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  1. lussetto

    m&w turbo for a 966

    Grab the center hood over the fuel tank as well. Hole for the filler neck is slightly offset. Greg
  2. lussetto

    Engineers.....Fact check me on this design....

    Give me a call and I will discuss. I have ran a sled (antiques to the big stuff) since the early 90's and I'm sure we could come up with some small things that will help you get the job done. Greg 308-279-0232
  3. lussetto

    560 on alcohol

    Yes there is, but they are dumb. Greg
  4. lussetto

    Spark plug Question

    Champion D15Y plugs will not work in the IH tractors. Replace them with a D16 for heavy use or higher compression engine, or D21 for light use. Greg
  5. lussetto

    Thank you Forum member Lussetto.

    Any time. My dad mentioned that you could get these replated? Greg
  6. ??? your probably right,  I would be glad to buy some from you 


    402-770-9529.   Larry 

    Call when ever 

    Thanks again


  7. lussetto

    Any of these for sale?

    I hadn't heard about it, or did you possibly call All States yard here in town? Greg
  8. lussetto

    Any of these for sale?

    Will look tomorrow. We did have quite a few of these on the shelf. Greg
  9. lussetto

    I really needed another project

    Neat serial number. I know where an M is with serial number 1939. Greg
  10. Hi, How are you. My name is Steve from Missouri. On a post a couple of weeks ago you mentioned you had several M&W turbo decals. I am restoring a 706 with a M&W turbo and may be interested in 2 if you are open to selling.


    Steve Kientzy