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  1. Forgot to mention in the original post that I only use ethanol free gas and the Stihl brand synthetic mix oil. I did clean the air filter today with no improvement. Saw does not come up to cutting speed. Starts and idles fine. I will look at fuel filter and pick up tomorrow. Will be going past dealer on Monday, so I can stop for parts. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. I have a Stihl MS 170, it has been a great little saw for cleaning up downed branches of cutting up small logs. It fits great and has been a good saw up until about three weeks ago. Out of the blue it just started running bad. It idles, but when you go to cut something, it doesn't come up to speed, only about half speed and if you go to cut something, it just bogs down. Figured it just needs a carb adjustment, but when I went to do it, no adjustment screws! I realize that it is just a homeowner saw, but it fits into my line up nicely and has been a good saw till now. I didn't buy it, I won it in a raffle at a Rugged Grouse Society banquet a few years ago. Any suggestions? I don't want to take it to the dealer to have them tell me if needs a new carb or something like that, when it just needs an adjustment. Thanks in advance for any help. I might just have to break out the 1980's Echo 302 that just runs and runs! Only problem is that my hands tingle after running it for a while since there is no anti vibration system.
  3. Looks like someone already got some use out of it.
  4. First rifle I got 41 years ago was a Remington 760 Gamemaster in 6mm (.244). It has killed numerous deer, and I still consider it my "deer rifle", even though I have several other rifles in the safe. I stopped using it a couple years ago when my Great Aunt gave me her Savage 99 in .300 Savage.The first year I wanted to get a deer to share the meat with her, which I did. After she passed, I keep using it to honor her memory since she was the first person I ever deer hunter with.
  5. Yeah, I felt that this week! I would be willing to split the difference by 30 minutes and just let it go. It is all arbitrary anyway, if we can change it an hour, to 30 minutes and be done!
  6. You will need to find some real sandy or gravely soil to scour and then polish those disks!
  7. I was told on a tour of a USCG has done time that the larger patrol boat they have is designed to right itself if it capsizes. That would be a wild ride!
  8. I'm about 45 minutes East of Hershey. Dallas is about 2 hours northeast of me. I have some friends in the area, I will ask about the breeder. Are you looking for a duck dog? Any upland birds, or not a hunter and just a pet.
  9. Been listening to Americana style music for years. Hard to find on the radio. I love my Sirius XM !
  10. The other month our promotion rate for the cable and internet service expired and our monthly bill went to $225 a month. In my mind this is just crazy to be able to watch the dozen (at most) tv channels I watch. Our kids all have cut the cord and just get internet and use streaming services for TV. The only thing that is holding me from cancelling the cable is losing my local channels for news,and some of the specialized channels I watch like the outdoor network and investigation discovery. We are looking into Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hulu. My wife already has prime and Netflix. With Hulu you can add on a package to get local channels, but that will only give us the network channels from Philadelphia, and I watch the smaller market stations from Lancaster and Harrisburg. Given our location in the middle of a three way valley, I don't think a digital antenna would work very well. I get terrible radio reception at the house. What do others use in place of cable? I feel that I should be able to cut my bill by $100 a month if not more. I could probably watch the local stations on their apps if I could figure a way to put it on the tv instead of my phone or tablet. Looking forward to the suggestions ! If I tried, I could live without tv, would just have to break my routine of local news with my coffee in the morning.
  11. CC_Ranger

    Goofy kids

    Love the older Lawn Boys! I have 6 or 7 of them, only one is an IH model. Haven't used them in years, I have all of my landscaping set up that I can get all the edges with the zero turn. Very minimal trimming now a days! I have one of the late model 4 cycle offset wheel models, even though it says Lawn Boy, it is just another mower with the B&S motor and a steel deck, nothing special.
  12. Little Case 646 garden tractor loader caught my eye. They are fairly rare and that one looks in too shape.
  13. Didn't think about them, one of the best hardware stores and only about 15 miles from me!
  14. Did you check Gemplers or A M Lenonard ? They have all kinds of specialized landscaping tools.
  15. Seth, I think you are right. I would love to have a '70 cj5 with the V6. That was the first vehicle I fell for! Airport across the street was selling it in 1976, I was only 14 and my Dad said I didn't need a vehicle I couldn't even drive for two years! Took me 38 years to get a green Jeep with a yellow plow!
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