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  1. axial-flow

    Happy birthday, Axial-Flow,Reichow7120

    Thanks, Don't know how I got to be this age it just seems like i turned 21. Time sure has went fast. Jim
  2. axial-flow


    happy birthday John. Jim
  3. axial-flow

    This Video Shows West Texas Skip Row Cotton Pickers

    Yellow tube is for the vac. to clean up what spills on ground. Jim
  4. axial-flow

    Looking for

    I have International I 826 serial no.7781 ta delete, no pto , 1 hyd. open station, std. drawbar, and just over 3000 hours. Jim
  5. axial-flow

    Wheatland Rear Wheel Centers

    The tractor has between 3000 and 3050 hours on it. It was sold new in the Oklahoma panhandle and that's where i got it. I believe the pipe has been banded on tractor since new. Jim
  6. axial-flow

    Something you don't see every day...

    Got the I 826 home, original owners son was there when I picked it up. Starts easy and sounds good, shifts like a new tractor. it was nice to get some history on the tractor.We'll wash and polish it and leave it as is. Jim
  7. axial-flow

    Happy Birthday ,Axial-flow &Reichow7120

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Enjoyed red power and seeing old friends and meeting new friends. Looking forward to next years red power roundup and seeing you all again. Hopefully Bitty will be able to make it. On a side note we got home Sunday and Monday we started combining winter wheat. Jim
  8. axial-flow

    Over 7 thousand pounds of front weights.

    I don't think so i believe they should have the angle iron hole in them.
  9. axial-flow

    1066 hood bolts

    To fasten the 3 big hood pieces you need 10- 5/16by5/8 in. washer head bolts and 8 373 483 R2 shoulder screw bolts rubber washers and flat washers
  10. axial-flow

    Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Those 301 engines are sleeveless. I'm thinking a crack somewhere in head or block.
  11. axial-flow

    Anyone on here near Oakland Iowa?

    That looks like a front mounted cult. bracket. If I remember correctly it was a model 85 cultivator.
  12. axial-flow

    966 Hydro Trans light

    I have a 1066 hydro that I have been working on. I put new wiring harnesses in the tractor and fixed the pressure switches. There are 2 pressure switches on the tractor, one monitors temp. and the one monitors of them is on the foot and inch valve assembly and the other one is located behind and to the side of the starter. The light is only supposed to come on when clutch pedal is pushed in or if you have low pressure or high temperatures. Axial-flow
  13. axial-flow

    M Hood questions

    I believe it is for a starting tank .Back then the little tank has gas in it and the big tank would have had kerosene or distillate or whatever cheap fuel was available. axial-flow