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  1. So you built the whole screen plant?? Wow! What is the deal with the thumb buckets? I haven't seen one like that before. I guess it keeps the operators from destroying the boom.
  2. I have seen some beans going in around here in eastern virginia. Not much, but some people have started rolling.
  3. So much can build up on us in this life that it seems insurnountable at the time. Later we look back on it and realize that maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time. It can seem like standing in the bottom of a deep well looking up though when it is happening. I am praying for you in Virginia. Things will get better if you can just hang on!
  4. When the music stops there will be a lot of people without chairs to sit in!
  5. Is the flippy thing opening completely so that the butterfly valves behind the carb is opening completely?
  6. In the wet ground this winter the tracks would just dig a hole fast when I tried to push anything substantial. I finally just gave up and will do it after it dries out, whenever that is!
  7. My advice is find somewhere else to market your spuds!
  8. Ae the starting valves opening?
  9. Careful of the fingers with that beast!
  10. I have that cat brochure if you need a copy.
  11. I am in Lancaster county, Virginia, on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay just below the Potomac river.
  12. Yes it would be hard to say NO to taking her! I hope your first vet trip went better than our did. The puppy threw up twice in my wife's car and then took a dump in her lap!!! Lucky i wasn't there because I couldn't have stopped laughing!
  13. Could you use two piece shaft collars as spacers to hold it tight after you pull them tight. You could machine or grind them to fit if necessary. Sort of like stroke limiters on a hydraulic cylinder.
  14. Check General Gears website for downloadable manuals on the clutches. They sell clutch parts and usually have manuals or excerpts from manuals about clutch removal and repair on the bottom of the page for each model dozer. Down load them and print.
  15. I had a good friend who always said "The enemy of good is better!"
  16. Incra makes some very nice ones. A low end Incra or a used Incra would be very nice. Maybe the Incra V27?? Fulton Precision also look nice.
  17. I think there is a beer tap underneath!!?
  18. In Virginia, i think EV pay an additional $80 a year in registration to make up the difference. Our Governor raised the fuel tax about 25 cents in January just in time to pile on with the Biden gas hikes!
  19. Also what does "Expanding the estate tax's reach" mean???? Doesn't sound good!
  20. If it is just the grips I doubt it would reduce the value much if at all. Just sand the whole grip down to bare wood and refinish with Birchwood Casey stock finish. You can wetsand or steel wool between coats and it will fill the grain completely. I did this on the grips of a 686 I have because they did not fit my hand. They turned out great and have stood up to shooting for over 20 years now. It may go without saying, be sure to take them off the gun before starting on them.
  21. I admit to filling they either with fuel or additive. On the other hand I agree that just because it is sealed doesn't mean it is pure. This is an absurd example, but I learned that the hard way on paint while painting the inside of an addition with a airless sprayer. I had terrible problems with clogging until I used a 5 gallon bag type strainer. Problem solved. I got at least a couple of tablespoons of crap out of a new 5 gallon bucket of Clark Kensington paint. I use Sherwin Williams and strain every drop now!
  22. You probably still believe in the Easter Bunny too don't you VT! LOL!
  23. What a sexist post! It must be cancelled! LOL!
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