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  1. tractor dual wheel lift clamp

    This spring we jacked the one side of the tractor so the tire was off the ground and blocked the other side. We put the tractor in neutral so the tire could turn by hand. We took the skid steer with pallet forks got the dual and put it up to the tractor. Spin the tire on the tractor to line up to holes and inserted the bolts. We were done in no time at all.
  2. Making our church secure

    Our pastor is an ex-marine. He and his wife both carry and several others. I hope we never have a situation at our little church. But if someone does try they will be in for a surprise.
  3. If trump got farmers more money

    Its called competition. A big company will ask for a price quote for 10,000 value meals for delivery in the next 6 months and send that request to McD, Burger King, and Wendy's. And they will get a better price. If I sent a request to them asking for a price quote for 20 meals over the next 6 months they would respond with "Read the Menu".
  4. Special thanks to 5488Duke

    This morning I blow a tire on a International 315 cultimulcher as I was pulling it home with my truck. I learned very quickly that you can't remove the tire while it is locked in transport. 5488Duke stopped to see if i needed some help. After we checked things over he went home and returned with a tractor so we could lower it. Thanks for your help. Dave
  5. You guys in the hay business

    You need to figure out who you want to sell hay to. That will determine what type of hay to raise and what type of bale to produce. Horse/alpaca/llama people will want small square bales. They need grass hay but will want alfalfa. Dairy guys will want big square bales of alfalfa that was made perfectly. Otherwise it is junk heifer hay that you should give it to them. Beef guys just want the cheapest filler hay for their cows. Round bales will work for them.
  6. loader valve

    The seller is from Europe. Would there be an issue with different size/threads on the fittings?
  7. 656 repower plan

    This is a rare option, she must be a pretty good model to have My thoughts too.