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  1. Too bad Ford doesn't off a turbo'd version of the 300 I-6 with a modern fuel system.
  2. I made an adaptor for a slide hammer.
  3. What Case IH offers is 20/30" spacings, main nozzles are on 20" spacingswith an extra nozzle between every third and fourth nozzle to hit the 30" centers. I run drop hoses on 60" centers and get along just fine.
  4. I've cut 3/4" with my Cutmaster 52 but 1/2" cuts nicer. The way I understand TD machines is they have 40, 60 and 100 amp cutting tips, bigger tips leave a bigger kerf but you can use a 40 amp tip on a 102 at low settings for a fine cut on thin metal.
  5. Our tire dealer has sold a lot of Mitas tires and said they are every bit as good as Firestone but that being a smaller company Mitas is much better to work with. If he has a problem with a Mitas tire he doesn't have to wait for a rep to come look at it, he calls Mitas, explains what's going on and they come to an agreement on how to handle it. He talks to the president of Ag Tires at Mitas at least monthly and that's not going to happen with the big tire companies.
  6. That looks like also every cast part that Deere uses.
  7. On the 275s the MX labeled tractors had the 8.3L engine and they changed to the 9.0L on the Magnum models.
  8. Don't transport them with very much seed and the electronics for the markets tend to cause issues (that wiring is at the ends of the wings and does a lot of twisting and turning when the planter folds).
  9. Hello, 

    I just got a new to me 856 and was reading your on how you added a joystick and foot control to your 966. Mine currently has a quick attach westendorf  loader that is using the rear remote to run. I kind of like the fact that I can just unplug the control valve and take it off and out of the way when I am not using it. It will be a hay raking and bale moving tractor. The bucket will be off during raking.  I was not able to open the pictures. I was wondering if you could still send them to me. Thanks 

  10. They came out with a Skip Shift feature that let them shift 2 gears at a time so it didn't take as long to get into the higher gears.
  11. We have a muffler eliminate on our MX 240 and it's only slightly louder than stock.
  12. The non powershift transmission is what parts are NLA for, the tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago destroyed the factory and I don't know if the company closed or they just discontinued those parts after rebuilding. The manual transmissions were rare and I can't imagine they would have sold enough parts for them to be worth tooling back up. The downside of sourcing parts from outside vendors is being at their mercy for repair parts.
  13. Cliff Neubauer


    Cast iron, the big ones are heavy if you use them a lot but they are strong enough you can use a C clamp on them to pull something into square if you need to. I'd like to get a set of the magnetic shims he has now.
  14. Cliff Neubauer


    I have two small ones and two big ones, kinda pricey but the quality it second to none and they definitely save a lot of time fabbing stuff up.
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