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  1. If you are waking up with them, it could be a sleep issue such as sleep apnea. Once I started using a CPAP machine and started getting at least seven hours of sleep, my morning headaches stopped.I Proper water makes a big difference also. Do you drink much soda pop?
  2. Just got this story from the GM Authority newsletter that I get daily. I don't think it says anything new. Just wanted to share. Volkswagen Looking For U.S. Site To Build Scout EVs (gmauthority.com)
  3. I very rarely eat fast food anymore. The one exception to that is Mission BBQ, I love that place. Stopped for lunch today, got the Black Plate Special, a Hawaiian seasoned Ribeye for $12.75, got an iced tea and a side of green beans with bacon and my bill was just over $17. Not that much more than a fast-food burger combo and a much better meal taste and health wise. I prefer little mom and pop joints or BBQ shacks along the road over the nationwide chains.
  4. Lorenzo, You always have the best stories!
  5. Seth, I would be interested in the Cub Cadet manual and any other IH outdoor power equipment things you might find. Thanks
  6. Nice job! How tall is your son? Might be the angle, but he looks 7' in the first picture and he makes the interior looked cramped.
  7. Dealers charging fees for shipping and such is not a new thing. Back in the eighties I needed a drive belt for a Hagan sickle-mo on my Cub Cadet. I stopped by an old IH ag and lawn equipment dealer thinking he might have one in stock or could match me up. He didn't have it in stock, so he called the distribution center to order it. When I stopped in to pick up the belt he had added a charge for the long distance phone call. I always figured that a charge like that was figured into overhead or markup for parts. BTW, this dealer shut down a couple of years ago, but the building is still packed full of parts. I think that they know what they have and are holding out to really cash out someday. If they wait too long, there won't be a market for the older parts. Another example of greed biting you in the end.
  8. Nice job Todd. A lot of thought into that project and it shows in how it turned out. I have an idea for a homemade way to display all the oddball and smaller racks I have gathered over the years that did not warrant getting mounted, I just need to get in the shop to get it done.
  9. We stopped there on a trip to Florida in August of 2020. Stew wasn't there, he was at Red Power Round Up. He had quite a collection, we spent a couple of hours there. It was very interesting how he developed the collection. I was hoping to get to one of his events, and was shocked to hear of his passing. That is the problem with collections, most times the kids don't have the same passion for the collection. I had the same thing happen to me, when my Dad passed he had 28 display cases filled with all types of different glass pieces. I sold most of it for pennies on the dollar. It wasn't worth what he thought it is, or what he put into it. My auctioneer buddy told me the only thing to collect is guns, they bring the best return. Your kids won't care about artwork and such, but guns will bring in the money. Sad to hear that Stew's museum and collection is being dismantled.
  10. I spent the past week around Cartersville, GA. Very nice area and a great little downtown area. I was surprised how much like Pennsylvania the area looked. They seem to be about a month ahead of us in blooming. I should have figured that being close to the Appalachian mountains would be similar whether you were north or south. On Wednesday we drove from Allatoona Lake to Carter's lake. I was shocked to see so many 50's, 60's and 70's era vehicles along the road in still good looking shape. Most vehicles of that era are long gone up here. I was looking for old prototype dealer buildings, should have been prime territory for them. I need to look up in database before I travel somewhere again so that I can be ready for them when travelling about. Was I close to anyone on the forum?
  11. Paid $3.79 at Sam's club in Allentown, PA this morning. One other private off brand station was at the same price. Every other station I passed on my 150 mile road trip today was $4.19 or higher.
  12. Only thing I might do is try and get a elbow on the supply line, so I could eliminate the big loop on the hose by the loader post. After this being a couple weeks job till I got all the right fittings, I was just glad to get it all hooked up and operating correctly.
