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  1. I have a 20 volt Dewalt that I got at TSC. I love it, good battery life and uses the same batteries as my other cordless tools. There was a long thread on this same topic about a year ago. Do a search, it might have good information.
  2. Sounds like a nice ride, we're you on two or four wheels? From Cabela's to home you probably came close to my place. Did you find anything at Cabela's? Last time around Memorial day I was there I was disappointed and the store was packed.
  3. When I was a kid, about 50 years ago, I used to ride in the wagon "organizing" bales in the wagon when they would come out of the kicker. The bales probably weighed more than it did. Used to ride the wagon be k to the barn to help unload, I would the bales to the front on the wagon so the hired hand could throw them in the elevator for the other hired hand to stack in the mow. Many good memories from those days, when we were working near the farmstead, I remember drinking fresh well water right out of the house in the milkhouse, and when we were working across the highway, the farmer's mother ran a small motel and had a small Coke machine where we would get the 6oz.bottles of "real" Coke! I think it was a New Holland 575 pulled behind a Super MTA. The tractor I am sure of! Wagons were pulled to the barn with a Super M. I also remember crawling into gravity wagons to clear the corners of wheat or oats to drop into a blower run off of an Oliver 70. Good days, Thanks for the memories! BTW, I'm 59 now!
  4. Thanks for all the pictures, makes me want to plan for next year! Steve, I saw a blade in that style in a late 60's Scout one time, was 6' and just the same design as the Cub Cadet blades. I think IH offered them for a while before teaming up with Meyers.
  5. Tom, I am jealous of a Kubota F Series, I can't really justify it, but I have wanted one for years. Missed out on a trade in last fall on a 3060, with cab, mower, blade, broom, and blower. Just missed out on a GF1800 with mower and blower, the other week at an auction in New Holland. Timing just hasn't worked out, but I figured that is a sign from a higher power that it is not meant to be right now. Back to the original post. Depends on how much and what you are mowing. At my house I cut my mowing time in half when I got my zero turn, due to all the trees and other obstacles to mow around. At my garage, I use an old IH Cub Cadet, 10 hp with a 44" deck. I fire up tractor, while it is warming up, I light a cigar, drop it in first year and enjoy the next hour going back and forth! One thing I didn't like about a mower on any Cub tractor was the lack of a live PTO, using the sickle bar on the Cub for trimming edges I could never get used to that. I am also a fan of the Cub Cadet zero turns with the steering wheel, I have an SZ SX48 , I'm keeping my eyes open for a nice used 54" , that extra 6" on the left edge would make trimming around things easier . I do like the matching outfit on the model !?
  6. Used to wear nothing but Levi's 501's or 505's. The 505 style was cheaper than the 501 with a zipper. The Levi's lasted for years moving from good enough for dress jeans to casual to work jeans. Last batch of 505's that I bought I found out that the front pockets were not as deep as they used to be. I used to be able to carry my phone in the front pocket, especially on the Harley, but not anymore, now I carry it in a pouch on my belt. Haven't bought any since finding the out about the pocket issue, still have a couple new pairs in the drawer. I have some Wrangler cowboy cut I am wearing now that are holding up well, just don't like the high cut front pockets. I have tried the TSC Blue Mountain brand carpenter means for work jeans, for $12 seem to be pretty good, but the back pockets are really deep and I have to pull out my wallet when I get in a vehicle, I end up sitting on it. Best work jeans I have ever had were the Wild Ass brand from Bailey's logger supply. Fit right and held up for years to hard use. A while back, they switched supplier to over seas and had a big backlash from customers about that and change of quality. They actually addressed that and change suppliers due to customer demand. I haven't bought any lately, but might have to check them out, they had casual styles also. Used to be able to get Lee brand at the local Vanity Fair outlet for around $10, but the original factory outlet has now closed.
