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  1. The parent company of Ski Doo and Can Am, Bombardier, produced a side by side tractor like that back in the 80's or 90's. The ones I remember were yellow. They offered a loader and 3 pt. Hitch. Don't know if I ever saw one in person, on!y a brochure. I think that they were mostly sold in Canada. A neat concept.
  2. I hit the bullet and laid out the cash for six new diesel cans, didn't want to get things mixed up. Red for gas, yellow for diesel. We just got a new F450 at work, first and only diesel in the fleet, after reading this thread, I am really worried about the summer help filling it with gas. I will have to develop a training and labelling plan for that truck. Never had a problem with the tractors or mowers, but those we fill from bulk tanks at the shop, trucks go to to a station.
  3. Everything comes back around! I would love to have a Electrac, or the wheel horse version. Speaking of conversions, a wheel horse would be the easiest garden tractor to modify. My BIL had a wheel horse I had thought of converting, but he scrapped it before I could get it. I had too many irons in fire at the time.
  4. That's why I only grab a basket ! And even then I am carrying extra things in my arms.
  5. I have run into the same issue with dump trailers. I started shopping around last summer to upgrade my 2007 5x8 5000# dump trailer to a newer 6x10 (or 12) 10000# one.. Many dealers have no stock, if they get any in, they are gone right away. Prices have increased significantly also in the past year. I'll just keep using what I have until the market settles down. I do agree with others, there is going to be a lot of things for sale in the future, everyone that bought toys and other big ticket items in the past year will realize that they can't afford them or that they don't need or use the
  6. This afternoon I was out in the yard using my quad to pull the chain harrow to repair some of the winter damage before I have to mow. My wife comes out in the yard with her phone and I can tell by the way she is holding it that she is on FaceTime with one of the grandkids. I could tell she was showing them what I was doing, so I took a couple more laps and then pulled up to her. She was talking to our four year old grandson who lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He wanted to know what I was doing and what I was driving, he told me that is not a tractor, it looks like a motorcycle! We walked around
  7. No snow here either. I am glad I didn't move the wood shed off the porch yet, I can see fires this weekend. If the sun came out, it would warm up the house, but cold and cloudy in the forecast.
  8. Friend of mine sold his business here and is planning on relocating to Tennessee. He put the word out that he was thinking of selling, figuring that it might take a while to sell, he had an offer in three days! They decided to move to Tennessee to be near daughter #1 . They have been on three trips down there to look for houses, finally made an offer on one. There were five other offers all higher than theirs, but seller took their offer since it was cleaner, no inspection and cash. He told me that a couple of the places they looked at had only one day of viewing and then deadlines for offers,
  9. I also like the website Barn finds, some interesting things on there from time to time.
  10. I didn't get the shot because I was afraid of getting sick, I actually think I had it early on in March before you could even get a test. I got the shot because I was able to get it through work and I figured the faster more people got it, the sooner we would get back to normal.
  11. I had a sore arm at the shot site and mild headache from the first shot, took two doses of Tylenol and was fine. Had my second shot a month ago, felt a little fuzzy about 6 hours after the shot, took Tylenol, then again at bed time and again in the morning and was fine. I am a month out of getting my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. All 10 of my employees have gotten both doses. Have had the whole range of reactions, from no reaction, sore arms, general tiredness, headache, to in bed for day. All are feeling fine now. My sister got the J&J shot and was knocked down for a day and a
  12. I love the Bring A Trailer web site! Most just dreaming with most of the prices.
  13. Dave, I have same problem with YouTube journeys! Start out watching one video and an hour later I am like how did get here. My vice is snow removal videos, start out with tractors, to trucks, to trains! Latest interest in videos are the one showing "vanlife", check them out, you will see why they caught my eye!
  14. We have a Bobcat Toolcat at work. It is a very useful machine, has the forks or auger on it probably 75% of the time. We have a plow and blower for it also, can't beat it for the snowblower, all hydraulic controls inside a heated cab! At work we don't use the dump bed as much as I thought we would, we have bigger trucks and even the loader buckets hold more material. The bed is great for tools or a spray unit. Not the fastest unit compared to a UTV. It has been a good unit, but it has some electronic quirks, wheel sensors are a big issue, just seems to be too much computer/electronic
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