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  1. OEM was the solid steel ones. Now they are those fiber ones. The solid copper ones cost almost exactly the same and are reuseable.
  2. 766 thru 1586 with the exception of the 786 and some 886’s used the model 100. The German diesel 358 had a Robert Bosch rotary.
  3. I have solid copper gaskets now but my boost is way less than that.
  4. Thanks Ed! You have been a big help! Running with those young guys is fun and always entertaining! See ya in Gordyville!
  5. Would be a great project with a couple boys! This picture is my crew. I am the old guy. The 3 young guys help me on the tractor and do the majority of the driving. No relation, one works for me, another one did and the other was the local FFA advisor. They have shown me a whole new level of fun in pulling. Keeps me from getting too old!
  6. More fuel would make her really go and also show me any weak links. As long as I can stay in the hunt with this pump I will stay with it. When the rest of the group starts to pull away, then I will see about adding another 200cc’s of fuel. Made over 50 hooks last summer and only replaced a exhaust manifold gasket. Knock on wood. Pulling is more fun when you spend more time turning the steering wheel than turning wrenches.
  7. I have a couple. Got them from shop. They work well and can take them off when unneeded.
  8. Run all kinds of rules. No sanctioned group. Run 8-10-12-14-16 and open speed. Some days we are competitive and some days I end up 30 feet back. My all time favorite was a pass I made in a 12,500 lbs open mph class. Hit 21 mph and went 314ft and got 7th. Dang good pass, real tough class!
  9. I bought these because they were cheap. The old BFG powersavers seem to be the tire of choice. Does it matter? Sometimes. I think on loose tracks and 8mph classes these tires aren’t great. Running flat out in high third, they are fine. If I wasn’t so cheap I would buy something else. These are some JD combine duals with some stubble damage that are in good shape otherwise. Would have cost more to buy some cracked out booted BFG’s. I will run these for now.
  10. The 5488 is powerful, basically simple, good cab, good hydraulics and nice to drive. Oh, and the best looking tractor ever built!
  11. Do a search cor the engine. Ex: 361,407,414,436. They are all there in their own books.
  12. The obvious answer is yes. The not so obvious part is when. There are supposed to be a lot of benefits to the diesel over electric drive. Agriculture normally lags behind on technology like this. I dont know if it is lack of $ in R&D with a up and down farm economy or they arent sure farmers will adopt the new technology. Either way, this technology is being adapted to every other heavy off road use so it only makes sense it will find its way to agriculture sooner or later.
  13. I agree that the femco made ones are dead ringers for the IH ones.
  14. Neighbor had one. I heard alot about it. Never recall hearing a good word about it.
  15. We recieved 7.5in of wet snow in a blizzard. Earliest blizzard we have ever had. Hundreds of acres of corn and soybeans still out. None mine! They look a little rough today. We are close to the record for the amount of snowfall in November. Had the earliest measurable snowfall in 30 years. Lots of power outages. We were out 12 hours. Loved hearing the generator fire up!
  16. I got home from school and headed out in the 1066 to do some chisel plowing. When the news came on the radio I heard them say that IH had sold to a company that I never heard of and that it would be merged with Case. It was big news.
  17. Biggest problem with those rear ends was everyone used them hard. Filled the rears with fluid. Turned the pump up. Ran low 3rd, maybe t/a and just pulled them hard! Too hard! Hard pulling moldboard plows. Chisel plows that jerked them around. Saddle tanks in the spring. Running disks and field cultivators over mellow fall plowed ground in the spring just making them earn every acre. If the 400 series engines hadnt been so darn good the rest of the tractor would have been a little more long lived.
  18. I was 3 miles away moving the grain auger from one bin to another. My phone rings and its dad. "We got a combine fire!" My response was "dont call me call the fire department!" He said he wasnt at the combine but he heard them on the radio, didnt know what was up just my combine driver hollering for the grain cart driver. Well I jumped in the truck and took off. At this point I have no idea whats up. About half way there my phone rings again. Its my combine driver. "Combines on fire!" I said kinda loudly "I wish people would call the fire department instead of me!" He said he had at
  19. First half of harvest was a breeze. Second half gave us all we could handle. Finally got done tuesday before thanks giving. We had a 5" rain event, the earlist measuerable snowfall in 30 years and 3 measurable snow events before thanksgiving. Forecast is 5-8" of snow and possible blizzard conditions tomorrow. Oh, I had a combine fire in the engine compartment with 2 days to go!
  20. Is this one on your list anywhere?
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