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  1. I have a '15 2 door Willys with the BFG Mud Terrains on it. I get around 15 mpg on mostly around town trips and back and forth to work (9 miles). I average between 15-17 on those tanks. Last summer I rode back and forth to Harrisburg for a week, 45 miles on the interstate each way, I got about 18-19 mpg that week. The funny thing is that I get about the same mileage with my '15 Silverado 1500 4x4 Crew cab with the 6.2. I think that there is a lot of drag from the front end running all the time, but it is quite a job to put free-wheeling hubs on the front. I have thought about a Banks Power Pack intake and exhaust kit, but $800 buys a lot of gas!
  2. I cooked the leftover Christmas ham bone last week and made ham and bean soup. I used Black-eyed peas because I had a bunch of cans of them. Turned out great, might use the peas in the future again.
  3. I like the Junkyard one where the guy walks around and finds the rare units and takes you back to see what they really were. Mostly shot out West, I don't think East Coast junkyards hold up as well.
  4. I started out splitting by hand for years, then life got busy, and I needed to get a bunch of wood split faster. Borrowed a Huskee (TSC) from my BIL, it was a convertible unit, but I mostly used it horizontal. It had an 8 hp B&S on it, no issues with it and it got the job done. I decided it was time to get my own, so I returned it, and he is still using it. I bought a Woodboss from Ebling's Service Plus in Myerstown, it was their rental unit, it has a Honda engine on it and the only trouble I have had is with the wing that fits in to the wedge to make it a 4-way split, the slot has gotten wallowed out and the wing floats and moves and I need to knock it back into place every so often. I need to take the wedge off and get it to a shop or take it back to the factory to have the slot built up again. I will do that this summer. I have the 30 TV model. I paid about 2/3's of a new one for the used 2-year-old unit. This unit is made in Pennsylvania. I sent an email to the company about the wedge, but never heard back, I will have to try again or call one day. I am very satisfied with it. Let me know if you want to try it out, I have all my wood split for this year and am not using it at the present time. Woodboss Log Splitters | Log Splitters | Tree Splitting | Pennsylvania Since I split all of my wood by myself, I am looking at units that have log lifts, an apron table, and a push through design. I have looked at the Timberwolf line, but they are pricey. This unit showed up on an online search, the price is right where I would like to be and you can get a Honda engine, there are several videos on YouTube of folks using them. It is shipped in a crate to your place, and you assemble it. 22-Ton Log Splitters | 22-Ton Wood Splitters | RuggedMade There is also the Hud-Son Forestry equipment line. The main distributor is in New York, but there is a local dealer in Ephrata. I have one of their skidding winches and it works great. Once again, the price stops me on this line. HDH4 Wood Splitter - Hud-son I did see a Timberwolf splitter at Wenger's once, they wanted almost new price for it, it was like brand new, it didn't last long enough for me to make up my mind on it, if I see one there again, I will trade in my Woodboss for it. If I had a skid steer, I would buy one of the processors that cut and split logs all in one unit. Of course, that is a big jump in price, and you need to be able to justify that! There is also a place south of us that rents firewood processors, I thought about that for a week to get everything split but haven't made that jump yet. I only split what I need to burn at my place, I don't sell it or give to others. I only need about 3-4 cords a year, so spending a bunch of money on a high price splitter doesn't pencil out for me to save money by burning wood. I do like the exercise I get from it but would like a more efficient unit since I do it all myself. My wife does help to stack it in the sheds on the porch when I drive up with the wagon.
  5. CC_Ranger


    Welcome back Mark ! You were missed.
  6. Now you're talking! Would be a fun project!
  7. Are you looking for Farmall Cub items, or Cub Cadet items. Big difference depending on what you want.
  8. Thanks Dave, That is something to look into. My pickup has a cap on it.
  9. I have put more dogs down then have died naturally. It does make it acceptable because I feel that I am eliminating their suffering. He prepared for the waterworks, last one I did was my wife's Dachshund, that one really hit me because I was feeling her grief also.
  10. I have been in your shoes numerous times, it doesn't get easier, but I feel for you and understand what you are going through. Hang in there and continue to make memories. I truly believe that we will see all who we loved in this life in the next. All I know is that there is going to be a herd of hunting dogs greeting me when I get there, as well as hunting partners and friends and family.
  11. Prayers from Pennsylvania. My one daughter suffered seizures as an older child, 6-10 years old if I recall correctly. She was on medicine for a while and also outgrew them. She was old enough to feel them coming in and would let us know to get her to a safe place. Diet has some effect on seizures, just something else to consider. Hang in there, you have a full plate, but anything you you do for kids pays dividends in the future.
