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  1. Cliff Neubauer

    520 case ih loader

    What part do you have a hard time with, we have two 510s and can usually have them on in under 5 minutes.
  2. Cliff Neubauer

    Best cordless saw I've ever used

    The Milwaukee M18 chainsaw is supposed to be available sometime this month and the reviews over heard from the people who got to try it at the New Product Symposium this spring said it was very impressive.
  3. Cliff Neubauer

    Monsanto roundup vs generic cornerstone5

    We've been using generic glysophate since '03 and have never seen a difference compared to Monsanto products. We did pay for half of our first sprayer the first year we used generic with the cost savings.
  4. Cliff Neubauer

    Best cultivator for organic crops in Iowa

    The sweeps are $36/row from Shoup. I can load it on a trailer with a loader, I think it weights around 2,500lbs.
  5. Cliff Neubauer

    Best cultivator for organic crops in Iowa

    Most of the guys around here run a single sweep cultivator like a Hiniker ams follow it 2-3 days later with a multiple sweep one like the IH. The single sweep will take out all the weeds and the second cultivator breaks up the clods after they've dried out and knocks the dirt off the weeds roots so they don't regrow. That Hiniker your talking about is most likely mine, it's a solid machine but we bought an 8 row and don't need both.
  6. Cliff Neubauer

    4260 sprayer lost road speed

    After I gots warmed up with the speed control knob all the way up push the hydro lever all the way forward from a stop and if the ladder drops some then your hydro charge pumps are weak.
  7. Cliff Neubauer

    ex mark mowers?

    Our Kubota does just fine on hills.
  8. Cliff Neubauer

    ex mark mowers?

    Which grade of Kubotas, they have at least 3 grades, a heavy residential, commercial and the ZD's are what I would consider industrial grade. We have a 2,200 hour ZD326, in the last 500 hours I've put new deals in the deck gearbox and wheel bearings in one front wheel.
  9. Cliff Neubauer

    4X00 field cultivator differences

    We went from a 28' 4800 to a 42' TMII this year. I think the 4800 handled heavy residue better but the stronger shanks on the TMII are much more effective at taking out big weeds. The other big advantage to the TMII is they are more likely to have a good narrow, the 3 bar coil time narrow on most of the 4800s wasnt very good.
  10. Cliff Neubauer

    Upgrading Trucks

    If you buy a 6.0 make sure it's a new enough truck to have the 6 speed automatic behind it, a 6 0 with the 4 speed automatic socks for towing.
  11. Cliff Neubauer

    CaseIH's management

    We bought a combine from the Titan dealer at Oskaloosa Iowa before they merged with the Pella store and they were great to work with, the next year we bought a planter from the Titan store at Center Point and were equally happy.
  12. Cliff Neubauer

    5488 Planting Pics

    Looks good. I actually like planting with our 5488 a lot
  13. Cliff Neubauer

    Need new kid hauler

    We bought an '11 Toyota Sienna 6 months ago and for hauling small kids around it beats an SUV and is cheaper to drive too. Power sliding doors are so much better than hinged doors for kids as is the lower step in height. Instead of AWD I bought two rims from a salvage yard and put a set of Nokian studded snow tires on them, unless you have to get through 12"+ of snow it gets around better in the winter than an AWD SUV.
  14. Cliff Neubauer

    MX Maxxum Fuel Injectors

    Big injectors in a truck that runs at a low duty cycle is a lot different than a tractor where you lug it all day.
  15. Cliff Neubauer

    2001 mx180 jumping out of gear

    The shop said they fixed 60 of those controllers in the last year so you would think CNH would try to get a couple in their parts system. Luckily our dealer had a used 315 on the lot they are renting us at a good price but it still cost us 2 days of downtime.