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  1. Makes sense. There was a pic posted by someone months back that showed them drilled back/higher by removing the PTO and working through the opening. Sorry - I don't remember when/who. I didn't convert my 12 during rebuild - still has 80/90 in the finals.
  2. Multiple advances on Ebay - genuine Delco...if you want one.  Here's a link





    1. 560Dennis


      Good eye 👁️ thank you 

  3. If you take off your top-link cover, you should be able to see if the plugs are there (basically flush), or if not, the ends of the axles (maybe 1/2" or so recessed). Should give a hint to what your tractor's status is.
  4. Ba-dum Tis! (I mean....really??)🧐😄
  5. DT361

    454 hydro

    Typo? 544 Hydro?
  6. Sorry - I misunderstood; I thought you had your pump back and were looking for clarification to install it at this time. Mark
  7. It is assumed that you had all your gears - crank/cam/idler/injection - indexed properly at assembly? The "dot" @DirtBoyz07 refers to is stamped into the pump-end of the drive shaft. There is a mating dot punched into the pumps driven hub. With the flywheel pointer at 8°, and the pump and shaft mated "dot-to-dot", you should be able to rotate the loosely mounted pump slightly (one way or the other) to make the two marks on the rings in the timing window align exactly - then tighten the three mounting bolts. If all that's "true", you should be back in time (someone jump in here if my memory is pooched and I'm steerin' him wrong....)
  8. You also need to be sure you're on the compression stroke when the timing marks come around - both intake and exhaust valves closed on cylinder-1. Otherwise, your pump could/will be 180° out of time. I'd personally pop the valve cover or something before I'd pull the injector if it's not already out.
  9. Industrial Hemi. About the right vintage for the car I would guess... probably a 331. The water ports into the head are the "Industrial" giveaway. Industrial water pump went directly to those ports originally. No heat cross-over provisions in those heads either. There's a 413 wedge "truck" engine that has a similar designed water path and corresponding special pump that you don't find in cars - originally.
  10. Or - literally - up to his armpits in a pole building full of b-bodies with a grin that goes all the way around to the back of his neck!
  11. "When you want a beer really bad.... We got a really bad beer!" 😀
  12. Pump and lines as mentioned: Results may vary, but that loader looks like more than MY 450's stock hydraulics would operate for beans... Tractor has hydraulics - engine doesn't....maybe a heart transplant from an M or something in its' past? Mark
  13. Also - what output format are you looking for? Seems "CAD" may have morphed to mean a 3D file like a .STEP or .IGES nowadays. I'm still a .DWG/.DXF kinda guy LOL
  14. Back in the day: DL Waterless Hand Cleaner (there was another brand called M-30 that worked well); finish off with Fels Naptha once you got to water. Now? - Dawn, pretty much.
  15. Since, basically, 100% of the water on Earth is not carbonated, the Earth is, indeed, ..flat.
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