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  1. Yeaaa!! You won't really celebrate until you see the invoice! I hope it won't be bad!
  2. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work, the kids will remember this forever!
  3. Rick: It was all about the statement, not the damage. They knew it would only be a fly bite of physical damage, but the message it sent in Japan as well as at home was huge! Remember America was reeling from Pearl harbor and Wake island, and the American people needed some good news to inspire them! That is what the raid was all about! Those flyers knew the importance of what they were doing was far beyond the few bombs they dropped! Raweligh
  4. You should check fro a thermostat, as diesels need to run at the correct temp range or it is bad for them. You don't want to work it for too long a time below working temp.
  5. Good price on corn head grease! http://www.tractorpartsasap.com/John-Deere-Corn-Head-Grease-14oz-p/117735.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI97bvnpf61QIVCappCh3U_Qu4EAQYASABEgKza_D_BwE
  6. I use the end from NAPA on a regular grease gun and John Deere Cornhead grease for the rollers on my D2's.
  7. Try the Wix filter lookup site. You can get them through NAPA by dropping the first digit off the Wix # (i.e. Wix has a 5 digit #, NAPA has a 4 digit#.)
  8. Can you make an aluminum foil spout you can tape to it below the drain plug?
  9. JB Weld works good too. I repaired my 1966 Case tractor radiator from the outside with it. That must have been at least 8 years ago and it is holding fine.
  10. You will need sunglasses when you roll that think out into the sunlight!! Sweet!
  11. If they are wired in series, positive to negative you are correct. If so it may charge assuming the generator works.
  12. It is probably only a 6 volt system, so that won't charge a 12 volt battery. Just good diesel 12 volt at @ 900 CCA should be fine! They shouldn't take much juice to start after you get it tuned up, but if you are out in the bush, you want to get multiple starts out of it before charging. AS for the filters I would want to catch any chunks that might be in the old oil, so I would think a new filter may be a good idea for each change if they aren't too expensive.
  13. Bigger is better on the CCA since you probably won't be charging the battery except with a charger in the barn. You want enough to get quite a few starts in the field.
  14. I'm talking about changing it after 30 minutes or so of running on the first oil change. That is why I say to use the cheaper 30 weight. I would then change it to a good 15w40 like Rolella for the winter.
  15. Yeah, we got a couple of inches out of that too! Lots of lightening too.
  16. That looks like a really nice clean dozer! Rotella 15w40 or straight 30 weight should be fine. Were it mine I might go with a cheaper diesel 30 weight for the first change and then change it to better oil after running it for a little while. Filters are available through NAPA. Use the Wix interchange chart to find them and then drop the first digit of the Wix number for the NAPA #.
  17. You can get those ends for your regular grease gun from NAPA and other sources if you don't have or want a bucket greaser. I have that end on a cheap lever gun to put the corn head grease in my D2 rollers.
  18. Chris: Try Evaporust. Much easier than electrolysis. It will take off all of the rust but leave the original paint. It also does not destroy non ferrous metals if you have a mixed metal part. Electrolysis is good if you want it completely down to bare metal. Rawleigh
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