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    I like tractors--have 8 of them. Like to travel. Like to fish in remote waters in very northern Ontario.

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  1. I am at Clare, Mi. a few miles north of the Doc--NO SCRIPTING WITH HIM....Saving an animal is in real time. Nephew had him on the farm-A beefer had an apple stuck..NO TIME FOR A SET UP-----The beef died.....
  2. WAS told there is a pull in Remus this Saturday.....I am in a tractor ride parade in Beaverton on Saturday also..
  3. Had the surgery a few years ago--Doctor told me to walk some. First day out couldn't make it back home. I am in Michigan--5 days out I drove to Oklahoma and back non stop except for gas.. Hot shot for Baker Atlas Hughes..............
  4. i BOUGHT A GALLON last night at Meijers in Mt. Pleasant, Mi $1.39
  5. Hello D DOC Do you know Harvey Bue--he is from Watertown??? I have a tractor he owned a few years ago. It is a M R S MISSISSIPPI ROAD SERVICE OR SUPPLY. 4X4 4 Wheel steer with a Detroit 4-71 He is in his 80's now....
  6. lenray

    Kobe Bryant

    He cheated on his wife----that SAYS MORE ABOUT HIM THAN ALL THE POINTS HE SCORED---for me anyway--Eldrick Tont Woods was also a cheater....................
  7. lenray

    Nov 10 1975

    I was at Ludington , Mi that day and was looking at Lake Michigan. The lake was VERY WILD.....I WAS 30 YEARS OLD............................
  8. Thank you dale560--much appreciated.....................
  9. Thank you for taking the time to take those pictures. It is kinda hard to tell if it is the same pump as mine. Does it look like the bleed hose-line is closer to the engine or closer to the radiator??? Again many thanks.
  10. Is the bleed seal hose in this picture closer to the engine or closer to the radiator????? Thinking engine but not sure.
  11. Any chance you had the time to look at your front hydraulic pump--kinda dARK IN THERE MAY NEED A LIGHT....
  12. Not the same pump--I don't think...mine is the RE565679 that replaces the RE33603...
  13. I am sure they have the same pump. I would really appreciate it if you would take a look. Look thru that front grill with a flashlite. Is the small dia. hose behind or in front of the big dia. hose. I have mine hooked up with the small dia. hose closer to the front of the pump. Not sure that is correct. Thank you len at Clare
  14. Sitting on the seat and looking down at the front mounted pump---The right hand side of the pump. There is a big fitting coming out of the pump. In front of that fitting and behind that fitting is a port to siphon off excess oil from the front seal. I can't remember which one siphons that excess oil. front or back. Thank you
  15. IF SO I will have a question. Thank you. len in michigan
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