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  1. Got this one on November 4th.

    Slept in that morning, bumped 3 does and a small 4 pt. buck on the way to my stand. Figured that was going to be it for the day. Finally settled in my stand at 7:45, 5 minutes later I see a buck walking through the woods 50 yards out. 15 minutes later this guy comes through the woods just grazing and taking his time, came right past my stand and I got him at 20 yards. I didn’t even have a chance to drink my coffee ! Watched him walk away and I forced myself to go in the house, drank my coffee , changed into lighter clothes since I was dressed to stay in the stand most of the day. Went out after 30 minutes and found him about 90 yards from my stand, right in line where I last saw him. I could see my stand from where he fell. Only had to drag him about 50’ to where I could get the tractor. Shot him around 8:10, had him dressed by 9:30 and to the butcher by 11:30. All seemed surreal this year since it all happened so quickly. I’m a big believer of having to be at the right place at the right time, of course you need to know where to hunt, how to make a good shot and how to deal with it once you shot it.

    The great spirit provided again!

    I love this Parker crossbow.


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  2. I usually spend the day getting the last of the yard work done and getting my snow tools ready.

    This year we are in Florida spending the holiday with my wife’s son’s family.

    Dropped the grandkids off with the other grandparents and took a ride out to the Everglades with the son and daughter in law. Took an airboat ride out into the glades and saw quite a few gators. After that stopped at a little Colombian Arepa bar for a very tasty lunch in Miami. Didn’t go near any type of stores!

    It was a great day!

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  3. HobbyFarm,

    Good thing I didn't know that auction was going on, or I might have bid up the Cub Cadet stuff. I saw the vehicles parked in the lot for a couple of weeks and figured that they were getting ready to get rid of them.

    Our local township used Municbid the other year to surplus items.

  4. Congratulations to your son from one in the class of 1979. I am on the executive board of our local scout council, each year we do a recognition dinner for the scouts that earned their Eagle the previous year. It is always impressive to hear about the projects and meet the young men and women now the obtain the rank.

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  5. This is a good topic! Very timely.

    As I move towards retirement the end of June '24, I am really looking towards getting all my finances sorted out. I would love to have the mortgage paid off, but at 3% it doesn't make sense to take money out of investments to pay it off. This is the only debt we have.

    I too am looking to build a detached garage; I have been tracking costs and rates and am seeing them moving lower. Material prices have dropped, but not labor.

    I also do not understand the housing market and the current prices.

    The other thing that boggles my mind is the number of new pickups and large SUV's driving around. I have been doing some research on a new truck but am nowhere near making a move seeing the prices. I really notice the GM 2500's most with the Denali, AT4, Z71, or High Country package being used as grocery getters since I have priced out the GM trucks.

    I just don't understand where folks get their money to have these houses and vehicles. I guess that they are mortgaged to the hilt with bank. I have also read that the outstanding credit card balances are nearing a record high.

    I will be building the new garage, because once I do that, I could sell my property with the pole barn and bring in some cash and lower expenses with only one property.

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  6. Sorry that I missed the start of this thread. I second the recommendation of the ISOtunes. I have the PRO 2.0 at home and at work we just got the FREE 2.0. As much as I like the PRO model, the FREE is so  much better at blocking noise and staying place. I highly recommend either one.

  7. My Dad had a '75 Impala Wagon with the 400 small block. We used to strap on the trailer mirrors and how up to the travel trailer and it the road. It was the first car I had when I got my license.

    Not so sure on the roof top fifth wheel!

  8. 2 hours ago, cobfly said:

    Sorry for double post, when I click on the post reply button, it gives me a saving message, but the message still appears so I didn't think that it posted. Had the same problem yesterday







  9. 2 hours ago, cobfly said:

    Things would be better if people would remember, driving is a responsibility, not a privelage, pay attention and use the golden rule. When I got my motorcycle endorsement, 15 years back, I remember the acronym, SIPDE.

    Scan, identify, process, decide and execute.

    We teach SEE now in the MSF motorcycle class. Search, Evaluate, Execute.

    Most of you guys drive bigger trucks and equipment on a daily basis, I am stuck in the office most of the time. The other weekend I rented a 10 ton dump truck to haul fill, three days of driving that thing really opened my eyes to how bad drivers are now a days and also how great the township roads are in Pennsylvania!

    We had a tractor rear ended at work the other year by a 3500 dually with a trailer, got said that he looked down to look at directions and when he looked up he was on the shoulder right into our rig. He was doing about 60 in a 45 mph zone. Tractor was a JD 5300 with a Rhino Flail on the back, the heavy flail took the initial shock, but it also blew out the left rear tire and the impact pushed the tractor around 180 degrees, and it came to rest on its side facing the direction he came from. Luckily, we had constructed a FOPS with limb risers on it which protected the operator. She was belted in and rode it out, only a small cut on her head. She does suffer from PTSD from it though, she tried driving the replacement along the road and wasn't able to face it yet. Tractor and flail were totaled by his insurance company, tractor didn't look bad, but we figured that there was internal damage in engine and transmission, it snapped all the cast iron 3 pt arms right off.

    Glad you were able to walk away from it.  A very scary situation.







  10. The other thing that happened to Levi's is that they shortened the front pockets. I still have several brand new pairs of dark blue 501's. I should be set for a while.

  11. I bought the Dewalt 20 v pole saw and hedge trimmer set up. It has two extensions you can add on it. The hedge trimmer is 18", I use it to clean up along the driveway, things too big for it get the pole saw head. I am very satisfied with it so far. We have Echo and Stihl gas units at work and they are heavy. My Dewalt gets heavy after a couple of hours also.

    I wish Dewalt would come out with a grass shear head for it, I only need to do a little trimming along the brick wall below my patio, I really don't want to mess with a string trimmer.

  12. On 5/22/2023 at 9:09 PM, hobbyfarm said:

    What is wrong with silver maple?

    Sorry, haven't been on the net for a bit.

    Silver Maples are brittle, the roots run high right at ground level, they produce a ton of leaves and the helicopters as mentioned. Not good for firewood, dries out too fast or goes punky.

    My place is littered with Norway Maple, an non-native tree which was planted on the 1700's farm across the street, they have a thick canopy which kills anything under the tree due to no sunlight. I am working on getting rid of them, but if I cut them all down now since I lost all my ash, I would be in a field instead of the woods. I burn the wood, but it does not have a lot of BTU's.

    If  you want Maple go with a Sugar, it is know as "Hard Maple".

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  13. A little off topic, but I watched a Red Fox take a squirrel in the backyard this evening. He was on it and a couple of shakes, and it was all over for the squirrel. I was watching a young buck closer to the house when I noticed the movement. 

    Not quite sure what is going on this year, but the deer are active in the backyard more this year than since I bought this place in 2014.

    Haven't seen a bear yet, but it is the time of year that they move through this area, mama kicks them out of the nest and it is time for them to find their own area.

    I wouldn't deal with a bear on the porch!

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  14. They were sold on the Industrials as highway mowers. I seen picutres, but don't remember ever seeing one in person.

    It would beat towing a brush hog for mowing around things.

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  15. We are dealing with them at work. We have a contract with USDA Wildlife Services. They perch on the railings of the bridge to the dam control tower. They poop all over everything and their poop is very acidic. They also pick out the caulk in the joints of the concrete tower. We have hung effigies the past two years and that chased them away, but this spring they are sitting right next to and under the effigies with no concerns. We also used bird bangers, 12 ga. fireworks that we shoot into the crowd either with a loud whistle or a bang, they fly away make a circle over the lake and then come right back to perch. I met with USDA today and they are going to start eliminating some of them.

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