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  1. Yes it would be hard to say NO to taking her! I hope your first vet trip went better than our did. The puppy threw up twice in my wife's car and then took a dump in her lap!!! Lucky i wasn't there because I couldn't have stopped laughing!
  2. Could you use two piece shaft collars as spacers to hold it tight after you pull them tight. You could machine or grind them to fit if necessary. Sort of like stroke limiters on a hydraulic cylinder.
  3. Check General Gears website for downloadable manuals on the clutches. They sell clutch parts and usually have manuals or excerpts from manuals about clutch removal and repair on the bottom of the page for each model dozer. Down load them and print.
  4. I had a good friend who always said "The enemy of good is better!"
  5. Incra makes some very nice ones. A low end Incra or a used Incra would be very nice. Maybe the Incra V27?? Fulton Precision also look nice.
  6. I think there is a beer tap underneath!!?
  7. In Virginia, i think EV pay an additional $80 a year in registration to make up the difference. Our Governor raised the fuel tax about 25 cents in January just in time to pile on with the Biden gas hikes!
  8. Also what does "Expanding the estate tax's reach" mean???? Doesn't sound good!
  9. If it is just the grips I doubt it would reduce the value much if at all. Just sand the whole grip down to bare wood and refinish with Birchwood Casey stock finish. You can wetsand or steel wool between coats and it will fill the grain completely. I did this on the grips of a 686 I have because they did not fit my hand. They turned out great and have stood up to shooting for over 20 years now. It may go without saying, be sure to take them off the gun before starting on them.
  10. I admit to filling they either with fuel or additive. On the other hand I agree that just because it is sealed doesn't mean it is pure. This is an absurd example, but I learned that the hard way on paint while painting the inside of an addition with a airless sprayer. I had terrible problems with clogging until I used a 5 gallon bag type strainer. Problem solved. I got at least a couple of tablespoons of crap out of a new 5 gallon bucket of Clark Kensington paint. I use Sherwin Williams and strain every drop now!
  11. You probably still believe in the Easter Bunny too don't you VT! LOL!
  12. What a sexist post! It must be cancelled! LOL!
  13. I thought it came with its own outhouse! LOL! Nice to see another Allis ownewr!
  14. Thank the Lord (and you BJ)! It is working right on my phone again. Computer looks OK too! I was about to go into withdrawals!! LOL!
  15. I have not had that problem with Hornady's. in my CZ.
  16. Yes, Uncle Joe is taking good care of us!?
  17. Bait and switch! I hate it when that happens.
  18. I love the way your cat looks. I think those were some of the best looking dozers around.
  19. Here is my old girl on the way home - 1954 AC HD 9. Not the ideal bulldozer engine, but at least I can get parts! The undercarriage is almost like new. Baker blade with angle and some sort of tilt. the tilting appears to be done at the trunions. if anyone has any information on how this blade tilts, please let me know. I just bought a batch of 4 ROPS off of wabco pans that I'm going to cut and paste to make a top.
  20. Duel's rule! K o o would approve.
  21. Last July Virginia Democrats voted in a universal background check for everybody. Even private sellers.
  22. You can download and print the 96 page engine manual from the link I posted above. Make sure you get the right one as they also have the one for the 500C&E posted ther as well.
  23. Ian:. Over here we call that a "scarf joint" at least in boating. I know that Gudgeon that makes West System epoxy calls for a 12 to 1 scarf joint for maximum strength.
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