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  1. In my opinion school administrators have lost touch with reality, the goal of too many administrators is to reach the top pay scale instead of doing what's best for the students. When I was in school we had a Director of Auxiliary Services with 6 schools in the district, today they have split that role into two administrative positions making 6 figures and they each have a secretary with 3 less schools and 30% fewer students being served. They claim they can't afford to hire more support staff at $24-28k per year but can create a $100k position without a second thought.
  2. I bought a worn out skid steer 4in1 bucket last spring that the lower latch holes were too wide to work on our 90XT, I knew the bucket needed a lot of other work but wasn't expecting that. It seems the "universal" quick attach isn't as universal as it should be.
  3. I buy new in the box Milwaukee batteries on ebay, usually about 50-60% of the price in stores, I've probably bought a couple dozen from various sellers without any problems.
  4. The urethane essentially has clear coat mixed with the color, it's very durable and UV resistant.
  5. Not saying it's really hot, but I was sweating so much I hydroplaned off the toilet seat and landed in the bath tub.
  6. I believe Messicks is the biggest Kubota skid steer dealer in the U.S.
  7. Dad won a GMG pellet grill and I used it for the first time last night, looking forward to using it more.
  8. Seems like a lot of dealers would rather hire a new guy with no experience for $17/hr than give the guy with 20 years experience $25/hr and charge the customer the same for either.
  9. My wife works for an online retailer of Amish built furniture and she deals with a lot of Amish in Northern Indiana. Most of the builders have a cell phone, depending on the bishop most can't be seen using it, some can answer calls but with some she has to leave a voice-mail and they will call back. Some builders use email, most have a fax machine, somehow hand writing something and scanning it into a fax machine is ok but if it's typed it's not ok.
  10. Our shop is air conditioned from mid October through mid march.. I'd love to have an insulated shop that could be air conditioned to 80° and a reasonable humidity level. It's currently 108° in our shop with a dew point of 68°.
  11. Can I borrow your 5 ton trailer to pull behind a 3/4 ton truck. I'm not going to make a habit of hauling 19k on a 20k trailer behind a 3/4 ton gas truck but it doesn't handle it as bad as you'd think. Would like to find a single axle IH 4900 dump truck and a 20 ton tag trailer to haul this excavator on.
  12. I converted this old Bush Hog to skid steer mount several years ago and added an excavator mount this year but the deck has rusted through in a few places and I'm going to have to decide if I want to start patching it or find something better.
  13. Was told by a former Firestone employee that no amount of sitting will "cure" a tire, they will get a little harder but nothing like their pressure cure system does.
  14. I added a receiver hitch in the neck of our trailer so we could add a winch if we wanted but haven't gone that far yet.
  15. My understanding is that the second AN-225 is about 70% complete but has no engines or flight control systems and those two components are extremely expensive to develop for one or two machines.
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