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  1. Hagan: Which site is that, I cannot find them.
  2. I agree, keep the hydraulic brakes and add a belt driven compressor. Here is an electric clutch. They also have compressor heads and air tanks for trucks on this site.
  3. Threshing machine and hammer mill at our local farm museum.
  4. Oh no! They forgot to cover the inlet and outlet before hauling it! It will be ruined! LOL!
  5. Your taxes are going to go up, that is certain!
  6. Tar paper (aka roofing felt) works good for gaskets on them.
  7. Lowes. I was just using them as bed slats so I did not need to finish them. I just didn't want grain defects that would cause it to break one night! LOL!
  8. If the tach works, leave the old dash in place and get one of those triple gauge black plastic pod mounts to go above it. That is what I did on an old Case 930Ii have.
  9. And to simplify cleanup you can put the part and cleaner in a jar with a lid on it and put just water in the cleaner. The waves will transmit through the glass. Depending on the size cleaner I have used a drinking glass set in the tank. It just has to be heavy enough not to float and tip over.
  10. I saw it in Lowe's yesterday. Can't remember the price. i was still in shock from the prices of the lumber I was buying. 1x3x8 clear pine was $7.08. Guess where it was from! New Zealand!! You mean they can cut i mill it, dry it and ship it half way around the world for less than we can cut pine in Virginia??? Really???
  11. That is the best part! LOL! No, having a little one is a blessing, just tiring!
  12. General Gear has downloadable service manuals for the 175's and TD15's. They also have some parts available. http://www.steeringclutch.com/TD15BTD15C.htm
  13. Now you need a baby to rock to sleep in it!!
  14. Rawleigh99


    Your dog will appreciate the extra body heat on those cold nights in the doghouse.
  15. Also "Number 3 engine missing". Been a while since they ran 4 engine gassers!
  16. I would say it's time for the neighbor to have a good blanket party one night! "Achtung, too many people at ze party!”
  17. Sorry cob, but it does not taste like apples to me! LOL. Now I know why my horses made funny faces and run to the other side of the pasture when I gave it to them.
  18. Milk paint. Get out the heat gun. Stripper won't touch it.
  19. Glad we don't get those kind of snows but every 10 years down here! it used to be fun when I was younger, but now they're just work.
  20. Get some of the peel on Stick metal face to sound dampener to replace it.in the summer it also reflects a lot of heat out of the cab.
  21. I have an arasaka bayonet that came back in my godfather's seabag from the Pacific. Let me know if you need any info off of it. It's still at his house so it may be a few days before I can get to it.
  22. A couple of quick changes with Wally world oil and then fill it up with Rotella.
  23. Is he talking about Barnes x bullets?
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