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  1. They are Petlas. Foreign made radials. Tire guy said their are decent. We will see!
  2. Spring is upon us. Just need more sunshine and less rain!
  3. Just some pics from around the farm the last week or so as I get ready for planting 2020.
  4. Made a few passes with the plow. Its wet in West Central IL
  5. Its a 1255 thats a couple years old. 1760 had been a good planter. Trouble free for sure. Just need to get over more acres in a day. Going to a 16row bulk fill out to do the trick.
  6. After 15 years of using my 8920 and JD 1760 I made a upgrade to this new rig but I will plant a few acres with the 800 8 row. Hired man will get a lot of seat time in the planter. I usually run the sprayer in the day and then take over for him and plant into the night. He may not want to quit this year! Going to be a learning curve for both of us.
  7. Good solid tractors. The last of the long red line. You will be happy!
  8. Very nice. Congratulations. How did the 14 handle the 16 row planter?
  9. It’s not the real deal. It’s a 77 model. Just wanted to church it up a bit!
  10. Those are actually brand new radial firestones. Been on a few weeks now. I bought my 8920 new and it has about 5000 hours now. Still has the original rear tires. Looks like they will make it at least one more year. I like the Firestones. My new magnum has Michelins. We will see how that goes.
  11. Some carefully placed dyna mat, good cab interior, nice thick floor-mat, good door seals, get the A/C going and you will be the envy of the neighborhood.
  12. Very nice. They are solid tractors. I just put an EZ steer in mine for spreading fertilizer. Added a mirror to the left side and installed a business band radio.
  13. The 3 point hitch came off of Smoke Rings a couple winters ago. I do plan on getting it hooked onto my 10 shank conser till someday and I will video it!
  14. Low 3rd. NO rocks. None. No spring resets here. Didn’t need them.
  15. Thanks guys. It’s a 720 5-18’s. It has a cat 3 hitch so it will slide far enough to let the first bottom cut the full width. I couldn’t believe the grief I got on Ag Talk. I was very disappointed. This forum is the best bunch of guys on the net, bar none! First class people, everyone! Low third t/a is all it would handle. If I shoved it in direct the front wheels would come up, it would start to smoking and beg for me to pull the lever back. It’s set to 175hp so it’s not a complete slouch. I hope to plow a little more this spring and you can bet I will post those pics too!
  16. I remember the first set if those I ever saw. They were on a 5240 my neighbor bought brand new. I remember when he got it. At first glance my thought was that those things would pull like a tank on concrete, wear like iron and be completely worthless in every other possible way. If I could see that just looking at them did Goodyear have a plan for those tires or did they just do all their testing on concrete?
  17. Talked to him this week.
  18. I have 3 66’s with factory deluxe cabs with air and they work fine. You know how important it is to keep things clean and they will work.
  19. In Illinois all townships meet on the evening of the second tuesday in April and conduct what is called the annual town meeting. There will be a moderator appointed and the meeting is largely ceremonial but they do have the ability to review and question the budgets for the township. Meeting is run by the township clerk and only registered voters may participate. The township board meets once a month and conducts the business of the township. A supervisor, clerk, 4 trustees, highway commissioner and assesor are elected every four years.
  20. I bought the red weights on the puller from Lone Star Foundry in Texas. At the time they were $68 each. I bought 30. Now they are $89 I believe. The black ones are IH weights from a 5088.
  21. Smoke Rings patiently awaits exploratory surgery to find the cause of it pushing water out the radiator. This black stripe 1066 gets a block heater, new coolant, some wiring repairs and a 7 prong plug added to the rear. The 766 is going to get a starter rebuild and some electrical repairs. It already got new shoes. The 1486 came in to get the ez-steer installed and a business band radio. Need to finish these up so we can get on to other projects but I enjoying walking in the shop to this view!
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