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  1. Tim, It had a sugar cane grapple on it and they were running it in reverse so it didn't have the factory seat assembly on it and the steering wheel and hand pump was removed. This hi crop is a high serial numbered tractor ,are there any records that tell what the last 856 high crop serial number is or would this be the last one ? Jim
  2. What is the last serial number for 856's ? Is it known what last serial numbers are for a gasser, lp, and hi crop . thanks Jim
  3. My wife likes to go to garage, yard, and estate sales.We were in Amarillo Friday and as we were taking care of business she saw some sale signs as we drove thru and she wanted to stop. I mostly stayed in the car while she looked and carried a few things back to the car. She saw a sign that said estate sale and said they usually have good stuff there . So we stopped at that one . She asked if I was going in and i said no I'll just wait in the car, she I should go and look , you know sometimes your not going to win this discussion so you might as well and go and look. When I walked in garage I saw this red case and see the gauges and lines to add freon I thought I'll try and buy this because we have use for it. Now I'm looking around and now I see the base tool box and the top and it says IH ,well I look inside but a few wrenches but they're not IH looking around I see another small toolbox with the IH logo on it . I go to find somebody and see if we can make deal . After finding somebody I asked what they we have for this stuff, they had prices on them and he said that Saturday everything would be half price but we could start at half price right now . I looked at them again and made an offer and he said sols. We loaded my goodies and then I went to find wife in the house, so I'm looking around and now I find this ash tray and ask the price and he says $ 10. and I say ok and pay the man. When I get wife back in car and leave she says aren't you glad you went and looked I said yes and and she was right , glad I did. Turned out Friday the 13th was a good day for me. jim
  4. i agree that it is the left brake line leaking. it probably has a rust hole in it .
  5. A utility block is different than a farmall block. I have both . I also have an extra utility gas block .
  6. Thanks Hope to see some you guys at the red power roundup Jim
  7. I think that basically there is only one spindle but there is a difference in the spline area and you need to get the correct steering arm for your spindle . Axial-flow
  8. bore and stroke. lp head and manifold is a good start then play with carb. and timing Jim
  9. looks like it did a nice job you just need to run it some more and get the discs polished. Jim
  10. Tom, I'm glad you got your computer issues straightened out and you are able to be on here more frequently. Merry Christmas Jim
  11. thanks for the birthday wishes. Tony, We'll have to try and get some time to visit. Jim
  12. I have International I 826 serial no.7781 ta delete, no pto , 1 hyd. open station, std. drawbar, and just over 3000 hours. Jim
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