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  1. In addition to what is said above, jack it up with the blade and use a pry bar to check for loose or worn out track rollers.  Also make sure there is no side play in the final drives while you have the pry bar out!

    General Gear is the go to place for clutches and brakes, which it sounds like you may need on one side.  Look at the bottom of this webpage for downloadable manuals and steering clutch information. (Note a 500 shares "0" parts with a 500C or E.  It is an earlier machine.  The "G" in your model number only denotes Gas)


    Brown International in Canada is another potential parts source.


  2. Yeah, I read about the catalytic converter stuff over in Africa.  Wow is all I can say.  Anyone who will snort crushed up catalyst is crazy desperate!

    I remember where my sister went o high school back in the early 70's a kid took a big huff of Freon from the air conditioner on the roof of a three story building and wound up running right off the roof.  Three stories down to the concrete slab right in front of the cafeteria!  he lived but it could have been good!

  3. I know it is a gas tank, but that stuff is so old it probably does not produce combustible fumes.  How about filling it half way with water, add a small bottle of Dawn and set the tank on the coals from a small fire to get the water boiling?  Maybe it is not a good idea, but I throw it out there for comment.  If the indians could boil water oer an open fire in birch bark containers, you ought to be able to boil it in that as long as the flames don't touch part that is not filled with water (i.e. the flames only touch the part that is under water).

  4. That's a nice clean looking machine! I assume that is a Drott loader? Mine had a Drott KG9(?) loader, I believe.  On mine the hydraulic tank was to the right of the seat, not behind it like yours. It's always interesting to see the evolution of this old equipment, because with each rendition they seem to get it more refined and usually learned from their prior mistakes.

    Looks like you're enjoying a little track tensioning there! That's always interesting with those old screw type tensioners.

  5. 4 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Fill it with ethanol gas that seems to dissolve everything else, get a plastic putty knife and piece of 1/2” pvc, notch the PVC to accept the handle of the putty knife. Couple screws to hold in place and commence to scraping 

    5 gallons of e85 may do the trick.  Put that in, change it to the tractor tire and go for a long drive.

  6. I had a similar problem in the gas tank of my Oliver 77. It was a dark brown sticky residue almost like molasses. I took the tank off the tractor and used my hot water pressure washer on it. It still took quite a while to get clean, but it did get it out. I had the Water hot enough that it was steaming.

  7. Could be an inclusion when it was manufactured or it got dinged by something or been scored and developed a stress riser.  It would still take a lot of torque to snap it though!  Glad it didn't hurt anything else.  I hope your feederhouse safeties are in place.  Sorry for nagging, but it is the simple stuff that will kill you!

  8. I have a 710 4-18 without the auto resets.  Mine has the gauge wheel bracket on the casting that is broken on yours.  Mine did not have the gauge wheel with it and I haven't found one within driving distance.  I use the tailwheel depth set bolt and it does a pretty good job of holding the depth with just that.  Looks like your coulters are in good shape too.  I have the manual for it and can take pictures of mine too if you need them.  It lays over a pretty smooth field once it scours and I get it set right!  I have plugged it plowing milo after harvest, but other wise it has been good. I have had no problem in sod.  I have the metal covering boards and that may contribute to the plugging problem when there is lots of trash.  Don't let anyone stand near the rear of it when you first hook it up.  That single acting cylinder will cover them up in oil and water!  Ask me how I know!  LOL

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  9. I was flipping through the channels earlier this week and saw that they had the ghost hunters on Oak Island.  Talk about a bunch of idiots with their little flashing boxes, etc asking questions of the spirits in the "Swamp"!  Needless to say I watched something else!🤪

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