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  1. Yes those are. I can't believe Art made it there, they out in the sticks. Greg
  2. The only thing I’ve found is the taper on the front of the crank is slightly larger.
  3. You might have just got damn lucky. Please check the crankshaft for M&W markings as the AP160 should be the piston number for a 4" piston in a Hi-T kit. Greg
  4. They are selling for $2200 right now, but the price of raw material has been volatile to say the least. I would love to put a kit together, but things have been moving pretty fast. Only have one crank left (5 more are waiting to be machined) and have waiting list with 8-10 names on it. My plan, though it may be this winter, is to have a program written to clearance a factory rod and maybe a camshaft so it can be a "bolt together" build. But at the moment, we're going to just get the orders filled as soon as we can. Also pistons are a tough thing to stock as rarely two builds are the same because of all of the different combinations of bore size to compression ratio and which cylinder head is being used. 4.125x6=321 cubic inches 4.25x6=340 cubic inches 4.380x6=362 cubic inches Horsepower should range between 70-100, but there are so many factor that come into play that it makes it really hard give a definite answer. Thanks, Greg
  5. I'm doing it through my business, Lussetto Machine.
  6. Most people buy custom pistons with a different compression distance. It’s much cheaper than custom rods.
  7. These cranks are new from the ground up. Oleman, My dad had a repair shop and M&W since the early 60's mainly working on IH tractors. I grew up with this and returned home to work with him after college in 1995. These old tractors and tractor pulling have been a passion/way of life for our family. I'm hoping to just continue what was started before me. And cranks are made out of a ductile iron (85,55,06). Greg
  8. It’s been a long process, but I picked up the first batch of new crankshafts from the machine shop. I’m extremely happy with the finished product they delivered.
  9. We have switched 3 PPH tractors over to the old system primarily because of the price and availability of the PPH pump. It isn't hard, but you almost need a donor tractor for all the parts that need changed. Greg
  10. I guess I was dumb enough to get lucky. Either way I'm driving my old truck. Greg
  11. I had an absolute struggle finding replacement front brake cylinders for my 64 C1100. After 2 wrong orders, I finally found what I need by ordering them for 65 or later 1/2 ton 4X4. I was told that 1964 was the first year they made a 1/2 4X4 and most of the parts websites (including NAPA prolink) didn't list the proper parts. Good luck Greg
  12. Please just call my shop @ 3082790232. Greg
  13. Called the foundry today, the material is 805506 ductile iron.
  14. As far as I know, Volbracht was the only place making them. Greg
  15. MMI, I’m really not sure what your question is or if you’re even looking for a response, but we have acquired the molds from Volbrachts and I’m working with a company that will finish the crankshafts with some very nice CNC equipment. Thanks for the interest I think? Greg
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