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  1. I'm really not finding anything else. There are a couple places that will make a sleeve to your spec's, ...or.... maybe just buy one new 'sleeve assembly' for that hole that includes a piston and rings to match?
  2. Yeah - "steering column" probably not a very good descriptor. Here's a pic for OP. M
  3. **Edit - Disregard post....these are not flanged (I believe that's what you need?)** Here are part numbers for some "standard" flanged Melling sleeves you can search for - no clue if you can actually find the one you need. You'll have to sift through the sizing options to find "yours". Mark
  4. T.D. says it's a '70 by the serial number, so certainly possible. Underside of the air filter cover and hood are often still gold if a demo. Whole steering column is usually black. Scrap + , huh? ...Lucky you! (and good save, ...gold or not) Mark
  5. Are your power steering/power brakes working correctly? PTO works as it should when you engage the lever?
  6. I believe you can just conventionally weld that. Pretty sure it's just regular steel. You can certainly bend them! (ask me how I know LOL), so I doubt they're cast or anything unusual. Mark
  7. Your 706 might be different than my 1206 - I have two different lights (I recall reading something about a combined system?): Engine oil light is in the fuel/temp cluster, and MCV is a separate indicator down lower by my left knee. In any case, the senders "complete to ground", so with your key on & engine not running: Your test light goes from battery positive to sending unit terminal...and should light. Same configuration with engine running and oils pressured up, your test light should not.
  8. I'd try ^^^this^^^ - and - also; smack the trip-arm forward in case the spring can't quite get it there. You can grasp the trip arm and work it forwards/backwards, too.
  9. Can you keep it running (at an idle) by applying choke? If so, possibly an obstruction in the carburetor's idle circuit?
  10. A diesel - to me, that's a big plus over a gas as far as fuel economy and having fuel fouling issues. You don't say where you're located - a diesel can be difficult to near-impossible to start in really cold climates. Does it smoke or continuously "haze" once it's warmed up? Making any disturbing noises? Brakes/hydraulics/steering/3pt/PTO/gauges all functioning well? Any oil in the water or water in the oil? The $100 replacement seat is collapsed/flopped back - they're pretty junky; spring for a good one if you replace it. (the wrap-around backrest is the junk part; core metal is too thin) Appears to have the x56 shifter update; reduces originality, but increases usability (s'pose the whole back 1/2 could have been grafted to an x06 front) Looks like a single hydraulic remote - if all you're doing is mowing, that's pretty irrelevant. Looks like good rubber all around - Don't know how old you are, but might last you a "lifetime" of just mowing. There's rarely such thing as having "too much tractor" (other than "too tall") - I'd bet you're just not used to running it yet. Consider that you got this as a heirloom of sorts, AND you have zero dollars into it. If you sell it/trade it to get something smaller, I can almost guarantee you'll come out "money behind". I would think very carefully before selling it - once it's gone, it's gone! My $0.02
  11. Yes - but...you're off by 1 (no biggie): 1st one in '56 was xxx19, so LAST on in '55 was xxx18, so 29717 built in '55 and 1134 built in '56. I did not try to verify TD's numbers. Mark
  12. Don't suppose you found the piece that broke off? - so it could be brazed back on..? By the looks of it, it should still be around the bolt. Just the hold-down broke? - Bill hook and whatnot are OK? Odd that it broke there - I wouldn't think it would get a whole lot of pressure, but looks like a clean fresh break. Never worked on one, so I'm of little use.... 😐
  13. Whatever it was, it probably included scant-few oil changes! (..? maybe got its' 1st one in '71 when they had to drop the pan to find out what "that noise" was LOL)
  14. Well - somebody certainly got their money's worth out of them! Reverse 'em and run 'em again? LOL Still curious - what did that journal mic out at? Top one's the 0.020? Crank over-ground by about 4 Thou, and the 0.020 shell was the "fix"?
  15. Soft-center bales? Can't say I'm a fan of those ('cept when a hard-center refuses to roll starting a bale 🤬 )
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