  12. Quigley used to have classified ads on their site, but it is no longer there. Our County coroner has several in the fleet, I would look to pick up one of them, but the County drives their vehicles to the ground and the fact that I could probably never get my wife in it if she knew what it was used for!
  13. I would have liked to go to the auction, but my wife is getting out patient knee surgery on Friday and I need to be her ride and nurse.
  14. EJ, 4x4 vans trip my trigger also! Thanks for the discussion. I read the other day that the 2024 model year will be the last for this model of GM vans, 2025 model year will be an all electric replacement. That is what got me on this kick again. The 2500 Suburban was my perfect vehicle. Since GM is not making that model I need to find a replacement. I don't need it all the time, but there are times I need 6 or 7 seats, same thing goes for the 10k towing rating. The Sprinters I have looked at are in the $75-80k range, about the same for a Suburban. The Sprinters only have around a 7k tow rating if I remember correctly and they only have a single speed transfer case. I would like to have the 7 passenger configuation, with the snap out 2nd and 3rd bench seats. Once I retire we want to travel, so I might build it up for occasional overnights and possibly a fridge and stove. I am going to start searching for them online or possibly a 2wd and then take it to Quigley for conversion. It costs around $14k for The basic conversion, add that to a van and you are in the range of a built up Silverado 2500 and not too far from a Suburban. Guess I need my ship to come in also. I also figure that I don't have that many more vehicles like this in my life, in 10 to 15 years I might not be needing a truck like this. The Quigley website mentioned a Facebook group for the vans, I joined it today and there are some for sale listings on it. Keep the comments coming!
  15. Anyone have any experience with the aftermarket conversion 4x4 full size vans? I live about an hour from the Quigley facility. About 10 years or so ago I toured the plant and spent a few hours with a salesman on a test drive. I probably would be driving one now if I could have bought one directly from them. You have to order through a dealer and have it dropped shipped at Quigley to be converted. In the meantime I found another 3/4 ton Suburban for another 7 years and 75000 miles. I replaced that Suburban with my 1500 crewcab Silverado. The Silverado is a great vehicle, but it leaves me wanting in towing capacity and passenger/inside cargo space. Since GM does not make the 2500 Suburban anymore, I am leaning towards ordering a 2500 van and having it converted to 4x4. This vehicle would give me plenty of passenger space for the grandkids, room for the bicycles inside, room for my dog crates and hunting gear, room to change when skiing or sledding, and I would probably customize it somewhat for my wife and I to tour in once I retire in 2024. I know Seth has experience with the Quigley, but wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience.
  16. Thanks for the ad! That machine has a tilting mechanism where the cab and engine stay plumb and the wheels and axles fallow the slope. Back in the 80's they were the cat's meow!
  17. Bitty, Those are all nice mountain deer. Racks sure have gotten bigger in PA over the years.
  18. Prayers sent Rick. We got your 6.
  19. Very cool! Maybe Bitty can get some information on the cut out letters from chapter 17 prototype store/museum.
  20. I have been looking for a set of them, or better yet stickers for my ‘15 JK Willy’s. Haven’t had time to write my Jeep story, but it involves. ‘70 CJ5 with the Dauntless 225 V6.
  21. Yes, her Dad worked for IH. She mentions it often. I saw her back in the fall of 2019 in a small old time theater that gets in a lot of older or second string acts. She still has a great voice and did a great show. Still easy on the eyes also, but like a lot of us who remember her from the 80's, she is getting close to the golden years. That was 40 years ago....... The theater is close to Dave Downs or where Bitty lived when he was downstate, about 45 minutes from me. I wish I was closer, I would be there a couple times a month. I saw Rhonda Vincent the other year, Ray Willie Huber, Rodney Crowell, Brent Cobb, and Corb Lund are some of the recent acts. They do all types of shows. It is a great place.
  22. I totally agree with this statement! I like to think when I am retired, I will get organized and downsized. I use the excuse of not having time for my disorganization, but it is probably my personality or my heritage, my grandpa, my dad, his brothers, and all my male cousins were/are the same way! Keeping with this post, I have two Echos, two Stihls, an electric hand and polesaw, a gas polesaw, and this summer just bought the Dewalt trimmer/possess combo. I have been looking occasionally for a 036 or 044 to get a bigger saw for a bigger had than my 029.
  23. I listened to the first half on XM, it was the Alabama broadcast and very annoying! Much better when I came in and watched the second half. My buddy texted me on Wednesday asking what I was doing this weekend, I asked him what was up, he said "want to do a roadtrip to Knoxville?" . I passed since I was in Michigan all week bird hunting was just got home today. Would have been a great game to see live!
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