything except now it drops to 1193 mV.
  9. We have a Magnum 335 with suspended front axle that will fail calibration but has no fault codes. During calibration the front axle will raise to around 3800 mV then drop to 1228 mV and stay there for about a minute before going to calibration failed. If you do another calibration without moving the tractor it won't lift the axle at all but if you drive around before the next calibration it will. Any ideas on what to check next?
  10. Prices have probably gone up but a year ago you could buy a new 8 ton EZ Trail running gear with new implement tires for $2,000.
  11. Our 5140 is over 20,000 hours and I'm 95% sure that the engine is all original (I did replace the injectors). The 5.9 is every bit as good as any engine IH ever built and better than many of them.
  12. The 135 has 4 pinion front axle hubs instead of 3 pinions like the smaller machines.
  13. Michelin will guarantee the casing on their Bibsteel tires to be good for recapping. The Bibsteels on our 70XT have 1,500 hours on them and look like they will last 5,000+, I wouldn't consider any other tire. Our tire dealer has had several sets of Bobsteels recapped with very good results.
  14. I used cheap Amazon lights for those applications on our combine. I used two 18 watt leds on the end of the unloading auger, I think two smaller lights shine through dust better and reduce shadows.
  15. California is starting roadside OBDII testing, if they detect any faults your parked until you can pass all tests.
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