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  1. I made my tank by cutting the top off of a 275 gallon Tote. You can also use a DC welder if you are careful. I t will clean parts REALLY fast!
  2. Oh boy!!!!! This could be rough!
  3. Uh oh, someone is in the dog house!!!
  4. A good quality garden hose that can withstand heat attached to the lower hose bib of your water heater work OK too. Use insulated rubber gloves. Not as good as my hot water pressure washer, but you already have one.
  5. Runner, you may get a ticket for hunting over bait if you keep feeding the ladies like that! LOL
  6. I think you are on the right track with the plate underneath the apron. 30 lb builders felt makes good gaskets.
  7. Also use your torch tip cleaners to clean the jet passages.
  8. Merry Christmas Runner!
  9. Dennis: it will no doubt look better than when it came from the factory no matte how you put it on!
  10. The last 4 digits of the WIX # is the NAPA #. Wix has an excellent lookup site.
  11. Biobor is good stuff. The marinas around here offer it. You have to make sure it gets on all sides of the tank including the top. Not cheap though. You could do the POR 15 tank coating kit, but with the size of it it will take several kits. Not cheap either. You could take the tank off and wash it out with muriatic acid mix like you use on masonry and then neutralize with soda water followed by oil.
  12. Ed: You ought to post this on the Construction Forum as well. You would get some good input there from people that don't frequent this side of the Board much.
  13. I guess it helps if I post the link! Stageone also built a ripper and ROPS for it.
  14. Here it is! Look at posts on page 7, August through October.
  15. Are you talking about putting a loader bucket on a dozer frame? It won't lift high, but has been done. There was a guy in Australia, I believe, who did a great restoration on an Australian 6 (BTD6??) that fabricated one. You will have to search for it in the Construction section. Sorry, I cannot remember his name.
  16. Glad you still have your fingers and toes! Better stick a little 22 revolver in your pocket for fishing now! It makes turtle wrangling a lot easier. LOL!
  17. Muggy weld also has a rod that is highly thought of for welding cast iron.
  18. K. I think it was just a way to save 5% on you fuel bills, since it was produced back in the day of good fuel.
  19. Duey: Here are some not so great pictures of it. The gauge on top shows suction on the oil intake filter, which is on the rear of the case. There is another post filter on the inside of the case. 3 hoses total: used oil intake, fuel intake and mixed fuel outlet. It is nicely built with a piggy back bronze pump. I have never seen another though.
  20. That is pretty resourceful! I would never have thought of that, but I guess it would work.
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