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  1. If it is a Kohler, you should be able to get parts many places. The A.C. Garden tractors were made by Simplicity, you might be able to cross reference. Cub Cadets did not use that style of carb or air filter.
  2. Maybe check the county historical society, they might have old newspapers or other things of the time that mention the dealer. A lot of those small town dealers never got too big or did much advertising, so there is not a lot of information on them unless you meet the family or an older worker.
  3. Denny, You story brings back memories. Spent many hours as a kid riding an M like that! I have often thought that I would never let my kids or now grandkids ride like that.
  4. Good explanation, I forget the reasoning behind that. Been years since I carried my 1911, it is a little too big to carry concealed.
  5. I have carried a variety of ccw over the years. S&W 36 in 38+p, my dress up gun, Kel Tec P32 in 32 ACP, my pocket gun, and Walther PP in 32ACP when I feel sophisticated! The Walther was a German police issue by bought when Interarms was importing them. Lately I have taken to this belt pouch with the S&W 642 Airweight DA in 38 +p. When all this stay at home stuff started happening, I decided I was going back to daily carry. I am aware of the pouch because it is on my belt, but most folks don't notice it. I have a knife, flashlight, mini first aid kit, a face mask, and a bandanna folded to provide padding for my friend! I call it my going out bag, most times I wear it, but sometimes I just drop it in the console. There is even a slot with a latch to hold my phone which really works well when I am on the Harley. I have a Shield in 40 that is in a bigger sling bag if I am going for a hike. I have several other larger handguns, but I prefer the ones I can conceal easier. I worked part time at an Army Navy store for years, didn't help my bank account too much, but it did help to fill up my gunsafe!
  6. Bitty, I hope you don't carry locked and cocked as that picture shows. One in the pipe is ok, but cocked like that would scare me.
  7. That collection of JD patio models is impressive! Just the trailer alone is some serious coin!
  8. Penn State's Ag Progress Days in mid August has been cancelled for this year. The Thresherman's reunion at Rough and Tumble outside of Lancaster, PA has been cancelled for this year also. Both are shows that I look forward to attending each year.
  9. The Quigley conversions are sweet, they use mostly all oem parts on the conversion, very few specialized parts, that way you can get it repaired anywhere, also doesn't void the GM warrenty. They are located about an hour from me. I toured the plant and took a van for a test drive, the salesman had me really put it through the wringer on the test drive. The van was facing a steep slope when I got in for the drive, salesman had me drop it in four high, drop it in drive and we started the test going up that hill! They only work on brand new or slightly used units, you have GM ship it to them before shipping to your dealer. Biggest issue I had was finding a dealer in my area that was willing to deal with all that. They are very popular in ski country. I am sold on a van conversion as the ultimate outdoors man vehicle for hunting, skiing, sledding, etc. If I was still single I would have one, most women I know don't care for them.
  10. I grew up across the street from a small airport. They had a 1970 Cj-5 that had a oversized Meyer's plow on front and a pto out the back. Used to tow a pull behind brush hog to mow the edges of the runways. It was a mainly glider airport, the jeep did a lot of mowing, plowing, and towing of airplanes and gliders.It had a hand throttle to use when mowing. They sold it in 1976, I was only 14, and my Dad wouldn't let me but it two years before I could drive! I can remember that unit like it was yesterday, V6 motor, white hardtop, avacado gold, with the Meyer's plow. Been looking for its twin for years! Jeep dropped the pto after 1971 when AMC bought Jeep from kaiser. I have seen Scout 800A's with rear pto, and jeeps with all kinds of attachments , but never a side mounted sickle mower. More pictures please!
  11. Back during my first marriage, we had an old stable/shed that we used to keep the tractors in. The bay where my ex father in law kept his tractor had a beam that was about three feet above your head when you got on the tractor. In the summer time if you looked up, there was always a black snake stretched out enjoying the warmth, first time I saw that it really freaked me out, after a while you expected to see it and were bummed if you didn't. When we torn that building down, we moved 6 or 7 of them that ranged from four to six feet long. One day I started down the driveway and saw something on the drive, I thought someone left a rake in the yard, When I got out to pick it up, it moved on its own off the drive! That one was all of six feet. Another day I came downstairs in the morning to see something on the floor of the family room, thought the dogs brought in a stick, when I went to pick it up, it slithered up the inside of my recliner, luckily the back of the chair was held on by a Velcro flap, I got some gloves and got that thing out of the house. It was a young black snake, which is brown with light colored markings. Only negative about black snakes is that copperhead like to see with them if in the same habitat.I At my new house, all I have seen at Garter snakes.
  12. I have used EBay a bunch. Never thought that I would buy used clothes, but I have two Woolrich vests that have shrunk over the past 30 years as I have gotten bigger. One is a will in the Buffalo plaid and the other a canvas small game vest. Both are discontinued. Found both on eBay last fall for $20 each, the wool one looked brand new and the canvas one was only slightly worn, but after a season hunting birds it won't matter. After getting the vest, I found some Columbia and Saf T Bak hunting pants which are also discontinued. Very satisfied with all those purchases. I have bought a lot of local IH dealer items in the past. Not so much of that stuff listed as much anymore. Only issue I ever had was just this spring, I ordered a raised bed garden planted for the deck off of Amazon. When it came we decided we wanted some more, Amazon was sold out with no restock date, found them on eBay and ordered, shipping date came and went and when I contacted the seller they had some story of only having one and I ordered three, didn't know when they were getting more and the one they had was damaged. Say I could wait for restock or they would fully refund my money, which they did. No issues, but I waited for three weeks only to not get my order. I ended up finding them at the local BJ's even with buying a membership, they were cheaper than ebay! A couple of years ago a Harley dealer in Montana listed my dream bike on ebay, was very tempted, but just couldn't pull the trigger on a $15k purchase from the other side of the country sight unseen. I still "shop" a couple of times a month for entertainment.
  13. We have two of the Billy Goat brand walk behind brush mowers at work to use on the trails. Sure beats walking along with a weedeater/brushcutter to clear back trails. They work great in tight areas of where you can't get a tractor, but in open areas you will wish you had the tractor. Even being self propelled, they are kind of tough to maneuver. If the price was right, it is a deal!
  14. I have ditched the shaving cream and now work up a larger with shaving soap. Works just as well, much less mess and the little fine last forever. Plain soap works in a pinch.
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