  13. I ended up buying a new bucket. Till I priced out the adapter and would have modified the old bucket, I figured that it was easier to just get a new one, since I would have had to take it to get welded. This way if I ever sell the tractor, I could put it back to the pin on style and sell the bucket and adapter separately. The 3rd function kits online were about $900, I have about $250 into this set up with the valve and fittings. When I bought my 3130, I had them add a third valve in the back to operate the plow. They ran the line to the loader post. I couldn’t use that set up with the backhoe mounted and hooked up, it put too much pressure on the backhoe valve and was blowing O rings, that is why I added the loader control set up the other year. I pulled the hoses from that tractor and used them on this front mount, perfect length and saved a bunch of cash on hoses! I have about $50 in fittings to return, since I was shooting blind trying to get the correct set up. Here are a few pictures of how it turned out. I’m pretty happy with it.
  14. Never did my own flooring, but did make paneling out of trees on the property. Cut down a couple of cherry trees had a guy come in with a portable band saw to cut them down to 1". Stacked, stickered, and tin on top for over a year. Cut them to width on the table saw, cut to length with radial arm saw and then ran them though the planner, wall came out nice. In that same room, we put down wide plank Southern Yellow Pine T&G, sanded it with a drum sander, installed cut nails for the "old Time" look and finished it with Tung Oil. Was a lot of work, but it was a cool room to sit in knowing I did all the work. Ex wife enjoy's it now!
  15. I put the BF Goodrich TA Advantage on my Silverado in the same size you need. Only have 1000 miles on them, but I am happy so far. They replaced the Goodyear Eagle's that came from the factory, they were bad on wet roads, but I did get 60k miles out of them. Michelin LX is a good tire, it was my second choice.
  16. Used packers are tough to come by now a days at a bar in price. All the "food plot" folks have grabbed up the smaller ones. Looks like a good haul!
  17. I have two L series Kubota tractors, a 1984 L275 and a 2005 L3130. A couple years ago I added one of the electro/hydraulic third function kits to the 3130 so that I could use a power angle blade, brush grapple and 4 in 1 bucket, this tractor had the steer skid quick attach set ups on it. Last summer I pulled off the pin on bucket and got a SSQA set up for the 275 made by ATI from Messick’s and a newer SSQA bucket from Hoover’s. After getting that set up this tractor, it got me thinking about the 3rd function. I checked with several of the places that make the kits and they told me that it was too old to be converted. Talked to my buddy who is the lead mechanic at the Kubota dealer and he said, we used to do that all the time! So I started shopping, found a valve and some fittings at Tractor Supply, but still needed other fittings that did not have. Took a trip to Paul B hardware, where they had more than I needed. Since I did not know all the sizes and set up I needed, it took a couple of trips to both TSC and Paul B. Today I was able to get it all hooked up and it works perfect! Looks good also, not really like an add on. Now all my implements are interchangeable between both tractors. Thanks to the folks that said it couldn’t be done, I saved about $600 and also learned a lot doing the job! Win-Win ! I have two videos to share, but I need to figure out how to covert them to upload.
  18. The time that we visited his museum he was at Red Power. He had a great collection and I would have loved to meet him and talk to him. A great museum, I hope they continue it. RIP
  19. I have two lots in Florida that I inherited from my parents. Both are residential lots, one is in a development that has active building going on, the other one is just raw land, the roads have been laid out, but no construction yet. I get offers every week, some from Florida, but others from all over. Some of the offers for the one under development are realistic offers than I have considered, but the ones for the raw land are just jokes. I would unload them if I got the right offer, we visit the grand kids several times a year in Florida, but these lots are hours away from them. Recently I have gotten offers for my recreational land here at home, wooden land with my pole barn for my tractors. I am there weekly so it is not like it is idle or abandoned, those go in the trash. Once I build my garage here at the house I will sell that place, but I am not in the market at this time. These people must spend hours online researching owners of properties. I wonder how often they buy a place.
