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  1. Cliff Neubauer

    Ih 80

    I've got one that hasn't been used in several, blowers are awesome tools under certain conditions and it seems like we don't get those types of snow anymore.
  2. Cliff Neubauer


    I'm more thankful all the time to be in a non-denominational church where the people making decisions can be talked to in person and are open to discussing things.
  3. Have a Val 6, going into it's fourth season and it's been flawless. No fumes from it at all and the radiant heat from it feels much warmer than a torpedo heater of the same BTU rating.
  4. I wear the same gloves, outlast others I've tried and a nice compromise of warmth and dexterity. In colder weather and especially snow I wear these as they are nearly waterproof. https://www.ohiopowertool.com/p-20153-milwaukee-cut-level-a1-winter-insulated-work-gloves-select-sizes.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAiAzNj9BRBDEiwAPsL0dxEVU2f18FNnyNXyRi9EO6JOgsma41GJwZiw90UQM3HKTVZAEGpzcRoC23wQAvD_BwE
  5. I want to build a new welding table this winter, will be 4x10' with a top made out of 1x4" solid bars spaced 2" apart, they will be spaced off the frame with 2" long pieces of 2.5x2.5x.25" seamless steel tube. That will give the ability to put a clamp almost anywhere on the table, if I want to make the table longer I can slide 2" square tube through the spacers and to make it wider 2x2" tube could sit crossways between the slats with a 1.5" spacer to make them flush with the top of the slats.
  6. I've got this rock grapple bucket from Mid-State equipment and have been happy with it, I thought was the best all around use design.
  7. With a weight of just over 10,000lbs and the torque of the 3.9 Cummins the 90XT is a beast for doing dirt work for a not very expensive wheel machine.
  8. We pull a Brent 1194 cart on 1250 tires behind a Steiger 385 on 620 duals. If money wasn't an issue I'd love to have this same cart on tracks and a 450 Quad Track to pull it with but I really can't complain with what we have.
  9. At times a track machine would be nice but I'd rather put the extra money towards a 12k mini excavator and keep our wheeled skids. We run Michelin radial tires on our skid steers, have 1,400 hours on the first set and they look like they will last at least 5,000 hours, also have a set of Grouser over the tire tracks for one of them got the times tracks are needed.
  10. https://www.tires-easy.com/265-75-16/nokian-tires/hakkapeliitta-lt2-studded/tirecode/TS31810 Nokian dominated the snow tire market, they are based in Finland where they are required by law to run snow tires in the winter and their tire proving grounds is north of the artic circle and operates year around, they make snow tires for everything from bicycles to tractors.
  11. Had a set of cheap snow tires for our old car and they were ok but I have a set of Nokian Hakkapiillta 8s for our mini-van and they are definitely better. Nokian sets the standard when it comes to snow tires.
  12. The best thing I did was to forget everything I knew about "farm welding" from FFA or farm magazines and I went to YouTube to relearn welding prep. Jody at Welding Tips and Tricks was the leading weld instructor at Delta airlines and most of the guys at weld.com have years in the field where every weld is X rayed. If you prep a weld like a professional it's a lot easier to get results like a professional. It takes time but if I have something that needs to be really strong I will grind it out to a 3/32" or so gap and lay in a root and cover pass with the Tig and then cap it with the M
  13. I've heard that the vibration from a steel track machine helps it compact silage even though they have a lower ground pressure than tires.
  14. Do it all the time, just tip it down. If the receiver is in the bottom and you need to hook up to something with the hitch at normal height you have to raise the loader arms and then you can't open the door on most machines.
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