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  1. Welcome back ! I always looked forward to reading your posts! The most interesting man alive! Now we just need to get MTO and TP back on here.
  2. I heard that they are almost like goats, you can pasture them on really brushy meadows and they will clear it up. Not sure if that is true or not.
  3. Yellowrose, I understand exactly why you rented if your vehicle was not reliable or you needed a large vehicle for the trip, makes perfect sense. Art, I understand what you are saying, I have flown across the country and rented Harleys and toured for a week or so many times. Before Covid stopped work travel, I was an expert on finding a Harley dealer in the area of my work trip, taking a few days off and renting a bike to tour around. I never would have ridden to these areas on my bike. I am hoping to do this in August out in western Oregon. The friends I was talking about, rent a similar vehicle to what they have, then leave from home on a trip. We have two friends that do this and when they talk about it, my wife and I just look at each other and shrug.
  4. Jeep is selling a ton of those Gladiators, I see them everywhere. The prices on them are crazy. Some people don't ever want to have a paid off vehicle, I have a guy at work that just keeps rolling over his loans, he figures that he will always have a payment. In my mind he is a candidate for leasing, but he is not interested in that. He did paid off his last truck, and 3 months later he was shopping for a new one and back on making payments. I have another friend that is always driving a new truck and new Harley as well as newer toys(quad, sled, lawn mower). I couldn't figure how he did it, until one day he mentioned that the payment was just a couple dollars more then he was paying, so he is another one that always has a payment(s). I like to pay mine off and enjoy them for several years free and clear. I plan on being on a 10 year refresh plan, but if I look back over the years, it seems to be more of a 7 year itch. I am at that point right now with my '15 Silverado, I have started looking at what is available so that I don't get sticker stock, but I am figuring on another two or three years to let the market settle down. The one thing that people do with vehicles that I can't understand is renting a car for a trip so they don't put miles on their own car. I just can't make sense of that, rental cars are expensive and the 1000 miles or so you put on a rental to save miles on your own car so you can keep the mileage lower just doesn't pencil out for me. I can understand it if you don't have a reliable vehicle or if you are renting a specialized vehicle such as a large van, but we have several friends that do this and they rent almost the same car that they own! Every time that they do it, it makes me scratch my head!
  5. Some fun linkage to the transmission with that column shifter.
  6. My stepson has the same generator down in Florida, I put it all together and got it set up for him. He had an electrician do the hook up for him. He figures between six 5 gallon gas cans and six 20 lb LP tanks he should be good for most of the outages they experience from hurricanes. Not sure who manufactures the genset for Ford, but it is a nice unit.
  7. If you hang a dead one in the area, they will leave the area. I know this first hand, we had about two dozen black and red headed vultures hanging out on the dam at work. Started out as just one or two, thought they were cool at first. They multiply quickly and before we knew it there were two dozen. Their droppings are very caustic, eating the aluminum railing and concrete on the bridge, the birds would even eat out the caulking on the trap door hatches on the dam, causing them to leak. We worked with USDA animal control to deal with them, they hung three effigies and then we ended up with another I spotted along the road that got hit eating a roadkill. Took a couple of weeks, but they all left, we will have to watch next spring and possibly hang more dead ones. We are getting them added to our nuisance wildlife permit along with Canada geese.I The black ones are bold, we could walk up to within 10' before they would fly. I am looking to use them for target practice, once we get the updated permit.
  8. My thoughts exactly after I watched it. A '66 Super Sport convertible would be sweet!
  9. By the wzy, nice job on the restore! I love bringing old iron back to life. I got a early 90's Cub Cadet tracked model with this house. Spent some time on it last fall. Pulled it out of the shed to move to the garage for the winter today, it started on the second pull, stalled twice and then ran like new!
  10. Growing up, the neighbors had a convertible model. It had 30" feel mower for the summer. You had to switch out something on the carb, I think it was an air filter for the frost box. They made a rotary mower, a broom, a vac, and I think a tiller. I have a poster in my garage , I will shoot a picture next time I am there. Always thought it was a neat idea for a suburban yard. MTD marketed one under the Troybiult brand a couple of years ago, selling them at Lowes, that one included a pressure washer. I think that they bombed out, haven't seen any lately.
  11. Or get one for your FIL's Kubota!
  12. I have one with a grapple on it. As others have said, it doesn't sift as well as you would think, unless it is dry and you only take a thin slice. I use the grapple all the time. What I do like about it is to use it to back drag, it works a lot like a stone rake. I use it all the time for prepping areas to seed grass. Works week also on a gravel drive. If you use on a CTL or skidsteer no issues, but on a compact tractor, the geometry of the bucket is totally different for a skid steer than a tractor. It puts the loader arms down at the lower edge of the bucket and they drag in the dirt if flat scooping. If you want to find one for the 580, I would look on equipment trader in the attachment section for one to fit construction machines.
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