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  1. There is an ad in the latest Harvested Highlights to mail order it.
  2. Some nice stuff. Good thing it is too far away for me to attend!
  3. CC_Ranger

    Boomer 30

    Anyone have any experience with the New Holland Boomer ? Moving this to the front since the forum was down right after I posted. Thanks
  4. CC_Ranger

    Boomer 30

    A co worker is looking at a New Holland Boomer 30 with a 240 loader. It has hydro transmission, R4 tires and 350 hours. They are asking $13,500 for it. He came to me for advice, but I wasn't much help since I know nothing of these tractors, except that they were import from Korea and manufactured by LS. Anyone have any experience with this model, things to look out for, good points or bad points that I should share with him? He will be a tractor driver, definitely not an operator, so he needs a simple easy to use and maintain machine. I think he was headed to a new subcompact Mirhindra, but I told him he needed a bigger tractor than a beefed up garden tractor and he should look at at least the entry line of the compacts. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a friend from a national team I am on at work who lives in Nebraska. Finally heard from him yesterday. His family's place is flooded, but all the rooms are fine. My buddy told us he lost his cabin and warehouse where he stored his project Jeep and Mustang and other hobby stuff. Don't know if that means it got washed away or just flooded. Knowing that he lived out there, I was trying to find out information all weekend, and it was hard to find. I agree, the early coverage was poor. My heart goes out to those folks out there affected by the floods. Some of the videos I saw where crazy.
  6. CC_Ranger


    I saw the Dew Eze boxes and thought you had one of their hillside mowers. We have one at work, it is a blast to drive. Nice bike, I have been thinking of riding lately, of course we had a low of -12 this week and snow so riding is a while off.
  7. I put in a order at work with GSA the other month to replace our 2008 F-450 4x4 dump with the V-10. I basically ordered a direct replacement with a few options. The way the federal GSA fleet works is that you order a class of vehicle, you can ask for certain options, you may get them, but usually you get a vehicle that they spec out outfitted how they get the best price in bulk. We have had all brands over the years, and they all have their good points and bad. The V-10 was not that impressive in this truck, which has a 12' dump bed on it which did not help with maneuverability in tight places and plowing snow. In the past, they would deny your request for a diesel engine due to cost. Last week I get an email from the logistics office, upper management was questioning the request for a gas engine, did we not want the diesel? It is more powerful and performs much better than gas in a truck this size, I told them it you are approving the diesel engine, order it up ! So now the big surprise will be what brand it be? FCA, Ford, GM, or possibly Navistar! Back in the day when IH was building smaller trucks, they used to come in at the best bid price and we had quite a few in the fleet. I will keep you posted. Glad to hear these truck are boosting Navistar.
  8. They are a lot like an early cj jeep. I don't think that they could ever be licensed due to lack of safety standards. I have looked them over at a couple of shows, pretty neat, but pricey.
  9. On my new property I have a lot of dead or dying ash trees. Some are already down and I lost a bunch the other year in a wind storm. I have been pulling out and cutting up the ones that have been easy to get. I would like to clean out the rest, but my property is mostly hillside with a few flat areas. I have a friend upstate that has a Farmi winch and he loves it. That got me to thinking about getting one for my Kubota to pull out these logs. I am looking the Uniforest 3500M, it has 280 feet of cable so it reaches out pretty well, I could leave the tractor on the flat and pull the logs to there. I have run skidders and dozers with winches and I am not looking to get something like that, I realize that my 27hp Kubota will have limitations, but I am thinking that the winch will be safer than running the tractor all over the hillside to drag out logs. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of 3pt winch? Any pointers to look for? There were several dealers at the Keystone Farm show with them on display and I liked the Uniforest the best. They are imported by Hud-Son company in NY. I go by their place all the time when I am heading up to Tug Hill to sled.
  10. I have been thinking lately about picking up a used ATV to use around the place. A mid range 4x4 to pull the log splitter, tow a yard cart, haul the chainsaw to the woods, etc. I have a bunch of older Cub Cadets, but they don't cut it at my new place which is on the side of a hill and mostly wooded, especially if it is muddy or snow on the ground and they don't have the racks and cargo space available. I don't know much about these machines, I have driven a couple in the past, so I am familiar on operation, but just not up on what is best to look for, EFI, belt drive, gear drive, engine size etc. I will not be trail riding with it, just want it for a utility machine at home. I don't need a plow or winch or mower, I have tractors with all of that. I don't want a UTV, they are too big to store and too much money. I have looked at an older Yamaha Kodiak 450 for under 4k, Honda recon 250 for under 3K and used Arctic Cats for under 5k. I like that the Arctic Cat has the 2" receiver hitch, all the others just have a ball mount if they have a hitch. I run Arctic Cat sleds and have had no problems with them and I love their fuel injection. I like the Arctic Cat with the little dump bed, that would come in handy, but used ones of them are hard to find and new ones are 10K. Of course, I haven't brought this up to the wife yet, so it is probably a dead idea already, or she will say, if you bring something new home, something old has to leave! (that will be a whole other topic) Is one brand better than others, are there any brands or models to stay away from? Please share your thoughts and recommendations. There are a lot of used ATV dealers in this area (SE PA), they have tons of late model units with low miles and hours, one guy told me that they get a lot of bank repos.
  11. Spent the day in York at this show. As others have said, it is like the farm show used to be like years ago. It was not too crowded, so you could walk the aisles, you could see all the vendors, and you could stop and talk to the vendors. Very enjoyable, it was a lot like Ag Progress Days, but not as crowded. Saw Ed Lehman, but didn't get a chance to talk to him, he was busy with some other folks. Even got a milkshake and French fries, not quite the same as the dairyman's and potato growers, but still good! Don't need to go every year, but it is a great alternative to the farm show. Stopped at Quaker Steak and Lube for a beer and wings and then at Outback Toys and a quick drive thru at Wenger's on the way home. All in all a great day!
  12. I used to go to the PA Farm show every year since I was a kid. Haven't gone to it for five years or so, not much to see, same old stuff and too many people. I have been hearing about the Keystone Farm show in York for a couple of years. I am thinking of running down and checking it out next Thursday. Couple of dealers that I deal with have sent me emails saying to visit them at the show. Can anyone give me any tips on the show, is it worth while? Hopefully it is more machinery oriented and less for citidots. I love Ag Progress Days and am looking for something like that. Thanks in advance for the reviews and pointers.
  13. I could drop a good deal of cash on the Makley's catalog. A red the trooper hat would be cool!
  14. I am planning on being there also. About an hour to your and half ride for me. Thinking about getting a bunch of the Cub Cadets cleaned up to display. In the past, I just drove back and forth each day, depending on the weather, I might throw a cot in the enclosed trailer and camp out. It is a nice ride on the Harley, but I need the truck at least one day to haul home my treasures! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting forum members and putting faces to names.
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