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  1. What boggles my mind is that, apparently no one in that town knows what a boiler plug / expansion plug is!?
  2. Inspired by this guy..... ...and the inspiration for this guy?!😯
  3. LOLz - good luck with #7 and the master cylinder😖
  4. Those are the heavy "5mph" bumper guards, so that car is a '73 (when the law took effect) up to a '76 (when that body style was discontinued in the US) And technically a sub-model of the Valiant line - like a Roadrunner was a sub-Belvedere, and a Superbee was a sub-Coronet. A Demon was a Dart front end (hood/fenders/grille/bumper) married to a Valiant/Duster rear end (and branded Dodge). These are all Mopar "A" bodies. Darts and Valiants were available as 2 or 4-doors; Demons and Dusters were 2-door only. The doors were all the same amongst 2-doors, and then again amongst 4-doors. That FC7 "Plum" (or "Plum Crazy" as it's known; "In Violet" for Plymouth) could be ordered on the base cars, too - but on the sales bank cars (spec'd and 'stocked') it was only on the hot rods. That your Dart? - it's a beaut! Marker lights and center caps say '70 or '71, but tail lights are 1970 all the way. Mark
  5. Painfully obvious, but gotta ask anyway; L-N-H shifter not between gears, by chance? In that situation, you'd hear the hydro load the engine some with the S-R Lever stroked to the blue.
  6. Had to chuckle the first time I drove across the Nishnabotna River..."yard wide and a foot deep"
  7. Thank you for the Birthday thoughts☺️. And Happy Birthday to others that share this day! Edward has 10 years on me, but I'm sure neither of us are going to complain about another birthday! Thanks Mark
  8. I wish I could offer opinion, but I have no background with neither the part, nor the supplier. If no one else chimes in, I'm sorry - you're probably on your own, then. There also is a used one on there for $220 + $65 that looks serviceable, but certainly not new. Used Damper Good luck Mark
  9. $308 + $15 stamps from Abilene on Fleabay. Harmonic Damper
  10. Temps have been pretty mild here in Wisco - doubt even summer fuel would gel recently. Buddy of mine snapped off the flex nozzle from my fuel can into the tank on my 1206 about 20 years ago. Fortunately it hasn't caused any trouble (yet)🙏
  11. I'm really not finding anything else. There are a couple places that will make a sleeve to your spec's, ...or.... maybe just buy one new 'sleeve assembly' for that hole that includes a piston and rings to match?
  12. Yeah - "steering column" probably not a very good descriptor. Here's a pic for OP. M
  13. **Edit - Disregard post....these are not flanged (I believe that's what you need?)** Here are part numbers for some "standard" flanged Melling sleeves you can search for - no clue if you can actually find the one you need. You'll have to sift through the sizing options to find "yours". Mark
  14. T.D. says it's a '70 by the serial number, so certainly possible. Underside of the air filter cover and hood are often still gold if a demo. Whole steering column is usually black. Scrap + , huh? ...Lucky you! (and good save, ...gold or not) Mark
  15. Are your power steering/power brakes working correctly? PTO works as it should when you engage the lever?
  16. I believe you can just conventionally weld that. Pretty sure it's just regular steel. You can certainly bend them! (ask me how I know LOL), so I doubt they're cast or anything unusual. Mark
  17. Your 706 might be different than my 1206 - I have two different lights (I recall reading something about a combined system?): Engine oil light is in the fuel/temp cluster, and MCV is a separate indicator down lower by my left knee. In any case, the senders "complete to ground", so with your key on & engine not running: Your test light goes from battery positive to sending unit terminal...and should light. Same configuration with engine running and oils pressured up, your test light should not.
  18. I'd try ^^^this^^^ - and - also; smack the trip-arm forward in case the spring can't quite get it there. You can grasp the trip arm and work it forwards/backwards, too.
  19. Can you keep it running (at an idle) by applying choke? If so, possibly an obstruction in the carburetor's idle circuit?
  20. A diesel - to me, that's a big plus over a gas as far as fuel economy and having fuel fouling issues. You don't say where you're located - a diesel can be difficult to near-impossible to start in really cold climates. Does it smoke or continuously "haze" once it's warmed up? Making any disturbing noises? Brakes/hydraulics/steering/3pt/PTO/gauges all functioning well? Any oil in the water or water in the oil? The $100 replacement seat is collapsed/flopped back - they're pretty junky; spring for a good one if you replace it. (the wrap-around backrest is the junk part; core metal is too thin) Appears to have the x56 shifter update; reduces originality, but increases usability (s'pose the whole back 1/2 could have been grafted to an x06 front) Looks like a single hydraulic remote - if all you're doing is mowing, that's pretty irrelevant. Looks like good rubber all around - Don't know how old you are, but might last you a "lifetime" of just mowing. There's rarely such thing as having "too much tractor" (other than "too tall") - I'd bet you're just not used to running it yet. Consider that you got this as a heirloom of sorts, AND you have zero dollars into it. If you sell it/trade it to get something smaller, I can almost guarantee you'll come out "money behind". I would think very carefully before selling it - once it's gone, it's gone! My $0.02
  21. Yes - but...you're off by 1 (no biggie): 1st one in '56 was xxx19, so LAST on in '55 was xxx18, so 29717 built in '55 and 1134 built in '56. I did not try to verify TD's numbers. Mark
  22. Don't suppose you found the piece that broke off? - so it could be brazed back on..? By the looks of it, it should still be around the bolt. Just the hold-down broke? - Bill hook and whatnot are OK? Odd that it broke there - I wouldn't think it would get a whole lot of pressure, but looks like a clean fresh break. Never worked on one, so I'm of little use.... 😐
  23. Whatever it was, it probably included scant-few oil changes! (..? maybe got its' 1st one in '71 when they had to drop the pan to find out what "that noise" was LOL)
  24. Well - somebody certainly got their money's worth out of them! Reverse 'em and run 'em again? LOL Still curious - what did that journal mic out at? Top one's the 0.020? Crank over-ground by about 4 Thou, and the 0.020 shell was the "fix"?
  25. Soft-center bales? Can't say I'm a fan of those ('cept when a hard-center refuses to roll starting a bale 🤬 )
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