  20. All this talk about new trucks sent me first to the Chevy and then the GMC site to do some builds and pricing. After playing around with several different configurations, I agree with Searcyfarms, I think I would wait until the chip shortage is over and things are back on track. On all different builds I did from heavy half to 3/4 ton diesel there were messages popping up about this option not available, buyer credit because this item is not available, this item to be retrofitted by dealer when available. Why buy a new vehicle without all the options you want/need. When I bought my '15 Silverado, I figured it to be a ten year vehicle, but if I look back at my buying history I get the bug around seven years and I am right on track! However, I do think that I will be waiting till at least 2024 or 2025 before I get serious. Unless all of these incomplete trucks flood the market and the prices drop, then I would have to check it out. Looking at a 2500 LTZ Silverado or Sierra SLT, when I build up a diesel, I am in the upper 70's to almost 80k for a truck and that is insane, a gasser is in the upper 60's and a heavy half is not much less than that. The grumpy old guy in me is coming out. We have a F450 4x4 dump at work. I haven't driven it much, but the crew seems to like it. Biggest issue with the 250, 350 and 450 Fords is that they sit so high, you really need steps or running boards to get in and out. We have four of those models and had to add steps to all of them. Good discussion on this thread!
  21. Ran across this auction while cruising through the site. Looks to be in fairly good shape for the age. Seems to be a bargain considering some of the other results I see on that site. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-international-harvester-1210/
  22. They lost me with the chicken tenders, whatever happened to grilled chicken breast. I hardly ever do fast food anymore, but I would consider ordering it and then taking it apart. Years ago when I worked at the local Army Navy store in the evenings, there was one of the original Arby's stores two stores down. It was my go to place to eat between my main and part time jobs. They used to have a sandwich called the Giant, it was 2-3" of roast beef, topped with lettuce and tomato, which I would finish off with horsey sauce, it was my favorite. They also had a good grilled chicken breast sandwich. I think both of these items are off the menu now. Our local Arby's is a train wreck, which the pandemic ran right off the rails. It is under new management now, but I will give it time before I give it a try again. The Arby's tv commercials do get my mouth watering at times! Speaking of 24oz prime rib, we have a local place that used to have prime rib twice a month. The regular cut was 12oz, I ate it all one time, but other times I was fine with a half or a third and making two or three meals out of it. My buddy who turned me on to the place, told me to get the bone in piece, it was good advice, what favor! That same buddy used to ask for a double cut (24ozs), and would finish it in one setting. They used to keep a couple double cuts ready just in case he came in. This has gotten me hungry this morning, I will have to see when they are doing prime rib again ! I agree on the horseradish, it should be just ground root, no mayo or other sauce added. Growing up, at the local farmers market, there was a place that would fresh grind it for you, they had a little glass case with the grinder and raw roots in it. Just walking past that corner of the market, you could tell it was good stuff!
  23. My '15 Silverado 1500 crew 4x4 with the 6.2 and the 8 speed transmission shows a lifetime average of 17.4 over 60k miles. Which is the same as my Wrangler with the 3.6. Wrangler is mostly around town driving and I also use it to plow my driveway, it doesn't see many highway miles. On my annual bird hunting trip to Michigan, my round trip mpg is just under 20 mph in the truck. If I would drop my speed from 80/85 to the mid 70's, I would be in the low 20's for mpg. Not too shabby for a full size truck loaded with two guys, several dogs and all the gear needed for a week at Bird camp. Best mpg I ever got with this truck was 29.1 according to the dash readout. That was going to Key West, flat road, 50 mph and in the V4 more the whole way. Only way I know it is in V4 mode is by the light on the dash. I never feel the engine switching back and forth, now the 8 speed transmission around town or on the back roads, that is a different story. That is a whole other thread! 17 mpg is a whole lot better mileage than my last two 2500 Suburbans got. '98 with the 7.4 averaged 12 mpg and '05 with the 6.0 averaged 14 mpg. If GM still made the 2550 Suburban, I would be driving one. I like everything about my 1500 Silverado, except the rear suspension when towing. It has the max trailering package, but is still too light. I hate having to upgrade a vehicle when I made a point of getting the right options when I bought it. I will be putting airbags on it this spring.
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