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  1. I'm restoring my 1966 Loadstar 1600 grain truck and need some brake parts to finish restoration. The truck has a 304 V8, hydraulic brakes with a hydrovac booster, 4 speed manual, 2 speed rear end, with dual hoists. I need the brake hose that goes from the hydrovac to the frame tee fitting ( part # 891-763-r91...code 04011); also need the tee fitting that splits the brake fluid to the front and rear. the brass fitting has four inputs/outputs holes. The hydrovac hose connects to the tee fitting, two brakes lines attach, and the fourth is for the brake light sensor. Would appreciate and OEM, NOS, or serviceable parts or advise on parts sites that may carry these items. I especially need the tee fitting and there should be plenty out there in salvage trucks as that is not a wear item. Unfortunately my helper twisted off the hydrovac input ruining my tee. Stuff happens when trying to restore these old Binders. Thanks for any help. My email is jturbo10@aol.com and text/call me at 903-721-4771. Happy New Year.
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