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  1. Random pics of spring 2019. 1/3 done with corn. Waiting on dry weather!
  2. I have 50K bu of new corn sold for dec thru march. From $3.98-4.02 cash. Covered it with options in case things go crazy.
  3. Been planting when I can and working around the shop when I can’t. 1/3 done with corn. Many guys have yet to start. Few as far along as I am.
  4. I think it is sort of an odd situation as well but the cnh dealer we have locally has a two tier system at least for combines. Its a large well run business that covers a huge swath across central IL. I feel confident they know what they are doing but it would be exceptionally rare to find anything of mine in their shop. I can fix most things and if not there is a independent guy nearby that is very good. The two teir thing confuses me but it must work for them.
  5. My 5488 ran higher water temps than I felt it should. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. When I overhauled it this winter I bought a new radiator and problem solved. Radiator was a mess inside.
  6. I will take a picture of what I did later today and post it. I didnt like the idea at first but it has worked great.
  7. 735 is a tremendous plow. Works as advertised. Never been around a 730. Ground engaging parts are listed in a separate book.
  8. You can see in the picture what my terrain is, so it not like I am climbing hills. In loose worked ground mfwd would help it hold a track better. Never have power problems.
  9. The good. It is simple and will grind thru a lot of acres in a hurry. The bad. It’s old and has a lot of electrical stuff. Bottom line. Cheap planter that will do a lot of work with some minimal issues.
  10. I have a 16rn 900 hrf. Use it as a second planter in beans. Works great. Had it 3 years, should have bought it before I did.
  11. Pulled lots of loads with 10’s and 14’s running 175 +.
  12. I agree, it seems tilt wheel and hydraulic seat were often paired. I do have a hydraulic seat 1466 that doesn’t have tilt
  13. Looks straight. All the tin is there. Rear rubber appears good. 20.8’s on back, 11.00’s up front. Dual pto. Dual outlets converted to iso. It’s factory open station so the fenders and platform look correct. Snap on duals don’t add much. No front weights. Just depends on how tight it is. How does it shift? How tight is the front axle? T/A work? Overall it looks like a coat of paint and she would be tough looking 14! I like it! $10,500
  14. I go over to gordyville one day each year. I could stay home and watch the pulls but it is so interesting to walk the pits and talk to the vendors. I am only a couple hours away and it is worth the drive! We drove over friday and did the lives stream Saturday. Was talking with friends last night about what I would have to do to take my tractor, it would be fun to do it once.
  15. Is this one on your list anywhere?
  16. I always wondered why they didnt put a white stripe on the earlier red cab tractors. It just makes sense.
  17. The change in the anchor point for the steering cylinder was a nice improvement. That was towards the end of production. They do appear to be more valuable than white panel 66's. Probably because they look just a little different. I like the look.
  18. I did thay many years ago. Turned the 826 into a nice 130 hp tractor. I found a M&W set up and put on it. It wasnt all that expensive. BUT, in a tractor pull you will be outclassed. The 400 series engines are so easy to build HP. They have a much better torque curve and cubic inches matter. If you want to pull find a 1066 and start with that. With all stock parts you can get to 200hp. Pletny of room to improve from there. The little 358 is just limited. This is my 466
  19. serial number 61298. Dual outlets, dual pto, diff lock, mech. seat, tilt wheel, three point, cab w/air. 4400 hours I purchased from the original owner last winter, he lives one mile down the road. Sold new at Farmington IL. He traded off a Farmall 450 gas when he bought this tractor. bill
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