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  1. Got this one on November 4th. Slept in that morning, bumped 3 does and a small 4 pt. buck on the way to my stand. Figured that was going to be it for the day. Finally settled in my stand at 7:45, 5 minutes later I see a buck walking through the woods 50 yards out. 15 minutes later this guy comes through the woods just grazing and taking his time, came right past my stand and I got him at 20 yards. I didn’t even have a chance to drink my coffee ! Watched him walk away and I forced myself to go in the house, drank my coffee , changed into lighter clothes since I was dressed to stay in the stand most of the day. Went out after 30 minutes and found him about 90 yards from my stand, right in line where I last saw him. I could see my stand from where he fell. Only had to drag him about 50’ to where I could get the tractor. Shot him around 8:10, had him dressed by 9:30 and to the butcher by 11:30. All seemed surreal this year since it all happened so quickly. I’m a big believer of having to be at the right place at the right time, of course you need to know where to hunt, how to make a good shot and how to deal with it once you shot it. The great spirit provided again! I love this Parker crossbow.
  2. I usually spend the day getting the last of the yard work done and getting my snow tools ready. This year we are in Florida spending the holiday with my wife’s son’s family. Dropped the grandkids off with the other grandparents and took a ride out to the Everglades with the son and daughter in law. Took an airboat ride out into the glades and saw quite a few gators. After that stopped at a little Colombian Arepa bar for a very tasty lunch in Miami. Didn’t go near any type of stores! It was a great day!
  3. Right there with you Tom !
  4. HobbyFarm, Good thing I didn't know that auction was going on, or I might have bid up the Cub Cadet stuff. I saw the vehicles parked in the lot for a couple of weeks and figured that they were getting ready to get rid of them. Our local township used Municbid the other year to surplus items.
  5. Congratulations to your son from one in the class of 1979. I am on the executive board of our local scout council, each year we do a recognition dinner for the scouts that earned their Eagle the previous year. It is always impressive to hear about the projects and meet the young men and women now the obtain the rank.
  6. This is a good topic! Very timely. As I move towards retirement the end of June '24, I am really looking towards getting all my finances sorted out. I would love to have the mortgage paid off, but at 3% it doesn't make sense to take money out of investments to pay it off. This is the only debt we have. I too am looking to build a detached garage; I have been tracking costs and rates and am seeing them moving lower. Material prices have dropped, but not labor. I also do not understand the housing market and the current prices. The other thing that boggles my mind is the number of new pickups and large SUV's driving around. I have been doing some research on a new truck but am nowhere near making a move seeing the prices. I really notice the GM 2500's most with the Denali, AT4, Z71, or High Country package being used as grocery getters since I have priced out the GM trucks. I just don't understand where folks get their money to have these houses and vehicles. I guess that they are mortgaged to the hilt with bank. I have also read that the outstanding credit card balances are nearing a record high. I will be building the new garage, because once I do that, I could sell my property with the pole barn and bring in some cash and lower expenses with only one property.
  7. Sorry that I missed the start of this thread. I second the recommendation of the ISOtunes. I have the PRO 2.0 at home and at work we just got the FREE 2.0. As much as I like the PRO model, the FREE is so much better at blocking noise and staying place. I highly recommend either one.
  8. My Dad had a '75 Impala Wagon with the 400 small block. We used to strap on the trailer mirrors and how up to the travel trailer and it the road. It was the first car I had when I got my license. Not so sure on the roof top fifth wheel!
  9. My bet is that it is the Tennessee Tom Bigbee Waterway. Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway - Wikipedia
  10. My bet it is the Tennessee Tom Bigbee Waterway. Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway - Wikipedia
  11. My bet it is the Tennessee Tom Bigbee Waterway. Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway - Wikipedia
  12. My bet it is the Tennessee Tom Bigbee Waterway. Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway - Wikipedia
  13. Yamaha made a TerraTractor model in the 80'a that had a PTO and rear lift and you could get a finish or brush hog style mower for it.
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