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  1. Early 5220 (no neutral on shuttle) keeps blowing 4th speed powershift fuse. #28 in the panel 5 amp. I've disconnected each solenoid and pressure switch and ohmed them out and can't see any abnormal numbers. I'm getting close to sticking a 30 amp in it and look for smoke. At least then I would know what to work on.
  2. Well......AFTER ohming out the pressure switches and solenoids and not finding anything out of line.... I discovered the 4th speed clutch pack fuse was blown. Changed it out and problem solved. But.....now I wonder what caused it to blow?? Thanks for everyone's help!
  3. Yes changed bottom switch. I have the diagram on which is which from earlier trials and repairs. Been 10 years since it caused any trouble
  4. Early 5220 without neutral on the shuttle. Lost 4th on the powershift. 1,2,&3 work normal. Shift to 4th and it stops. Light flashes 5 times. Changed 4th speed pressure switch and nothing changed. Advice appreciated.
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