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  1. Don't know what I did here, tried to delete quote, but couldn't figure that out. I wanted to add to EJ's post that Dieffenbach's is right down the road from me. Used to be able to get a tin filled right out of the chute in the factory. They are expanding like crazy, just build a giant building off of I 78. Kay and Ray's were a childhood staple for us. My aunt Jean lived right down the road from their plant in Newville. We never left a visit to her house without a bag of chips! Hartley's were another family staple from visits to my Dad's family in Mifflin county, I get a bag of t
  2. Potatoes, salt, and lard! That is all you need. I call them health food, all natural! We have some good chips in our area.
  3. My wife was living in Morristown, NJ, about 30 minutes outside of NYC. Had a coyote come running out of an alley one night when she was walking the dog. We have seen several of them around Blue Marsh in the past, I have not heard of any sightings lately.
  4. The paint job looks great! My first thought was that he was trying to get a hold of Todd, or worse something happened to him.
  5. I need to get off the turnpike and visit it one of these days. I understand it is very moving.
  6. It was a lot of fun . As I said, no pressure, just shooting. I forgot to mention it was 5 shots at each target. Much less pressure than shooting trap or sporting clays. Heck, my buddy only hit 8 targets and ended up in a 4 way the for third in the C class! Won $4, but enough to cover two beers at the clubhouse!
  7. One of my local gun clubs had a walk in the woods handgun shoot today. My buddy and I went to check it out. 10 steel plate targets spaced out on the action archery range in the woods. All handguns up to .45 but no magnums except 22 magnum. I shot my 4" S & W model 17 in .22. Buddy shot his S & W Shield in 9 mm. Steel plates in all shapes from 10" square to X's, + 's, to 18" round to lengths of logging chain at ranges from 10 yards to 44 yards. Our squad has the most winners, two guys hit 33, young lady hit 17, and my buddy was third in C class with 8. All the other guys in our squad w
  8. Rainman, Nice rig! No problems pulling with a half ton ? That style has caught my eye, and not much more for a new one compared to a used aluminum trailer. Looks like the deck height is lower than a standard flatbed. Is it power tilt or just hydraulic cushioning? What if you want to load several vehicles, say two or three Cub Cadets or quads on it, what keeps it tilted and the ramps on the ground with the first vehicle to the front?
  9. Yes, it does get exciting very quickly. It happens before you know it. My incident was on just a slight incline, but the rig still rolled about 50' before the trailer jackknifed about the same time the driveway leveled out. It was all over in about 15 seconds in slow motion. no damage to any equipment, I had a big plastic box on the tongue for my tie downs and the rig was going slow enough that box cushioned the hit to my bumper and brought everything to a stop. After that trip I fabricated a set of jacks that are mounted on the trailer permanently. Speaking of tilt beds, I watched a guy
  10. Thanks for all the replies, keep them coming. A lot of good thoughts and ideas coming out. I will have to look at some tilt deck models. I had a truck and trailer run away from me once loading a tractor when the back end of the trailer went down and lifted the back end of the truck. I will never load something heavy without jacks on back of trailer. We have flip over ramps on the trailer at work, and I know that I don't want that style. Lots of positive points for the stand up style. I wasn't thinking of lowering ramps to take them off, that would make it a one man job.
  11. I'm looking at upgrading my flatbed trailer I use to haul my tractors and haul various other materials. Current one is 16' and 7000 lbs rating with slide in ramps. I have had this trailer since 1994, I have added various upgrades, sideboards, tiedowns, stabilizer jacks, and extended the ramps. I have just finished refurbishing the trailer with new paint, all new wiring, etc. I have been looking at upgrading to a longer trailer rated at 10,000 lbs and preferably aluminum. I have found a used 18' 10k aluminum with stand-up ramps. I'm looking for thoughts or experiences with slide
  12. My 2015 Silverado has an overall average fuel mileage of 17.4 for the 50k miles on it. Just took a road trip to Florida, 3000 miles round trip at 80 (+/-) on mostly interstate. I reset the meter on every fill up, mileage was between 19.4 and 20.4 on every tank. This is a 4x4, crew campaign the 6.2 and 8 speed trans. This has the max towing package, so it is rated as a heavy half. When I registered it, I could half gone 1/2 or 3/4 ton on the weight sticker, it mostly runs without a trailer so I went with the lower rated, cheaper sticker! I am not hauling the loads that some of you guys are
  13. Wife wanted one since we live in the woods up a 500' lane. She was not happy that vehicles could drive up and folks knocking on the door without any notice. Did some research and got some recommendations from folks using them. Got one from TSI, it is wireless and transmits from entrance of lane to the house. It is supposed to only notice metal objects and not animals. It works, but we get a lot of false alarms. I can't figure out what causes them, moved the sensor so we can see it from the house, it goes off, run to the window nothing there, put a trail cam on it, never anything near it. My wi
  14. I would look for tool rolls for them. But sets of my jumbo wrenches came with vinyl roll organizers. I would check some of the tool outlets, I recall seeing the empty rolls available, but can't remember where I saw them.
  15. I bought a 24 x 36 frame building with a steel roof and aluminum siding for $600 at an auction about 20 years ago. I tore it down, moved it 25 miles, and rebuilt it. I had a month to move it, the land had been sold and the new owner wanted it gone. I blueprinted the whole thing to figure out how to dismantle it. I pulled off all the siding and labelled it so I could put it back in the same spot. Paid an Amish crew $800 to take off the old roof and trusses, and separate the walls and load them on my trailer and one I borrowed from a buddy. Paid a local truss company to haul the trusses for me.
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