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  1. I wouldn't want to cut firewood with it all day buy I really like our Milwaukee M18 chainsaw, battery life and power are good and never any issues getting it started.
  2. We put a set of Disrupters in our 1440 years ago and they helped with that.
  3. Get a $100 gift card from the local welding supply store and another one from a nice restaurant in the area and send them to him with a note saying how much you appreciate the job he did for you and that you feel like his work was worth more than he charged. If the guy wants to stay in business he needs to charge more but he won't do that unless his customers convince him he's worth it.
  4. Several companies offer their bat wings with only 1 wing for roadside mowing, they replace the wing with a weight box. I don't see why you couldn't leave the wing on and simply remove the driveshaft to the wing gearbox to make a 10' mower.
  5. 5288 will be heavier and the transmission is strong enough to handle the load. The 5288 will have much better engine cooling too.
  6. Look at the Fleetneck trailers from Diamond C, the entire trailer frame and hitch is cut from one piece of plate and then flanges are welded to the top and bottom to create an engineered I beam. On a 30' trailer the frame is supposed to be several hundred pounds lighter than a conventional I beam frame.
  7. Pretty sure we have the one for a 2162, I'm not interested in selling it but could take pictures of pages if there's something specific your looking for.
  8. Non-glare is correct but I used gloss black, if I'm going to the effort to paint it I want it to shine.
  9. Keep in mind that $20k worth of work at a dealer is probably equal to $6-8k worth of parts if you do the work yourself and use aftermarket parts. If the engine oil hasn't been changed since last fall I'd pull an oil sample and send it in, do the hydraulic oil too while your at it.
  10. They are cheap because they are built cheap, plan on rewiring it in the first year. We have an economy H&H trailer, never again will I buy a trailer based off price, wiring is awful, paint is terrible and the ramps aren't nearly as nice as better trailers. My next trailer will be a Diamond C hydraulic dovetail.
  11. Euro mount is going to be easier to hook up on a tractor where visibility to the coupler is limited and Euro mounting hooks are readily available for about the same price as a skid steer plate.
  12. And tomorrow you will drive over a deer antler and put a big hole in one of them.
  13. I'm pretty sure Deere has already discontinued their's, they just didn6build enough to justify the factory space and resources needed to build them. I forget how many small square balers he said they build but I think it was only a couple dozen a month.
  14. Have seen the opposite here, the rotary rake makes a more consistent bale.
  15. Absolutely, wouldn't own a ztr without them.
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