  7. Let's see some pictures of that lucky tri colored Springer. A classic bird dog.
  8. Prayers sent Seth. We lost our Pastor this past winter. Mid 50's in November they noticed the issue and in March he was gone. A great pastor and really cared about the community. Our church really misses him.
  9. Thanks to a forum meeting I got a line on a skid steer adapters for my older 1984 Kubota L275. It was delivered last week and I went to mount it yesterday. From all the things I heard, getting the old pins out of the bucket was going to be the worst part of the job. After getting out the coffee pins the loader pins popped out very easily. Lined up the adapter put in the lower pins without an issue and that is when the fun started! The new pins I got from Kubota are just a hair too big to fit into the holes on the end of the cylinders for the bucket curl arms. I got them in about an inch, but that was it. I stopped beating on them before I beat up the ends of the pins, or damaged the cylinders or the adapter. Any ideas ? I tried polishing them down a bit with my little belt sander, but that didn't seem to help. I might run them around on the grinding wheel, but thought I would try here for ideas first. I guess I could take the dremel to the inside of the cylinder ends. Give me your thoughts. The pins are the factory recommended ones for the ssqa application. Thanks!
  10. Long story short, the other year my ex wife called and asked if I wanted the old Cub Cadet I had to buy her when we got divorced. Since I bought it, I told her I would come and get it. I figured if nothing else I would put the engine for a re-power in one of my older IH Cub Cadets. I figured it would be trashed. Turns out it was in really shape with only 300 hours, heck the seat isn't even torn! She was having PTO issues with it throwing and eating belts. I used last summer at the garage to give it a couple run down mowing before I went over it. By the end of the summer it are the main mule drive belt. Pulled in the shop this spring and am getting parts together to go over it. I think I have the belt issue figured out, but might be back on here for more advice. The steering has a lot of slop in it, most of it is in the wheel and the main rack, the roads and ends are tight. I don't know where to start with this issue, it is a totally different set up from the older cubs. Has anyone run into this issue? The other issue is in the drive pedals, it doesn't return to neutral very quickly and gets very hairy in close quarters, hitting reverse with the pto on knocks it out, which leads back to the belt issue. I got new springs for the pedal linkages, I want to figure a way to keep those shafts lubricated. Haven't torn ing them yet to see what I can do. This is a pretty nice tractor with a lot of life left, it just needs love. I love the foot pedal hydro, wish IH would have come out with this year's earlier. Thanks in advance for your ideas.
  11. Yeah, I noticed a couple of times that the name changed. I saw last summer when I was up there that it was gone. Seems like those type of dealers are only around for a while, then they are gone. Most of the big cycle dealers are gone, some even sold three different brands. Heck, even the Harley dealers are closing up, two of them within 50 miles closed in the past year. There are only two Arctic Cat sled dealers in all of Pennsylvania, that was a corporate move since they are selling their ATV's at Cabelas and Bass Pro stores. I would have to search for a Yamaha, Suzuki, or Honda dealer, they used to be everywhere. Outdoor power equipment dealers are only one step up to the cycle/atv dealers. Most of them are carried by commercial accounts.
  12. Pictures, we need pictures!
  13. Tyler, It was Krouse Sport Center. My uncle lived in Mifflin County, not sure how his neighbor's son ended up in Mill Hall. They sold Arctic Cat, Suzuki, and Echo, that is where my little 302 saw came from. My cousin started out with an Arctic Cat mini bike, I have seen them bring crazy money lately.
  14. I learned to ride on a 70's vintage Suzuki 90cc with the dual range transmission. My big step up was to a Suzuki 185! My uncle's neighbor's son owned a Suzuki dealership in Mill Hall. There was always a street and dual sport in the garage. I loved visiting that uncle for many reasons. Did a lot of miles in the back field doing laps around the field! I saw one of the ST185's the other year, couldn't believe how small the bike was. The TW200 is a cool machine. At one time PennDOT had a bunch for the motorcycle safety program. Check out the state vehicle auction.
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