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  1. These new tractors with suspended axles, suspended cabs, air seats and soft radials tires all ride much better than anything before them.  I will say guys have mentioned 2+2’s and they did ride very good but not like these new tractors.


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  2. These little blowers work just fine in a few inches of snow or feet.  My Fair likes deep snow and it isn’t as good around the building because it just doesn’t clean up in front of itself when you stop.  Like in front of shed doors and the like.  The 80 doesn’t leave a pile at all.


  3.   Everyone has their favorite way of moving snow.  A tractor and snowblower has been mine for a long time!  No piles.  No rocks in the grass.  Every pass 7’ of snow disappears.  It works good on 3-4” of snow and if need be you can attack 3-4’ of snow!  I cleaned out the bar lot at home and when I finished the snow plow hadn’t been down the road yet so I headed to my parents 1/2 mile up the road.  Took me half an hour as the snow was as deep as the blower in places so it was stop and go but I got it done.  I saw the hiway commissioner today and he said my path with the snow blower made it way easier for him to get threw it with the wheel loader.  
     Almost 50 year old Red Iron still getting it done!  



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  4.   I have 4 different 720 plows and they all have that cylinder.  I would take it apart and take seals and or rings to a hydraulic shop and get them.   I bet less than $25 will fix you up.

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  5. People loose track because the focus is on bigger is bigger all the time.  Magazines never talk about the guy that farms 400 acres and works a job in town.  Truth is there are far more smaller part time farms than big farm operations.  97% of all farm operations are still family owned.  Something like 90% gross less than $300,000 per year.  That’s a lot of medium to smaller and part time farms.

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  6.   I have it.  Started to notice it 3-4 years ago.  Sitting here in the house with the tv on right now and it is pretty obnoxious.  It does vary some.  I try to wear muffs on the open station tractors and older tractors with cabs.  Too many years of old tractors, high powered rifles and I really think the fans on grain dryers didn’t help a bit either.  It never really stops but it doesn’t always bother either.  Run a fan in the bed room.  Being around loud noises makes it worse.  They say hearing aids can help.

  7. I used to have 3 tractors on timers plugged in at night any time the low temps would get below 30 when i had cattle to feed.   They were all on heavy duty timers with dedicated outlets and 25 ft 12 gauge cords that were wired in the timer.  I kept the plugs in polished and clean and tried to pay attention when unplugging if the plugs were cool, warm or hot.  The timers were generally set to run for a couple hours prior to morning chores but if it was going to be -10f or less I would adjust them to be on for 5-6 hours.  Never left them on all night.

  8.   1066 is a little lighter which is a benefit.  1466 has the 436 over the 414 would should give you a little more powerful.  LOTS of 1066’s out there for sale.  Not so many 14’s.  1066 could have diff lock.  Might be some help at stock HP might be a problem above stock HP.  Either can become a 466 engine easily.  Tons of people have done both.  Lots of used pieces out there.  Have fun!


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  9. 3 hours ago, ksfarmdude said:

    I wonder if location had anything to do with it I recall seeing brand new ones sitting on the lot with dual speed pto's this is a mystery then

      I am sure location did come into play as well as personal preference of the salesman and the dealer principal.

  10. 2 hours ago, ksfarmdude said:

    All I'm saying if alot of these tractors had the pto's changed out to the dual shaft units and everything around me is dual speed pto's there's gotta be a mountain of 1000 rpm takeouts laying around somewhere or cover plates and from all the sales thru the early 80's of IH dealer closure sales I never seen any Just a side note too those pto's were easy to smoke on tubgrinders or fieldcutters after about three of'em lunched I soon found out not to use them anymore on jobs requiring high torque full power 

      14’s were spec’ed out and ordered by the dealers with NO pto.  They simply ordered a dual pto unit from whole goods and installed it in their shop.  Nearly all 14’s here have dual speed and many 15’s but they did not leave Farmall works with the dual speed.  This applies to 1456, 14 and 1586’s.

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  11. 44 minutes ago, ksfarmdude said:

    All 14's I've been around were factory dual pto's check out tractorhouse you'll see the same thing

      We bought a new 1466.  Tractor came in without pto.  Dealer ordered a dual speed pto attachment and installed it in his shop prior to delivery.

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