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  1. The serial number tag on the IH's is usually near your left foot.
  2. Heartbreaking! I am praying for her.
  3. Rawleigh99


    No matter what it's a hard job. I had a friend who had a mobile blasting business out of a box truck, but he ended up with back problems and had to give it up.
  4. I have the Big Blue Roof too! It is a little warm right now and could use some AC! LOL. Yeah, I saw the rebuilt ones from Elmer as well. Mine isn't leaking, just getting stiff. I replaced all of the round bushings in my steering shaft with regular locking bearings in swivel mounts and that has helped some. The old belt drive pulleys are so wallowed out that it is hard to keep the belt from slipping all the time.
  5. Rawleigh99


    Nice work! I have done the same thing with the groove for the weld seam before. I have also removed it internally but it is a lot harder for not much gain in strength. Have you looked at the dustless blasting that used the glass media and a little water? Pretty slick, but I imagine it is expensive.
  6. I vote cleaned up working clothes for what it is worth! LOL
  7. Rig up a temporary tank out of a soda bottle or something and see if it helps.
  8. You had a blow out!!! LOL If that skunk was not de-scented I would be scared every time it showed that pink hole to me like that!!! It is cute though. It would make a good companion riding in your coat pocket on the Harley with its head sticking out! LOL
  9. Please take lots of pictures and update us! I have a 930 that will need that at some point.
  10. Need to get the titanium replaced with something heavier like SS if you are going high compression with kickstart! LOL
  11. But if the check valve on the unloader is stuck it would leak and squeal over time like that.
  12. I was thinking the unloader too since it stops after a little while. They are pretty cheap. i would just replace both the unloader and the pop off. They don't last forever!
  13. Tougher people than I!!
  14. I use Epson Salt to clean mine when it needs it. Sprinkle in damp pan and scrub. Rinse out. No soap.
  15. Delete. Don't want to get the thread deleted, but keep reading in the article about how they controlled the populace!
  16. Glad to see you are on the road Tony! Have a fun and safe trip!
  17. Wow! How much rain did you get to cause that?
  18. One Group 31 battery will work fine and will simplify your wiring some. A Detroit only need 12 volts to the starter to run! Be sure to remove the valve covers and make sure the rack is free before trying to start. Clip a vice grip to the shaft that controls the rack so you can manually move it. Make sure any emergency shutoff is free and working. Buddy on here is my 71 series guru and I learned what little I know by watching him. I do own two 71 series powered machines though. I have seen much worse wiring. Watch for mouse chewed wires though.
  19. I have used an angle iron jig like that before. Works pretty good if you take you time and don't warp the rod with the welder.
  20. Ace: Beams are usually square . I don't think 7" would be adequate for teh main beam in any sizable structure. Someone else can confirm this. Didn't someone on here do a post and beam shop not too long ago?
  21. Also I have found Discount Hydraulic Hose to be reasonable. i had some 1.25 or 1.5" lines to replace on the hardnose of my dozer and they did a great job and I received them within 2 days of ordering. Now that was pre-supply chain problem days, but they have lots of options, like clocking and chafe guards, which you will need for this application. They were a third cheaper than the local place where the manager of Linkbelt, who sold the dozer to me, could get the corporate discount
  22. Wow, that takes a lot of fast running water to move rocks like that!! How high did the river get there in town? The power of water never ceases to amaze me!
  23. I look forward to it. I have a 14 x 48 and a South Bend 10. Also an old round ram Bridgeport and an Abrasive Machines surface grinder.
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