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  1. I guess I was dumb enough to get lucky. Either way I'm driving my old truck. Greg
  2. I had an absolute struggle finding replacement front brake cylinders for my 64 C1100. After 2 wrong orders, I finally found what I need by ordering them for 65 or later 1/2 ton 4X4. I was told that 1964 was the first year they made a 1/2 4X4 and most of the parts websites (including NAPA prolink) didn't list the proper parts. Good luck Greg
  3. Please just call my shop @ 3082790232. Greg
  4. Called the foundry today, the material is 805506 ductile iron.
  5. As far as I know, Volbracht was the only place making them. Greg
  6. MMI, I’m really not sure what your question is or if you’re even looking for a response, but we have acquired the molds from Volbrachts and I’m working with a company that will finish the crankshafts with some very nice CNC equipment. Thanks for the interest I think? Greg
  7. They are being made out of a nodular cast iron just like the original M&W cranks.
  8. I am in the process bringing backing the Vohlbracht stroker crankshaft and pistons for the Farmall M-450. After talking with a few people, I’ve decided to try and offer them in both 5.75” and 6.00" strokes. I would appreciate your feedback so I can get an idea of how many of each stroke I’ll have made in the first batch. Thanks, Greg
  9. The D21 is indeed Ken Brabec.
  10. Pete, Replacement blocks had the two bolt cover(fuel pump hole) so they could be used in either a tractor or a power unit. Also call me and I will tell you how to identify a M&W crank from the outside. Greg
  11. ??? your probably right,  I would be glad to buy some from you 


    402-770-9529.   Larry 

    Call when ever 

    Thanks again


  12. Neat serial number. I know where an M is with serial number 1939. Greg
  13. Hi, How are you. My name is Steve from Missouri. On a post a couple of weeks ago you mentioned you had several M&W turbo decals. I am restoring a 706 with a M&W turbo and may be interested in 2 if you are open to selling.


    Steve Kientzy

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