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  1. Spicer sealed U joints are the best and will outlast greasable joints.
  2. The round axle on an 88 series is the same as an 86 series. Having used the same 3pt equipment on both our 1086 and 5488 (which has the square front axle) the 5488 is lighter on the front end.
  3. One thing about an 88 series compared to say a 1066 is they don't have a heavy cast iron nose piece so the front end is lighter to start with and the rear end is a LOT heavier so the rear tires get a lot more traction.
  4. It wouldn't have made since for Case IH to use the DT-466 when they were sold off with Navistar and Case already had the joint venture with Cummins so the 8.3 was in house.
  5. A 2wd 5140 powershift with cab would be my choice.
  6. I thought about doing something like that on a 5488 for spraying but I was going to use a 2388 rear axle set out to 120" wide and use a 5 link suspension to move the axle 24" forward for an even smoother ride. Here is our neighbor baling hay for us with a 566 baler running 8+ mph and dropping a bale every 60 seconds or less.
  7. Had one on a Yetter cart and ran it behind thev826 for two years on flat ground it would pull it in high 2and just fine but in hills it would run warm. Ran it on a 1066 after that and it never knew the drill was behind it.
  8. I built a land plane for the skid steer a few years ago and it works really good but I wish I had built hydraulic tilt into it for adding a crown.
  9. The 6, 9 and 12 amp/hr batteries are designed to allow faster discharge rates so you will see a lit6more power with them on some tools, bug difference on an angle grinder or chainsaw.
  10. That's a neat looking tractor but the 5x88 style sheet metal wouldn't have worked with with loaders which would have been one of the main uses for that series. The vmcab door looks awfully similar to the red deluxe cabs on the 66 series.
  11. Pulled the 90XT we bought last fall into the shop for an oil change, the drain plug was way too tight and when it finally came loose the threaded insert broke out of the pan. I'm currently in the process of pulling the engine to change the oil pan, and I'm also fixing a couple of electrical problems and installing a heater. I'm putting an EZ drain valve on it so this doesn't happen again.
  12. The weight bracket is plenty strong to chain to but doing so without scratching the paint will be impossible. I would cut a piece of 1/2" plate big enough to bolt into the front bolster with 4 bolts and weld a 3/4" D ring to it positioned like in this picture. Would be plenty strong enough and will keep the tractors paint safe. At the rear just hook a chain around the drawbar support on each side.
  13. The Milwaukee 2767 high torque imp6is awesome by my favorite is the 1/2" drive M12 Stubby impact, 250 ft/lbs that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs next to nothing.
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