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  1. Harvest 2019. This is one of the latest starts on harvest I can recall. The yields have been good to this point on corn and beans. The early corn is fairly dry. The june planting is 25-35%. A few nice days will wrap up beans for many. Corn harvest is going to drag on for a long time as very few have started. We generally figure to be done with harvest on halloween. Not even going to be close this year. Maybe thanksgiving.
  2. Thats the law and I am ok with that. These get pulled with a truck on very rare occasion and not very fast, but they can!
  3. Yea, might not be such a hassle. When I did all of those bales of hay, and straw and stalk bales. Wow. That was a bunch of work.
  4. These two kilbros wagons will go down the road empty, in tandem at 40 mph no problem.
  5. I still have a couple of fields of hay on a farm. I had a neighbor bale it but it seems like he would rather not so I might bale it myself. 100 bales a year maybe. Or I will just stare at it in the shed!
  6. and I just couldnt pass it up. Might use it a little. Sure looks good in the shed!
  7. Wow, that is sharp! Glad you got it home. I forgot again today but looks like you got it!
  8. It is so interesting to see how different some areas are. I have never seen with my own eyes a 596 or 501. “Most” IH disk here were 7” spacing to do finish tillage. 480’s and 490’s, 496’s everywhere. Not many green ones. They quickly fell out of favor in the 90’s. Many farms don’t even have a disk anymore. I do! A 490. It’s 20’ or 21’. 7” spacing and has a hitchhiker harrow. If you drive 4-5mph is does a nice job.
  9. I totally forgot about the question you asked me. I apologize. I will measure it tomorrow.
  10. The tool boxes I use are genuine JD. The only difference between the one on my 8920 which is like the one pictured above and the deere one is the indent for the deere decal. These tool boxes are made in the same factory. The Deere version was cheaper last I checked.
  11. First flail chopper we had was a Shultz. Then a Brady 1680. Haven’t had one for years but I bought this 50 just to use for our fall plow day. Nothing shreds those stalks like a flail chopper. Dang batwing windrows it too much. Looking forward to using it some this fall. Hope we get to have our plow day.
  12. This is a good example of what "farm stock" is here. Good group of guys. We have way to much fun and no one spent a million dollars. The 1066 is mine.
  13. One other comment, it doesnt have to be all that expensive. If you can turn a wrench and have some buddies that will come lend a little help if you buy some beer, it can be a fun project that wont break the bank.
  14. Well then my advice would be to buy a 1066. About the most common to find and find parts for. It will hold its own in a stock pull as you start out. A set of 20.8 tires, different pump and injectors, clutch upgrade and couple more things and you will have a nice "farm stock" tractor. Then if you chose you can spend more money and go to whatever level you want. Lots of onowledge about making 1066's run and thet are a tremendous platform for pulling. There is good availabilty of used parts to modify a 1066. My tractor has its fair share of used parts making it go!
  15. I guess the big question is what is your real goal? Do you want to have fun running against your buddies or do you want to be a points champion in a sanctioned class that travels several states? And of course, what’s your budget?
  16. I picked this up awhile back and had a little time before harvest and thought we might as well clean it up and make it look nice before it goes to work running the batwing for the rest of the fall. It has been repainted some point in its life. It’s not a real red power model. Got a few little things yet to do.
  17. The manifold has thread because on other applications the pipe does just thread in. On the 766 the exhaust needs to be offset in order to hit the hole in the sheet metal. Looks like it should bolt on with a couple bolts.
  18. Completely your decision and as long as you are comfortable with it you did fine.
  19. So I bought me a little winter project awhile. Its a 1972 766 gasoline. Thought it would be nice tractor drive tractor. Anyway decided to give it a little quick tlc and use it on a auger for a few hours this fall just to try it out. Anyway, I need a number 4 in the picture. The pipe from the manifold to the muffler. Currently its got a “custom” pipe. I dont even have the original for a pattern. I am sure I could make one if I have too but I would happily buy one if possible. The part number was 534543R1 and it seems to vanish in the system.
  20. About 15 years ago I was rolling down the road about 18 mph in the 8920 and my batwing when a neighbors peacock jumped up out of the ditch and tried to fly away and didnt quite make it. It was comical as it hit square on the grille, staring right at me, both wings flapping trying to escape. It did. No visisble injury.
  21. When I was a kid Diamond brand pliers were sold at the local farm stores and I even had a seed salesman give me a chrome plated pair once. Well about ten years ago fixing fence once day I lost my treasured Diamond pliers. After trying several other brands I was convinced I would never find a decent pair of pliers. The one day I saw a comment about old tools on ebay. Sure enough, they are out there. I have 2 more NOS in the package Diamond K36 on the shelf. It was nice to have a decent pair of pliers again!
  22. Grandad and dad bought a new MF 550 combine. Biggest POS I ever saw. Traded a late 715 diesel for it. When the MF wasn’t broke down it was underpowered so bad it was unbearable. They absolutely hated it every minute it was on the farm. Next combine was a used 1460. It was like heaven on earth!
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