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  1. Check with Hector Gemme who is sometimes on this site. He is a French Canadian whose English is not great, but is an honest seller. He parts out dozers. I and others on this site have bought parts from him before with good success. I bought the metal bottom cup for the air breather om my D2 from him. Shipping can take a while cross border.
  2. I don't know about a TD6, but the Mason jar worked on my D2.
  3. It hasn't moved in a while unfortunately. The old stuff just seems to find me!
  4. You get an A+ for creative use of handtrucks!!
  5. I have that Cat brochure if you need it.
  6. You would probably have better luck welding a thin piece of plate steel to it so that you have less grinding to do. A few stringer welds on the sides and a few rosette welds in the middle to keep it from moving should do it. You can use some thicker plate (3/16?) if needed and shim your bottom plate more. Make new bottom plates to bolt on and shim as necessary. The shims on my 500c were just rectangles of metal with two bolt holes through them so that they fit between the bottom plate and the idler yoke and were clamped between the bottom plate and the yoke by the bottom plate bolts.
  7. McMaster Carr for the felt to make washers. Plasma or waterjet cut on the thrust washers if you make them. They shouldn't be too expensive to have made, especially if you can do the CAD file for it. On the shaft, it can be welded up and recut on a lathe. Spray weld would be best. Check out Abom79 videos on youtube about spray welding and turning.
  8. I would just go with the link belt. Maybe a little more expensive, but sooo much easier!
  9. Will this half inch belt fit? if so i have found it to be a good alternative to complete disassembly. It is good stuff despite coming from HF!! http://www.harborfreight.com/vibration-free-link-belt-43771.html
  10. Tell the wife you got her a new diamond ring!! LOL!
  11. My wife eats Blue Bunny ice cream and I wash out the containers. They are plastic and have a nice snap lid. I also collected baby food jars and plastic containers from my daughter.
  12. Please return the books.  He was doing you a big favor.  If something has happened to them, man up and tell him.  We were all rooting for you and then you disappeared.

  13. Also, if someone else is going to hold the punch (as opposed to the ground or the pipe welded to the chain) a piece of large cable welded to the punch will take some of the shock out as a semi flexible handle.
  14. Good luck on deployment and be safe. Stay in touch while you are gone. Rawleigh
  15. If the seals aren't too bad, switch from gear lube to John Deere Corn Head grease. It is an NLG 0 grease that is semi-solid at rest but turns to lube when agitated. I use it in the rollers on my Cat D2. You can get the giant button head nipple for your grease gun from NAPA.
  16. Mdiesel: It is not affordable for everything, but it really seems to work. If you can keep the container closely sized to the part is doesn't take as much liquid, hence the idea of building the box to fit and lining it with plastic. Vinegar may be worth a try on the larger non-precision parts.
  17. My new go to rust solution is Evaporust. That stuff is amazing! Clean the part of dirt, oil and loose rust, submerge it for a day or two, scrub it while rinsing with water and viola! - bare metal. It is not corrosive, so you can use it on assembled parts that include non-ferrous metals (like carbs) and it does not erode machined surfaces. I have used it to clean precision machine tools with no problem. It is also non toxic, so you don't even need gloves! I buy it at Harbor Freight, but it is available a lot of places. Tractor Supply and Amazon also carry it. Take the adjuster off, pres
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