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  1. I remember playing with one back in the 'early '70's. I thought they were cool because they were Air Force survival rifles!, but I was just a kid. I do remember the chunky stock part!
  2. Sounds like my workout Mark!
  3. Bitty: How old is your son? He looks good in that 8950!
  4. Nothing like Rich elitist whining about their problems! If Harry doesn't like the first amendment he can get on a plane and go back to England where they don't have one! Everybody has problems. There's maybe different from mine, but they're no less problematic or painful. Put your big girl panties on and get over it!
  5. Two word:. McMaster Carr! The will take care of all your O ring needs! LOL
  6. I have a friend who's a captain for American that flew them all the time. No problem. He said the same thing about the fact it's all in the training. He said the third world countries love the Airbus because it's all push button flying.
  7. Buddy has quite a few of those old Murphy's. He also has all the tools and manuals. He showed me how to change the injector on a Murphy once when I was helping him at the Field Day of the Past show. Slickest thing I'd ever seen. You stuck a tool that look like a speed wrench down in a socket on top of the head and the injector screwed right out of the head on a worm gear. Some amazing engineering went into those engines.
  8. I have a North star hot water pressure washer and a Karcher cold water one. Both have been good washers. The Karcher is only used a couple times a year to wash the house, but it is almost 20 years old and still going strong. The North Star I bought used from a guy who used to clean Warehouse floors with it. It will still shoot steam if you turn it up all the way. You can back off on the heat and it does a wonderful job of cleaning old equipment. It will remove paint if you get too hot with it. It has an electric motor and a cat pump. They Karcher has a lower end Honda engine on it that has always started.
  9. I have a friend who's very picky about his vehicles. He has owned 3 Ferraris and a Rrolls-Royce. He is on his second Ford Platinum 150 with the eco boost motor. He has been very pleased with them.
  10. Rawleigh99


    I have a 4-71 in my 1954 AC HD11 dozer. Not the best dozer engine but at least I can still get parts for it.?
  11. Prayers from Virginia. ?
  12. No I mean in the machine. You will need to clean the clutch compartment first, as oil defeats the rust conversion.
  13. One of the case IH Mitsubishi's was my first tractor of my own. It was two wheel drive with a front end loader. I traded it in for my John Deere 4310 hydrostat when the clutch started to go.
  14. Evaporust is good stuff! I want to fill a stuck steering clutch compartment and see if it will free it up!
  15. I have had the end on the plug wire fail.
  16. You recon the Chinese and Russians are laughing at this one??
  17. Why is spaying or neutering your dog any different???
  18. Those grapples are really cool and useful if you're moving logs.
  19. Don't worry, according to the media now I'm just a grumpy old hater too!
  20. It is kind of like the people who respond to a question on Amazon or another shopping site with "I don't know, I haven' t tried it yet" or something like that. That drives me nuts! If you don't like the question or don't know the answer, move on! Don't waste everyone's time and space by saying you don't know or giving them crap about asking!
  21. I have an old Abrasive Manufacturers (I think that is their name) surface grinder. It does have auto feed and a magnetic chuck, but the coupler for the motor is beginning to go bad and looks to be a mother to get to. It is powered by leather belts and has the old glass oilers. It still works OK though.
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