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  1. Cool article, thanks. Reading that brought back memories of the 70's reading Popular Mechanics.
  2. More pictures of the Coot please!I Only Coots I ever saw around here were a 2 seat dune buggy style go cart.
  3. Well said Seth ! Would like to hear the "don't be a dick" story. I don't recall that one.
  4. As I have moved up in management, it has meant more time behind the screen. I am so looking forward to retirement when I can be outside every day working in the yard, tinkering with tractors and vehicles, or better yet out on the Harley! I deal with a lot of spreadsheets, so I appreciate the dual monitor set up, being able to compare or updated different files. I usually minimize my e-mail when working on other stuff. I can deal with the single laptop screen when traveling or the occasional work at home day, but if I worked at home regularly I would have to set up my dual monitors. N
  5. We had 3 wagons that we switched out the sides for bales or picking corn, they were set up with a dumping hoist to empty the corn. Had 3 other older wagons with kicker sides used only for bales. Always pulled up to the elevator and unloaded from the front. I used to ride the wagon and stack them from the kicker. Used gravity wagons for oats and wheat and also for corn.
  6. Township I grew up in used nothing but coal cinders on the roads in the winter. They got all they needed from the local state college which had a central heating plant which burned coal to heat many of the buildings on the campus. The township had big hopper spreaders that they mounted in the dump beds of the trucks. (All IH trucks) My mom hated when they would come down the street, we drug cinders in the house all winter until the spring rains cleaned the street. We use the electric tailgate hopper spreaders (Meyers and Western) for salt at work. As long as there are not any big clinkers
  7. I had a 3/4 ton 2005 Suburban with the 6.0, I averaged around 14.8 with that truck. I would have liked to see that truck with the 6 speed tranny. When I upgraded in 2015 they didn't make the 2500 Suburban, so I ended up with the 1500 HD crew cab, with the trailer towing package and the heavy half with the 6.2 with the 8 speed tranny. I had a '98 Suburban 2500 with the 7.4, averaged about 12.8 with that truck, de-tuned at 290 hp for mileage so not the greatest towing truck. Running solo with the 2015 back and forth to Florida or Michigan I am in the high teens, not quite breaking 20 m
  8. What kind of mileage is he getting? I have a 2015 1500 with the 6.2 and I average about 17 mpg on combined driving. I have been killing time on the Chevy build and price site and the 6.6 in a 2500 intrigues me.
  9. Boss snowplows offer a heated LED unit on their plow lights. They are pretty pricy, I was going to upgrade the lights on my plow, but decided that the old lights look and work great when I saw the price!
  10. We should all be outraged by this, which is business as normal in DC! How can they claim this is economic relief due to the Covid issue if most of it is not related in anyway to covid? It seems to be the only way they get things done, if other bills get tacked on. A heck of a way to do business.
  11. Ended up with about 9 .5" in SE PA. This was about half of what they predicted , which was ok with me. A couple of sunny 40 degree days this week will work it down. I usually love snow, but I am running behind this year (again) and need another clear weekend to finish filling up my woodshed next to the house. Once I have that filled, let it snow!I We haven't had a December snow this deep in several years, it makes you complacent and not as ready as you should be this time of year. Sitting here drinking my coffee while watching the sunrise come up on my snow covered yard and woods got
  12. Well it started as a '53 BelAir sedan, cab roof looks like it was chopped from the roof from the sedan.
  13. Prayers from Pennsylvania Seth.
  14. That W-2 is cool, as long as it has a 3 of on it! Last Red Power at Bloomsburg, there was a sweet diesel hydro Cub, somewhere I have pictures of it. He did a nice job, but it could only be used to tow things, no lift system, no pto.
  15. Ying-Yang is a great way to describe what is going on this year. My ying got to me today, just hit me like a brick and brought me down. Stopped and thought about all I have to be grateful for, even this year. The ying has been hitting my wife also lately. We had a good talk, spent the afternoon outside splitting wood and realized that life is good. With all that is going on, we all need to take of ourselves and watch out for each other. Glad you figured it out.
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