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  1. I have always buried them in a blanket with their favorite toy. When I had to put down my English Setter the other year I had him cremated. Got the little wooden box with the ashes, I split up the ashes into smaller baggies, one baggie is still in the box, the other baggies I have taken with me and spread his ashes on his favorite hunting grounds, the pheasant fields at the lake and farm locally, the Woodcock covers and the Grouse woods on the state gamelands in upstate Pennsylvania, and the Grouse woods in New York and upper Michigan. The first trip to Michigan was only about a month after he passed, and I choked up every time I reached inside my vest for the bag thinking back and seeing him hunting those covers. There is still a small baggie left in my vest, so he will always be hunting with me, since I didn't get another dog yet. My wife has a 17 year old Dachshund that is going down fast. She has never dealt with this pain and is not going to take it well. I should get busy and build a box for him, it might help her get through it. I'm getting choked up writing this post, dogs really do touch your life. We will be thinking of you Lorenzo, this is never an easy thing to do. Speaks volumes of you and what a great dog you have, by the way you want to honor your buddy.
  2. I will be up in that area for a motorcycle ride. Staying at my buddy's place in Haneyville. Don't know if timing will work out to stop by. Going to be a great weekend weather wise!
  3. Sounds like the documentary I saw about Wal-Mart and how dealt with Rubbermaid.
  4. Here is the building that used to be E D Myers in Lock Haven, PA. Right on route 150 running through the center of town. Couldn't quite tell what it is being used for now. We didn't have the prototype buildings here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, at least not in the Berks/Lehigh county areas. I think the one in Wellsboro was the first one I ever saw.
  5. Same place they are now, or were, by the old Bethlehem steel plant. Not South Williamsport, should have said on my way South past Williamsport, headed down state.
  6. I moved up there in 1985 and they were already closed and the plumber was in the building. They did business under the name, C.H.Dillman and sons. My buddy up there had a late model Scout II Terra pickup that he bought from the dealership, so they were still in business until the late 70's. Next time I talk to him, I will have ask him some of the history. Lamm and Webster outside of Corning, New York was the closest dealer I dealt while I lived up there. They used to do a big pancake and sausage dinner for their inventory reduction auction every fall. Or I would stop by Ken Bergan in South Williamsport on my way down state.
  7. Yes, it was Dillman's in Wellsboro. They sold a lot of light line trucks along with AG. Not sure if they had a lawn and garden contract. I am friends with the son of one of the brothers who owned it when it closed in the 80's. I went by the E D Meyer's store in Lock Haven, this past weekend. I will post a picture later.
  8. That's what I was thinking, I just didn't take the time to investigate further. I was rushing to get to the restored dealer tour. No lift system or PTO on the tractor, but definitely cool!
  9. That diesel hydro Cub was nicely done. I didn't see what engine he used, but it was shaft drive to a cub cadet hydro, custom frame rails, electric fan on the radiator, custom shroud to hide driveshaft and hydro linkage.
  10. I am next to Smoker in the light grey shirt in front of the sheik ! I was really hoping to meet TP and IHcubguy, I saw them hiding from the picture, but didn't realize who they were. Had another great day at the show today. The crowd was much bigger today. I was able was to sit in on some of the seminars and really enjoyed them. Chapter 17 did a great job and pulled off a great show!
  11. Always wanted one of those Come coolers for the shop. Very nice!
  12. I was thinking the same thing, but that was my first round up and I was in awe that year. I had a great time, and will be back tomorrow. It was great to have the forum meet up to meet in person. I was disappointed that I couldn't find any shirts with Cub Cadets on them, but I did come home with a couple others. It is a great show and chapter 17 should be proud of the job they did in pulling it off!
  13. CC_Ranger

    Heavy rain

    We got just under 4" overnight . Flash flooding and wash outs everywhere. Some fields are turning into ponds, some low spots have been holding water since last summer.
  14. I am planning on driving up both Thursday and Friday, have something else that came up on Saturday. Weather permitting, I will ride the Harley on Thursday and bring the truck on Friday to haul home my treasures! Was hoping to have some Cub Cadets ready to bring to the show, but I am running out of time. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the forum folks.
  15. That skidder is super cool ! Nice job on the fabrication.
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