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  1. Ensign is no longer in business that I'm aware of but that is the correct carburetor and regulator for a 650. THe tag on the lp tank looks to correct for the tractor. Jim
  2. Bermuda-Ken I'm looking forward to see you post the production numbers for LP and gas models . I,m curious how many other LP tractors might still exist. Jim
  3. On the W 450's does anybody know how many of these tractors were LP, gas and diesel? The figures i have seen there were 1795 made but no breakdown by fuel source. Jim
  4. most common size for sprinklers are 120-125 acres but there are some that cover a section and they are approximately 480 acres to 500 acres
  5. Thanks guys it was good to see old friends at roundup, Jim
  6. Triple R tractor has them , I just got a new one from Mike looks just like the original . Jim
  7. With roof off look in and on the right side there should be green wire that has a red wire fastened to it . the red wire goes to the dome light making it hot all the time. The green wire goes in to a harness and goes down the right side pillar and curles under the front foot plate , there is a place where it is plugged in to the bigger harness. from the big harness it goes in to the fuse block .the fuse you will check is the third one down on the left side . hope this helps Jim
  8. I have bought gauges from precision tractor parts and they are very good quality . You just need to have the correct part number for your model tractor . Jim
  9. The open station tractor is a wheatland 1256 and the cab tractor is one of our 1456,s with a 2350 loader on it .
  10. I have a couple !066 serial to add. Number 25743 is a hydro with front wheel assist , with a four post canopy and wheatland fenders, only 1 hyd. outlet The other one is serial number 56229 and is a black stripe with a cab. Jim
  11. Interesting history on this tractor and it looks like it was taken care of by the previous owners over the years . Jim
  12. Sounds like an electrical issue I would try new points , coil and plug wires and see if that helps or cure the problem . Jim
  13. We have serial number 56229 a black stripe tractor with a cab. It needs some tlc.
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