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  1. Tom, I'm glad you got your computer issues straightened out and you are able to be on here more frequently. Merry Christmas Jim
  2. thanks for the birthday wishes. Tony, We'll have to try and get some time to visit. Jim
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes Jim
  4. The owner of the Allis with the allison engine told me the engine when flying uses 175 gallon an hour and the crankshaft and camshaft can go in either way when installing. the rolls royce was an aircraft engine and it had 650 hp thus the emblem on the side. i believe he told me both engines do not have an oil pan like most engines. the modified tractors are in northern Illinois. the other ones are some Texas tractors mostly 1456's Jim
  5. Hope you have a quick recovery and back in the seat soon. Jim
  6. I have International I 826 serial no.7781 ta delete, no pto , 1 hyd. open station, std. drawbar, and just over 3000 hours. Jim
  7. Those 301 engines are sleeveless. I'm thinking a crack somewhere in head or block.
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