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    Hi. Rocko59 here

    It's been a while since I have stopped by. Lots of changes have happened since 2015, I left Brown International Services in Sept 2015 and didn't work for quite a while. I've been back at my favourite thing for a while now. I will stop by when I can but I don't have much time to spend on here. Wishing everyone the best and I will be back soon to stop by and see what's happening
  2. rocko59

    TD-25E and C

    TD25 C's and E's should have the same final drive pumps, final drives are the same.
  3. has been very busy working on a TD12, ser # 760, final drive, major undercarriage, some engine work

  4. rocko59

    Historical Const Equip Assoc Show

    August 5-7 in Wetaskiwin, Alberta 20 minutes south of Edmonton, minutes away from Edmonton International Airport. At The Reynolds-Alberta Museum, httpThe Greatest Show On Earthmoving If you would like to bring your machine here, get registered & even join the HCEA if you're not already. ACMOC is a participant, lets see some IHC machinery there!! A WD9 & a TracTracTor are in the collection, it would be great to see a lot more "RED POWER" there. Some people may be bringing their IH's too.