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  1. 40 acres of oats. had to borrow xtx 165 mc from job since 1086 was not ready. 1440 was flawless
  2. I'm back . Thing are coming back slow but steady , had to put about 3/8 inch of shim behind the reverse gear for unknown reason , while the machine shop had the speed cover to put a bushing i ask them to also put a grease point in it . Somebody ask about some M F , well they are 3 of them , here some pics ... Plus my very first paint job (it's a 1512 could't find the right sticker , so i put the next best thing .)
  3. Removing cab was tricky , but with trusty hough h30b I slid the fork under the cab frame rail and was able to lift it off. Pushing the frame inside I was max out on hydraulic. see pic
  4. This spring the T/A low side finally die.So in the workshop to fix the long list of other stuff ; super heavy t/a , t/a pump and gear , 8 pads clutch , reverse gear , torsion bar bushing and seal , new lighter park lever and spring , put bushing in cover for speed lever , the rear t/a counter gear(missing one half tooth) , shifting kit for range lever , fix reverse idler(collar was backward + ??? see pic below) , and many more. You like pics ? . Here are some pics. More to come.
  5. and 5088. Put a set on my 1086 with brand new rims and rubbers ($$$$$) but no regret at all.
  6. TP beat me . Try lowering the flow to the remote and see if it work.
  7. Make sure the pump lever is not lose on the pivot pin. Have seen new pump where the lever would ride on the cameshaft just beside the came lobe.
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