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  1. Yikes! I almost did the same thing with a burn pile and some gasoline. I pause for a second to talk to somebody before I lit it and the gas vapors had run along the surface of the ground out past the edges of the burn pile. I got a insignificant flash burn and lost some hair, but otherwise I was okay. It could have gone badly though! Fortunately I only wear cotton work clothes when I'm on the farm so that helps save me.  I hope you heal quickly. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it is and I'll keep praying for you.  There but for the grace of God go i!

  2. 13 hours ago, TP from Central PA said:

    Acorn table?   Thems are sweet!  Sure wish I could find some chunks of that for the one I am building.  The one I am making will also double for hydraulic cylinder repair table, which is alot of the reason I need an extension on it for excavator cylinders.  I currently clamp them to my big knee mill for dissassembly, but one of these days if I keep doing that I will break something.  Acorn holes would make it alot easier to clamp those in, but will drill holes for my big toe clamps in my plates and that will work too.

    Oh how I lust after an Acorn table!!

  3. I looks both ways, right!  LOL.  My pet peeve is prescription drugs with so many warning the label has to fold out and they hide the directions for use in tiny print somewhere in the back!  Aren't the directions of how many to take and when the most important part!!!  Maybe if they put that up front in bold print they would not need all the other stuff!!

  4. I had one a****** who set up a tree stand on a line tree on my side of my property line, overlooking 5 gallons of apples he had dumped in my field.  He chained the tree stand to the tree and had a padlock on it. I guess he didn't expect me to have a large bolt cutter handy. I took the treestand down and took it back to my barn. A week later his wife showed up asking if I had found a treestand. I told her that I had found one on my property. She said it was her husband's and asked if he could have it back. I told her to have the ******* grow a pair of balls and come ask me for it himself instead of sending his wife to ask for it. The tree stand is still leaning up against the side of my barn 15 years later.

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  5. A friend of mine, Dwight Fry,  flew them in Europe and was shot down in one.  His tales of his crash and evasion were amazing!  And he would not talk about the worst parts.  I got the full story from his daughter.  He was shot down October 14, 1943 and exited Europe through Gibraltar January 30, 1944.  He was spirited out by the Resistance, but it was a tough journey and had some truly brutal moments in it. Truly an amazing story.  He was awarded a Silver Star for previous gallantry.  I used to deep sea fish with him and his friend, Lewis Pendleton, who lost part of the side of his neck when sideswiped by an 88 shell.  They were tough and amazing men and I was privileged to have known them and been counted as their friend!  They are gone now, but I fondly remember them and appreciate the influence they had on me as a person.


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  6. I just took delivery of one of these and a set of forks to fit a smaller John Deere Tractor I have.  Haven't had time to use it yet, but it seems well built for the price.  Also I got it shipped in less than 2 weeks.  Many other places I shopped were 8 to 12 weeks shipping.  Made in the US too!  They have lots of choices if you want a universal mount.  Mine was John Deere QD so the choices were more limited.


  7. One of those movies they were using a pump shotgun to smoke through.

    Unfortunately under the Democrats the drugs will be legal and the ammo will not!  What is wrong with this picture????

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